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Primary - literacy & numeracy Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Primary - literacy & numeracy Tutor Wanted

Anja A
Primary - literacy & numeracy
Bayside, Melbourne
I'm looking for a tutor for my Grade 3 daughter who, due to a move from a European IB school 8 months ago plus the varying age cut offs in the different countries (meaning she missed half of Grade 2 here in Aus), is now slightly behind where she needs to be in literacy, also a little in numeracy. Her confidence is lacking a little as a result although she is willing to try. We will likely move back to the UK in the not too distant future, but again, due to being abroad for some years this will mean she will actually be behind again.....unless we help her now to catch up. There may also be some help required for my Grade 1 daughter at some stage.
Some after school times or evenings may work although likely weekends are best.