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Confidence Boost Tutoring

Ashfield Paramatta Stanmore, Sydney

Confidence Boost Tutoring Sydney Tutor in Essay Writing, Economics, Reading, Society and Culture, English, Maths, Accounting, ESL, Chemistry, Media Studies, Biology,... (see below for full list of subjects and levels)

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Hi, my name is Kate, and I work with a team of enthusiastic, helpful tutors to help children who find school tough! We are passionate about seeing children regain their confidence at school.

I started Confidence Boost Tutoring to help kids who feel like they are falling behind, and who want to get back on track. For us, it's about helping children to increase their motivation and self-esteem. When students feel successful, it motivates them to learn and improve. At Confidence Boost, we encourage our students to succeed. This leads to real improvements at home and at school. We love our work and we love helping children get back on track.

If children are in a space that's happy, positive, and 100% about them succeeding at school, there's no way for them not to make huge improvements. To make it all happen, we make sure that tutoring is tailored to your child, and we believe that having a great time at tutoring is just part of the experience!

We care about our students, which means they create a relationship with their tutors to ensure that they get the most out of what they learn. We are deeply committed to making sure that every child succeeds in their school-work, and in their self-esteem.

We help the students who need it most by tailoring each lesson to suit your child's needs. Best of all, your first lesson is FREE. We provide tutoring for primary and high school students in Sydney's inner (Stanmore and Ashfield) and in Parramatta
and are passionate about making a difference to your child's experience at school.

No child should feel like a failure. We work with students of all ages to improve their skills, assess and bridge gaps in their school work, and restore their confidence. We cover reading, writing, maths, study skills ... all school subjects. Lessons are fun, interactive, led by highly skilled tutors, and motivate your child to meet his or her goals.
Each of our tutors works with two students, who are buddied up (when appropriate!) to ensure that our students are getting close attention, as well as the peer support and motivation that they need to achieve big things. We've found that paired work produces greater results, faster. It's natural for children to want to work together, and it keeps them motivated and focussed for longer. It's all about the right fit - and we make sure that each child is carefully matched with the right tutor and buddy, depending on the subjects they cover, their age, and their personality.

At your first (free) session, we talk to you and your child about their goals. It's our opportunity to find out more about your child and an opportunity for you to see why Confidence Boost is so effective.

We don't have long term contracts - we want to see your child succeed so that they don't need to come to tutoring any more. We help to create big changes in your child's self-esteem and in their school work that continue long after they leave us.
Sessions are held after school Monday-Thursday, between 3:30-4:30, 4:30-5:30 and 5:30-6:30. You'll enjoy the helpful FREE videos and tips at our website -, or contact us on 0438 546 314. If you need to leave a message, we will call you back as soon as we can. We're looking forward to hearing about you and your child!


  • Essay Writing - Primary, Secondary
  • Economics - Secondary
  • Reading - Primary, Secondary
  • Society and Culture - Secondary
  • English - Primary, Secondary
  • Maths - Primary, Secondary
  • Accounting - Secondary
  • ESL - Primary, Secondary
  • Chemistry - Secondary
  • Media Studies - Secondary
  • Biology - Primary, Secondary
  • Computing - Secondary
  • Communication - Secondary
  • Drama - Introduction
  • Philosophy - Secondary
  • Legal Studies - Secondary
  • Special Needs - Primary, Secondary
  • Creative Writing - Primary, Secondary
  • English Literature - Primary, Secondary
  • Journalism - Secondary
  • Geography - Secondary
  • Industrial Technology - Secondary
  • Business Studies - Secondary
  • Finance - Secondary
  • History - Primary, Secondary
  • Politics - Secondary
  • Psychology - Secondary
  • Physics - Secondary
  • Engineering - Secondary
  • Statistics - Secondary
  • Management - Secondary

  • Study skills, humanities, essays, writing, reading, essay-writing, social studies, multi-subject. Workshops are also available from time to time.


With years of tutoring experience, a passion to make a difference in children's
lives, and passionate, enthusiastic tutors who value your children, Confidence Boost
Tutoring has the skills and expertise to make huge changes to your child's time at

Tutors are carefully selected on the basis of academic performance and a commitment
to changing children's lives. Tutors are selected to help children based on their skills,
experience, and personality.


Kate Edney, who runs CBT, has an arts/law degree with honours from the Australian
National University, and achieved an ATAR of 99.5 in year 12. She just completed
studying a masters in Primary Teaching, so now she's out there teaching kids in

Her extensive tutoring experience and specialised training helping struggling students
allows her to assess students who come to Confidence Boost Tutoring, and help them
to set and achieve their goals.

Every single one of our tutors is committed to seeing children succeed at school.
Confidence Boost tutor are passionate about their work, and it's infectious!

Tutors are experienced and trained, and have a range of qualifications. Many tutors
are university graduates, and all have had more than a year out of school.
Qualifications include
science, arts, medical science, engineering, commerce and law. Tutors have
backgrounds working with kids through sports, academia and music. The
quality of our tutors is what makes Confidence Boost such an incredible experience
for students - tutors inspire confidence, and pass on the skills and techniques that
they were chosen for.

Confidence Boost Tutoring is a member of the Australian Tutoring Association.


  • Private Tuition
  • Group Tuition
  • Teaching Tuition
  • Phone Help


The first lesson at Stanmore and Parramatta is always free, and gives you and your
child a chance to talk about your needs, set goals, and find out if Confidence Boost
Tutoring is the right fit for you.

We really value families at Confidence Boost. If you have two or more children who
need tutoring, we lower our rate.

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Special Offer - Your child's first lesson is free - call to book today.


Profile last updated on 22-May-2017 (registered 16-Nov-2012)

0438 546 314
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