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Incredible Success, Med Graduate, 99 UMAT, 300+ Students

Sydney tutor in Doctor of Medicine, Medical Interviews, Medicine, UMAT, Medicine & Dentistry Interview Training, Application Proofreading

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Note: This is a NEW account. There was a technical issue with the old account (2011), which had over 50 Student Feedback, most rating 5 Stars ★★★★★ Have tried to restore as much data as possible. All good.


Hello! My name is Alex & I'm a graduate of UNSW Medicine (BMed) in Sydney, Australia. I'm a health enthusiast (aged ~30 years) who's passionate about self-improvement. I also enjoy books, documentaries (e.g. TED Talks), & life hacks so I guess I'm a geek too.

I'm one of Australia's leading Strategists in UMAT & Medicine & Dentistry Interviews, probably the only tutor with over 10 years of university-specific interview experience. I transform students into confident, charismatic speakers. In my own inimitable way.

My first UMAT attempt - I failed. With resoluteness, I then studied Pharmacy for a year (GPA=7); overcame the UMAT (99 percentile); sat many interviews; & secured a position at UNSW Medicine. Fun times!

Since then, I've been helping students, like you, better comprehend the process of entering Medicine/Dentistry. I have mentored:
- Year 10-12 students, Selective, Private school students, Rural students, Duxes, 99.95ers
- University students: Medical Science, Pharmacy, Optometry, IT, Accounting, Engineering, Arts, Commerce, Law, Medallists
- Established Professionals: Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Athletes, ADF personnel, Dentists (wanting med), Doctors (wanting dent)
- International students from: USA, Canada, UK, NZ, China, HK, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka
- Mature Age students, students from families of Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Executive Managers

You name the background, I've mentored them - over 300 successful students. I know what I'm doing, I deliver results. Like yourself, I'm passionate about health - I love it. The reality, though, is that it's becoming harder & harder to get into Medicine/Dentistry nowadays. Thousands of students apply, but successful only a few hundred. With time, it will get even harder; competition is fierce. You need to realise that you're going against not only applicants your age but also applicants who have failed before you. Please understand the gravity of the situation.

Why do I do what I do? Two reasons: 1) I mentor students into Medicine & Dentistry because I care. I just want to help good people do good things. I've seen far too many a deserving candidate fail due to poor preparation & complacency; he/she loses time, money, & ambition. I still remember how hurt I was from failing to get into Med right out of high school - dreams were [momentarily] crushed. I do not want you to endure that pain. 2) I feel I'm quite good at doing what I do. ;) Getting students into medicine & dentistry is one thing I do better than anyone else.

Do you need to prepare? Yes, absolutely. If you do not prepare, you are going in blind & setting yourself up for rejection. Benjamin Franklin put it best: By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Our Year 12 & University exams alone are stressful enough; toss in UMAT & Interview - migraines. The UMAT & Interview are designed to be confronting & personal. Like a sieve, they separate those with the right kinds of skills, personality, & attitudes from those that are interested for the wrong reasons. I can empathise with you; experienced the exciting yet daunting process myself, sitting UMAT & receiving interview offers to universities Australia-wide.

Can you imagine how relieved I felt leaving the Interviews knowing I hadn't faltered? We're all going to have interviews throughout our lives, so refining our skills will stand us in good stead. Interviews are high-stakes events - preparation is a must. A 99.95 ATAR & 100 UMAT (good job!) does not guarantee entry. No. You've toiled to reach this final stage, why would you now gamble? Show the interviewers that you deserve to be a doctor/dentist. Perform with poise & aplomb.

Assisting passionate students is a joy of my life. We will not fabricate information to make you sound like a budding Nobel Laureate (sorry); we will, however, identify felicitous anecdotes & work on articulating them to suit the questions. We'll delve much much deeper than what's offered by commercial interview companies, I promise; this Interview Training service was born from my dissatisfaction with them. Our aim is not only quantity but also quality. We waste no time, no ridiculousness here.

We'll talk about Med, about what the profession truly entails (yes, it's different to the medical TV dramas), about navigating through medical school, hospital & beyond - basically, the next 50+ years of your life. We'll have fun. How I wish someone had talked me through it all when I was at your stage. I don't know everything but having endured a rigorous 6-year Medical program with some of Australia's brightest, & having met many doctors, health professionals, & lovely patients, I have learned some things; these I intend to share with you. If you need someone who is frank in his appraisal, telling you like it is, someone who imbues you with self-confidence - I'm the man.

Training has proved successful: usually 90%+ students gain entry into Medical/Dental school. Even those that didn't get in (I'm not God okay? haha) found our sessions enlightening & worthwhile. Consider Medicine/Dentistry entry a game. When you win, we both win. I like winning so trust that I'll do my best to help you. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

WHO - Year 10, 11, 12, University students; anyone passionate about becoming a doctor/dentist.

