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Dr Marcia Pinheiro

Sydney - epping

Dr Marcia Pinheiro Sydney Tutor in Calculus, ESL, French, Maths, Philosophy, Portuguese, and in Philosophy: Logic, Ethics, and Philosophy of Language.

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I offer tailored classes that will invariably target your objective. I have never failed with any student who was able to learn. If you follow my guidance, you cannot lose. The main thing that differentiates me from the rest is that you will learn how to learn and will really understand what you are doing if that is your interest, what means that you will carry transferable skills after my course with you, skills for life, not only the contents of your subject for your exam and others.
I believe in pedagogy, that is, in 'taking pupils by the hand', when I am teaching and it is hardly the case that you can come up with a teaching technique or a method that I have not heard about yet or dealt with professionally.
I can educate all levels in Mathematics, English, Portuguese, Logic, Philosophy of Language, Translation, Interpretation, and a few other subjects.
What I love about teaching is that, with it, you can make people become independent thinkers, you can gear them for life... .
See one of my papers in Philosophy here:ý
Some pieces of it have been through bad editing processes, so please overlook (punctuation and mathematical symbols).


  • Calculus - Secondary, Tertiary
  • ESL - Primary, Secondary, Tertiary
  • French - Introduction
  • Maths - Primary, Secondary, Tertiary
  • Philosophy - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Portuguese - Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced

  • and in Philosophy: Logic, Ethics, and Philosophy of Language.

Service Areas

CBD and around, North Sydney and around, Epping and around


I have 16+ years of experience. I actually started providing tuition in 1984... . Even so,
I do not look like Tutankhamun and I am quite a modern person (I am an expert also in
I.T., for instance...).


PhD in Philosophy, PhD in Mathematics, MA in Arts (Philosophy), Licentiate in Science
with specialization in secondary teaching and Mathematics, college degree with
specialization in primary teaching, PG Dip Systems Analysis, PG Dip
Translation/Interpretation, PG Dip in Philosophy, Technical Bachelor in English, TESOL/
TEFL, and others.
Accredited with the TRB (Mathematics) and the VIT (Mathematics).
IICSE University lecturer (online).


  • Private Tuition
  • Group Tuition
  • Teaching Tuition
  • Phone Help
  • Online Help


All depends on frequency of the classes, level of difficulty, and others.

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Profile last updated on 06-Dec-2017 (registered 09-Mar-2012)

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