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Welcome to Tutor Finder! Our objective is to offer you the most comprehensive listing of tutors, teachers and educational services in Australia. Below are answers to some common questions that you may have about Tutor Finder.

1. How do I find a tutor?

We have 6402 registered tutors and cover most regions, subjects, levels and abilities.

  • Select a region and subject (or advanced search).
  • Click on Search Now.
  • Browse through the list of tutors who match your selection criteria.

2. How do I contact a tutor?

Once you have chosen a suitable tutor, you can contact that tutor by phone (if they have included a phone number on their profile page), or by sending an email message.

To send an email message to a tutor, simply click on the "send email" button at the bottom of the tutor's profile page. Fill out the form and click on "submit". Your request will be forwarded to the tutor and the tutor will contact you directly.

Once the initial contact has been made, you should conduct your own personal interview. You may wish to ask for references, and you will probably want to discuss availability, experience, and tutoring style.

Although tutors publish their general tutoring rate on the website, most tutors are open to negotiation on fees. Chat with the tutor and make sure you feel confident in their abiility to help with the subject matter.

You can arrange how and where the tutoring sessions will be conducted (e.g. your home, instructor's home or place of business, public library, school, Coffee Club, etc...).

3. What should I discuss in the initial email message I send to the tutor?

  • Specific subject(s) for which you need a tutor.
  • Student's grade level.
  • Describe special circumstances (e.g. student with special needs).
  • Whether you like the tutor to travel to your home.
  • How soon you need a tutor.
  • Include your telephone number if you like. This is totally up to you.

4. What if there are no tutors listed for my search criteria?

If there are no tutors listed for your search criteria, you are welcome to place a FREE Tutor Ad by filling out the online form Request a Tutor. We will list your request on our website and tutors in your area will be able to contact you directly.

5. How many tutors should I contact?

There may be a number of tutors listed for your search criteria. Please browse through each tutor's profile and contact those tutors who have more direct experience and expertise in the subject(s) you need help. It is a good idea to contact several tutors. This will greatly increase your chance of finding the right tutor.

6. Tutor has not responded to my request. What should I do?

Most tutors respond to your request very shortly. There might be a delay in a response to your request from a tutor. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as the tutor being on vacation or not having access to email. Some tutors are totally booked and sometimes don't bother to respond to a request.

If you have not heard from the tutor within a few days, please try another tutor.

7. I need help in a subject that is not listed. What should I do?

We have a comprehensive list of academic and non-academic subjects, and new subjects are added on a regular basis.

If you would like to suggest a new subject then please fill out our feedback form.

Be sure to check back with us on a regular basis.

Manager, Tutor Finder

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