WHERE - Usually Fairfield, NSW, 2165 - walk 10-15 minutes from Fairfield Train Station (or catch a $10 taxi ride).
Occasionally, State Library of NSW. If you are unable to physically attend, don't worry Online Help via Webcam (Skype) has proved equally effective. My friend, we have technology.

1. UMAT - Although you may have UMAT papers, they're useless if you do not understand them. I can help you understand & also provide UMAT papers we can work through. You will learn smart strategies to attack the 3 UMAT Constructs. A competitive UMAT score is the KEY to entry into Medicine/Dentistry. UMAT (3 hrs) is just as, if not more, important than your ATAR/Uni grades (entire year, 8760 hrs). Absurd, right?

2. Applications - If you have enquiries about Australian university courses, require assistance with applications, I'm confident I can assist. Applications include:
+ University-specific applications i.e. those asking Why Medicine? E.g. JCU, CSU, UNSW. I ensure all my mentees' applications are unique & remarkable
+ Scholarships - I've been fortunate enough to be a recipient of many
We'll together sculpt your winning application

3. Interview Training (Medicine/Dentistry)
I help you with your interview via 3 ways:
A. Mastering the Medicine Interview: A Manual for Medical Applicants (audio manual, cloud access)
B. Strategic Interview Sessions (One-to-One)
C. Mock Interviews (One-to-One)

A. Mastering the Medicine Interview: A Manual for Medical Applicants
To help you use your time effectively & build your interview foundations, I've crafted for medical & dental applicants an audio manual, in which I've distilled my 10+ years of interview wisdom. It's my labour of love.
The manual allows you to learn as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. It allows you to learn at your own pace, whenever, wherever. I strongly believe it's the best way to begin your interview preparation

In the manual, I deconstruct all aspects of the Interview, parcelled out in palatable info-bites. Hours of solid teaching on:
+ Psychology behind your Interviews & Interviewers
+ Articulating your life experiences into concise, clear, compelling responses. By using a structured step-wise approach, you'll become a raconteur, exuding charisma
+ Analyse likely Questions/Scenarios + Uni-specific Real Past Questions
+ Examine the University Course Structure, Medicine/Dentistry Career Path, Student Organisations + Discuss Interview structures (e.g. Semi-structured; Multiple Mini Interview [MMI]) + Master Delivery (The Principle of 6P's, Voice, Breathing) + Non-verbal Mannerisms (Posture, Gestures, Dress, Grooming)

I share sample responses, some of which are my own - yes, you get a glimpse of the inner, hopefully not too strange, workings of my 18 year old mind, just as I was preparing for my interviews as you are doing now. I did my best to make it instructive & entertaining.

It's a distillation of what I normally get through in 8-10 sessions ($5000) at a much more affordable price. It contains insider material not likely to be found anywhere else. The manual offers much more substance than generic interview workshops by other companies. No question.

By learning on your own you will make quantum leaps in progress. After you've absorbed the manual, we can then have Strategic Interview Sessions &/or Mock Interviews.

To help you get to know me & decide, please listen to samples here:

B. Strategic Interview Sessions (One-to-One) - A popular, personalised, premium service. We'll fine-tune your anecdotes, responses, & performance. Address any concerns you have. I'm all yours – you have my full attention, we focus on you.

C. Mock interviews (One-to-One) - We'll simulate the real interview using real past questions (I ask questions/role-play; you answer); you'll receive constructive feedback, video recording, & a predictive score (highly effective when done days before your actual interview). Eliminate anxiety. Achieve peak performance.

Feel free to email me (click on the link below) - please advise your mobile number, educational background, interview date(s). To reserve your spot & avoid disappointment, advise your availability ASAP. As things tend to get hectic, I have to limit the amount of students I take on, but we'll work something out.

Congratulations on receiving an Interview offer. You're incredibly close to the start of a rewarding career, so let us together prepare for this final hurdle. With heightened self-awareness - hindsight, insight, foresight - you'll be able answer the interviewers with conviction, showing them just how deserving you are. My aim is to get you in ;)

o4ol6753l2 (Click on Email Tutor)


+ Personal success in Medicine and Dentistry interviews
+ Attended UMAT & interview training at commercial companies (found those courses cursory, underwhelming)
+ Have been offering Interview Training for over 8 years, vigorously refining my teaching style year after year
+ One of the few tutors (actually, probably the only one) who's been following the Universities' interview questions since 2008.
+ Trained by award-winning Public Speakers - Finalists in Toastmasters International Speech Contests (C. Burke) - and internationally renowned Voice Coaches
+ Abundant experience as an Interviewer - interview patients every day; have been on the Selection Panel for the National Youth Science Forum
+ Presentations about UMAT, Medicine and Dentistry interviews, at schools and tutoring centres
+ Headhunted by numerous centres including Alpha Omega & CN Coaching, PrepGenie
+ Proven success. Over 300 students/friends have received University offers & are now studying Medicine or Dentistry in Australia - most of my students are referred by word of mouth


