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No child deserves to feel stupid. No boy or girl should have to stare at their homework having no idea how to start. Growing up is challenging enough without struggling through 6 hours of school each day. It can be shattering for a child's self-confidence and self-esteem.

We love tutoring children and teenagers. We love seeing them start to believe in themselves. We are here to help the children who find school difficult. Sometimes life doesn't go to plan. It might be due to bullying, or moving schools, or just feeling like everyone else is smarter. We help students get back on track so they can achieve their potential. Some students have struggled since the day they started school - we love to help those students.

If you are searching this website for a tutor then you are probably due for some encouragement so here are some of our favourite tutoring stories:

1. One little girl was going to have to repeat Year 2 and Mum was beside herself with worry. So, we taught her how to read and how to write sentences that made sense. We gave Mum heaps of fun activities to do at home with her as well. She didn't repeat Year 2. She is now in Year 4 and passing everything and she loves school.

2. A Year 6 boy had been labeled stupid by his teacher and regularly put down in front of the class. The little guy had almost no confidence left. He was so scared of criticism that it would take him forever to write just a couple of sentences. When he tried to read aloud he was constantly nervous. We did lots of fun writing games with him so he could re-learn how to enjoy writing creatively. We took all the pressure off him so he could learn to relax when he read. Two years later, he can read and write like most others in his class. Also, we helped his confidence by teaching him public speaking skills.

3. A Year 9 girl came to us because she had no idea how to write in English. She would get nervous and tense up and write nothing during written work at school. Assignments meant tears and tension at home every time. We taught her to take dot points and then turn each dot point into a sentence. Suddenly she could do all her assignments and felt a sense of freedom in her school-work for the first time in years. Shes now in Year 10 and getting solid Bs in her written work.

Many of the children we work with feel like a failure with their work and carry a fear of feedback from being told they are wrong a million times at school. We used to tutor students individually, but found that after about three months they would stop coming. We started working with children in pairs and now we now have the opposite situation of children who are already back on track but they really want to keep tutoring because they love it!

It was because with individual tutoring they felt like there was too much focused attention on them, so it was not fun. Then we changed our approach and now we tutor them with a partner. It makes it a very social experience so they look forward to it. Also, there is less pressure on a child when they are with a partner, so they can relax. Usually, they will be doing different work from their team-mate, but sometimes we get them to work together to create paragraphs from different perspectives, or to have a mini-debate on a topic. If your child is an A student, then they'll probably do quite well with individual tutoring and so there are other tutors who are more suited to your child than we are. However, if your child gets Cs or Ds, or if they are just a very social person by nature, then call us. We have experimented with many ways of making tutoring fun and motivating, because that is what helps children learn, and helps them stick with it.

If your child needs a hand with school-work, feel free to give us a call or an email so we can chat with you about how we can help. We would love to hear from you.

0400 447 828 or 6242 7725


Lots and lots! We've helped over 900 students get back on track.


We have a varitey of Qualifications. Ask us.


Single student: $59 for full one hour session.
Brothers/sisters: $54 family rate per child per session.


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We specialise in developing reading and writing skills. We also build confidence in students who have low self-esteem.Public speaking skills are another area we have great success in. We can turn a shy, underconfident public speaker into a strong successful public speaker in just a few months.
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