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Accounting Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Accounting Tutor Wanted

Antoinette I
Tingalpa, Brisbane
I am looking to find someone who is willing to supervise me at home while I do some exams for my Cert IV in Accounting
Unfortunately i have no idea how long they are likely to take the college hasn't given any hint on this
It will be a very easy boring job but you must be able to provide proof that you have one of the following qualifications
Who can supervise?
The assessment should not be administered by a family member, friend or someone that has a close personal or professional relationship with the learner undertaking the assessments.

Recommended categories of supervisors include (but not limited):
• Librarian
• Justice of the Peace
• Corporate Training Officer or a workplace trainer in your organisation
• Minister of Religion or other Religious Leader
• School Principal, Deputy Principal or Teacher
• Manager or Owner of a business that does not have any vested interest in the learner’s studies.
A few more college rules................................
A supervisor or manager must:
• Not be the training manager or be undertaking BAS training themselves
• Not be a relative, friend or have any vested interest in the learner’s studies.
• Not be a business partner
• Be an independent external entity

And the last lot of college instructions
Role of the Supervisor

The role of the supervisor is essential to the success of completing supervised assessments. As the supervisor you must ensure that the assessment is conducted under the ‘rules of conduct’ listed below.

Rules of conduct

1. Establish an appropriate time and place for the assessment to take place.
2. The assessment room must be set up for privacy and to ensure no outside assistance can be provided to the learner undertaking the assessment.
3. The test is open book. Learners must have:
a. A computer with access to the internet.
b. Learning materials.
4. Dictionaries and calculators are allowed.