+ BMed Degree
+ UMAT Score - 99% Percentile (this from an unsavoury first attempt)
+ University Offers from different Australian states - Medicine & Dentistry
+ Medicine Scholarships including GPSN's First Wave & John Flynn Placement Program (the only one in my cohort to receive both)
+ UNSW ASPIRE Ambassador: volunteered to improve awareness of higher education amongst students from low socioeconomic schools in Sydney
+ Executive positions in GPSN@UNSW & Oculus Medical Society UNSW
+ Research with a Professor/Chairman of Ophthalmology (Sydney)
+ Publication in in International Medical Journal
+ Major elected leadership roles throughout primary & high school (Hurlstone Agricultural - Selective, farm school)
+ Work experience in Retail, Door-to-Door Sales, Tutoring, Medical Administration
+ Top 5 Google Australia search results (don't pay them advertising fees; highly ranked because frequently visited webpage) - Medicine Interview Training
+ When I was 16 years old, I sailed the Young Endeavour Sailing Tall Ship from Brisbane to Sydney in 10 days. Youngest, pastiest, scrawniest kid aboard. True story!

The best mentor is not someone who has had a seemingly "perfect" run through life. The best mentor is someone who has made all the mistakes for you. I have made many mistakes (shameless) & am a better person because of them.

Quite positive student feedback :)
Note: This is a NEW account. The old account had over 50 Student Feedback, most rating 5 Stars ★★★★★


* UMAT - One-to-One (Premium) - 500 (2 hrs)
* Application Proofreading - 500 per application (includes all our revisions until final copy)
* Interview Training
--> Mastering the Medicine Interview: A Manual for Medical Applicants (audio, cloud access) - 1200 (includes all Standard Medicine Interview Questions & 1x University of your choice [real past questions])
--> Strategic Interview Sessions (One-to-One) - 500 (2 hrs)
--> Mock Interviews - 625/875 (2.5/3.5 hrs)

*Package Deal (popular) - Mastering the Medicine Interview Manual + Strategic Interview Session (2 hrs) - 1600 (Save 100)

Medicine Interview Training with me costs less than your school &/or math tuition fees, yet its importance is FAR greater.
The cost is very reasonable - the value of the information imparted far outweighs the cost. Consider it a small investment in yourself. Here's the BIG picture:
* UMAT & Interview training improves your chances of getting IN (most important) & in the long-run, saves you money. Rejection costs:
1) Happiness - you'll feel miserable grinding through a non-Med course
2) $$$ - wasting $10,000's [university fees; living expenses]
3) Time [precious life years] - I've been there myself, seen that with others, not pretty
* I believe all my student encounters are meaningful. Apart from assisting with interviews, I intend to impart integrity
* If investing a small amount in yourself helps you become a medical/dental student, a more effective communicator, & a more charismatic person overall, then our training could be one of the best things you ever do
What's included:
*All of my materials (including authentic past questions & scenarios; notes are University-specific)
*Capacious air-conditioned private facility with access to high-speed Internet, Laptop, Whiteboard
*Ongoing support via email or phone - even after your interviews - about Succeeding in Medical School, Studying, Scholarships, Specialisation

Please don't be misled by Interview training companies offering overpriced "Interview Guides" & "Full-day Group Workshops" - you'll only receive cursory coverage & little care in a crowded room [10-30 students]. You'll have to share intimate details about yourself to strangers whether you like it or not. And reading lightweight guides does not suffice, you need to practise aloud. If you've ever had Group coaching & One-to-One coaching for academics/music/sport, you'll appreciate that both styles are different. Vastly. Listening to Adele/Justin Bieber at their crowded concerts will not turn you into a superstar (if only, haha); you need a personal mentor.

There may be many interview trainers out there but how many will genuinely care about you? Only a few. As your mentor, I devote 110% of my attention & focus on you, always. You too should put in 110% effort. If you're passionate, you would do anything to get in. "Set your mind on a definite goal & observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass" - Napoleon Hill.

Common feedback from students & parents: "The best, most useful medicine/dentistry interview preparation we've had. Without question. Thank you so much; couldn't have gotten in without you."
My aim is to get you in ;)
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do you offer UMAT training?
Yes, I do. I have UMAT papers we can go through OR, if you have papers and you need someone to help you make sense of the worked solutions, happy to help.

