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HSC Physics and Mathematics

Baulkham Hills, Sydney

Sydney Tutor in Calculus, Engineering, GAMSAT, Maths, Physics, HSC Mathematics all levels

One to one tuition in the comfort and convenience of students home .
During first lesson assess students level of knowledge and understanding by asking questions,

Show how to correctly answer questions from high school teacher or other sources eg textbooks

Explain fundamental concepts in detail and using examples show how fundamental concepts are used to answer specific questions from school or tuition

Set homework based only on topics and examples discussed during tuition

Find out date of next exam and topics and prepare appropriately by focusing tuition on future examinable topics

Working with children check approval from NSW government


  • Calculus - Secondary
  • Engineering - Secondary
  • GAMSAT - Tertiary
  • Maths - Secondary
  • Physics - Secondary

  • HSC Mathematics all levels

Service Areas

Epping Castle Hill Carlingford Eastwood Cherrybrook Winston Hills Glenwood Ryde Dural Kellyville


Parents and students
One to one tuition is conveniently held at students home at a mutually agreed time and day (weekends and weekdays are available)so parents avoid spending the time and hassle of driving and delivering student to and from tuition held at coaching centre.
Tuition is more effective if done on a one to one basis rather then tutoring several students of differing abilities and different ages and school years at same time in a group.

One hours tuition for a group of three
students at a time implies that each student receives approximately 20 minutes of one to one tuition .This
is in general insufficient.

My tuition is personal as possible as there is only one person in the group and the style of tuition is tailored to suit the learning style of the student ,to explain how to obtain correct answer to school and exam problems and other relevent questions.

As there are no other students present , the student need not feel embarassed asking questions. By the way if a students asks many questions there is no increase in fees...if a students asks very few questions there is no decrease in fees.

My emphasis is to explain the fundamental
concepts in mathematics and physics in simple terms and ideas and whenever reasonably possible use existing fundamental laws to deduce more laws equations and rules.When students understand they begin to learn and enjoy the subject. It is difficult if not impossible to enjoy a subject which is only partially understood.It is more interesting to derive an equation
rather then given it without background explanation.

I have also prepared some Mathematics / Physics experiments and there is excellent agreement between
measured and predicted value.
These experiments help students bridge the gap between theory and practise and better able to understand the more abstract theories eg Simpsons rule...integration to find areas...Newtons law of cooling...maximum and minimum turning
points..etc potential and kinetic energy...parabolic motion...period of pendulum...measurement of earths
gravity etc

Homework is given at the end of each tuition session and is based on what has been taught in tuition

More then 19 years tuition in following subjects:

Mathematics Years 7-10 all levels

2U General Advanced Years 11-12
2U Advanced Years 11-12

Mathematics Ext 1 and Ext 2 Years 11-12

Engineering Studies Years 11-12

Physics 2 U Years 11-12

International Baccalaureate Years 11-12 Mathematics (All levels)

International Baccalaureate Years 11- 12 Physics

Gamsat Physics

UMAT Physics

Ten years teaching High School Mathematics (all levels)

Science Years 7-10

Physics (years 11-12) in High school .

Marking of HSC Physics examinations.


Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (University of New South Wales)

Master of Engineering Science (University of New South Wales)

Diploma of Education (Australian Catholic University)

Qualified experienced teacher.

Working with children check approval from NSW Government.


  • Private Tuition
  • Home Visits
  • Online Help


$50 per hour for years 7-10 (one to one tuition at students home)

$60 per hour for years ll- 12 ( one to one tuition at students home)

Introductory lesson at half the above rates

Introductory lesson at half the above rates

Tuition by whats app available in 30 min sessions at $25 per session

Am available all days of week except Monday

No contracts to sign

Advance payments not necessary

Student Discount

Special Offer - Tuition using whats app (30 min session).


Profile last updated on 16-Sep-2017 (registered 13-Mar-2017)

0412995933 David
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