Q: Alex, do I need to prepare for the UMAT & my Interview(s)?
Yes, absolutely. In life, most things can be prepared for; the UMAT & Interview are such. I firmly believe in "failing to prepare is preparing to fail," so even if we don't go ahead, I urge you to prepare by yourself. You are competing against not only other school leavers but also candidates who failed in previous years. Demand for entry into medical school is sky high.

Q: I have a rough idea of the questions that may be asked & what I plan to say, that's enough, right?
A "rough" idea will achieve "rough" result. Ask any successful athlete or performer (singer, dancer, actor) how they prepare & they'll tell you it's about Technique (doing it correctly), Accuracy (doing it precisely), & Practice (doing it repeatedly). Your rough answer may not be on the right track or may lack substance. Reflect on all the exams you've nailed - how much preparation did you do?

Q: What are the issues with large Interview Training companies?
I feel the main issue with large companies is their generic, lightweight advice. Also these:
- You don't know who your coach will be - he/she may have little first-hand experience with medical or dental interviews, or likely to be a callow medical student
- Not all your responses will be critiqued - you are not afforded the time
- Your confidentiality will not treated with utmost respect - you'll have to share anecdotes with 10-30 strangers
- You will not learn how to structure your responses & receive ongoing support
- You will not be satisfied, no :(

As your mentor, I aim connect with you on a deeper, personal level. Importantly, I respect your privacy. Companies have asked me to teach for them, but I prefer to use my own material. My operating mantra is to communicate both quality AND quantity.

Q: If I'm not interested in Medicine/Dentistry, Alex will you be able to convert me?
Even if we get you in, if you're not passionate about Medicine (your parents coercing you or you think Med 'sounds good'), you will be dissatisfied long-term; your career will be torturous & unsustainable. To be a doctor requires a lifelong commitment to service; Medicine is not for the half-hearted. While I don't wish to convert you, I may enlighten you on what the career involves, so you can make an informed decision.

Q: How many sessions will I need?
The number of sessions we have depends on the amount of preparation you've made, how deeply you want to go through questions, & how confident you feel. On average, my successful UMAT students request 8-10 sessions. For Interviews, 2-3 Strategic Interview Sessions + a Mock Interview. It's totally up to you, nil obligation. However, please do not expect to become an 'overnight success' or transform from 'zero to hero' after 1 session; be wary of coaches promising this.

Success takes time: go ask Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, & Serena Williams

Q: How are payments made?
If our session is face-to-face, cash on the day. If our session is via distance/webcam, bank direct deposit beforehand please.

Q: How can I prepare for our sessions?
If available, please email me your CV, Interview Offer information pack, any interview questions you want us to analyse. I don't expect you to know everything about the interviews & Medicine, but I do expect respect & a willingness to learn; that's all I ask.

Q: How do Skype Webcam sessions compare to face to face sessions?
I have trained many rural, interstate, & international students via Webcam, which has proved as effective as face to face. Using Webcam may save you time, money, & energy spent on travel & accommodation. I just can't hug you for good luck or swat you when you make a mistake (jokes). Modern technology is phenomenal; we should embrace it ;)

Q: May we still have sessions if my interview is pressingly soon? How about sessions after hours?
We'll work something out. I have tutored American & Canadian mentees at 2am AEST #whatsleep?

Q: Do you assist with interviews from non-Australian universities?
Yes, I have helped students gain entry to medical schools in countries including New Zealand, the UK, & Cyprus.

Q: Do you offer small Group training?
Yes, I do. Recruit your mates (from school, uni, forums e.g. MSO, Paging Dr), shoot me a message, & let's do it. Learn from each other's responses. Help your mates get into Med/Dent too & share the exciting journey together; become study buddies. Each person will receive 20% off. Enjoy ;)

Q: Alex, I received an offer to study Medicine/Dentistry!!! Thank you so much for all your help. How may I help you?
Congratulations, I'm glad our hard work paid off & got you in! The best compliment would be referrals; would really appreciate you spreading a good word. Thank you :)




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"Alex, you accommodated me in the very last minute, when I was stressed and anxious about my interviews. Thank you for reminding me not to improvise in my interviews and not to slow down after my HSC exams! I would have just slacked off. With your guidance, I felt ready for the questions and scenarios/debates/acting stations/videos/etc. Like you predicted, I did have enormous fun - our questions came up :D (thank god) and the interviewers smiled. You went above and beyond your role as a mentor, a constant source of encouragement, and for that, my family and I are extremely grateful. We are glad to have met you and to have learned from you. Hopefully I'll be able to join my brother, who you helped get in last year. I just want to become a great doctor. Thanks again Alex!"

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