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Miss Ying Duan

 Melbourne - Melbourne

Melbourne tutor in Mandarin

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A professional language tutor is much more than a native speaker.

(Please Take a Look at my Website, where you can get almost all the information you need, including, what lessons I provide, price, where do I do the The lesson, lesson plan, as well as you can book a Trial lesson for FREE!)

She is original from Central Beijing which accent is the STANDARD Mandarin Chinese accent just like you hear on the TV or Radio and it is accurately said to be the purest
.You will thus understand, speak, and learn the language more easily.

Ying is qualified:

She has degrees in both Chinese Literature and Law;

She has the certificate of highest level (1-A) of standard Mandarin speaking;

She had two years extra training in a Stage play.

She was trained by a well-known language school in Beijing;

Ying is experienced:

She has solid skill in the language as she used to work at the Law Bureau of Beijing Government as a proof-reader and editor to new local and industrial legislations, checking up new laws grammatical mistakes and conflicts with old and higher laws.

She used to work in one of the top Chinese language schools in Beijing doing cooperation training program to companies which prepared to 2008 Beijing Games(2006-2008).

She has been teaching Mandarin Chinese as a second language for over ten years with today
s technology; you can reach her even though you live at the other end of the earth
! She has students in Melbourne, Sydney, Wagga Wagga and as far as in the USA, England, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Columbia, Norway, Poland, and Japan! Her students are from near 20 different countries across the world aged from 10 months to 67 years old.

She is currently running private classes, as well as group classes locally.

Moreover, Online for adults, high-school, and college students as well young children. She also helps high-schoolers and college students with their homework.

More about her teaching experience:

She has helped several students passed their ILR (This test is a telephone interview with American foreign service staff) some of them now work in American Consulates in China including Shanghai, Chengdu, and Guangzhou) and HSK (L1, L2 L3, L5 & L6).
When she was in Beijing before the Games, she worked with different corporations including HOB, Johnson&Johnson, Opera software and embassies.
2014 as a contract teacher, she designed a Mandarin Chinese course to ACU (Australian Catholic University) Business students.
June and July 2015, as a contract teacher, she worked with IML (University of Queensland) teaching Australian Deference Force refresh course & requalification.
2015-2016, I was doing Corporation training with Dell Software and Morgan Stanley.

Courses She provided
Young Kid Lessons (age up to 10)
For language learning, earlier is better. Kids are the best learner. However, it is not easy
to make them concentrate and sit down at the desk. Activities, cartoons and songs are probably good to them. So I provide following lessons to them.
Level 1 - Learn through songs: In this level, kids are encouraged to learn some chosen simple children¡¯s songs. Through these songs, kids will learn some basic words, phrases and dialogues that they can use on a daily basis. Level2 ¨C Learn through Cartoons: In this level, kids will be taught to grasp basic expressions in cartoons and expected to learn the complex expressions through comprehension of the Sentences and grammatical structure of the subtitles. They may gain the ability to understand fairly complicated plots and the implied moral of the Chinese cartoons, and thus be capable of establishing a link with real life situations.
Level 3 ¨C Learn through Stories: In this level, kids will gain the ability to understand the implied moral, culture and customs of Chinese stories. Some of the ancient Chinese poems would be adopted. If you can get a group of kids learning together, we can also do more activities, play games, cards. For all young kid courses, parents are very welcome as guest students
joining in without extra charge. I do suggest that parents or others practice speaking Chinese with your kids, making good communicative Chinese surroundings for your kids if possible.

Teens and young adults Lessons (School /Uni students)
1. School course assistance:
It is real a big challenge to those non-Chinese background students sitting in the same classroom with ABCs. To build up a Chinese Language environment surrounding your kids with my extra help would be a good idea.

2. Non-school regular teen lessons:

These lessons are designed for school age student learning Chinese for personal interests. These Chinese lessons help teens learn Chinese by following chosen books, playing games and discussing fun topics. In teen Chinese classes, students will receive systematic training in all four aspects of the Chinese language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. There are plenty books and programs collections you can choose from. Ranging from beginner to advanced level, which can help teens achieve their Chinese learning goals step by step.

3. Learning with Fun

For those young people who are not sure or serious about their Chinese learning, I will teach you Chinese by playing games, watching DVDs, singing songs and/or doing other activities together which you are interested in. Of course, it is not effort free. At least some fundamental learning elements such as Pinyin and certain basic sentence structures you have to learn at the first.
Adults Lessons
Regular lessons: 1. In this course, you will receive systematic training in listening, speaking, reading and writing, or any of them you chosen by following a book with my update adjustment. It is suitable to students who have at least 6-12 months regular learning plan. I have enough book and programme collections to choose range from zero to advance.

2. Everyday life Chinese:

This Mandarin Chinese course is for students who do not have enough time to learn systematically and but are interested in being able to communicate in daily life. So in this course I will focus on your spoken Chinese needs in daily life. It will help you learn daily Chinese expressions effectively.

3. Business and/or industrial Chinese.
Business Chinese
Financial Chinese
TMC (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Chinese
International Trading Chinese
Real estate Chinese

Intensive short term lessons:
1£®Ready for China 2£®Dating in Chinese
3£®Travel to Beijing/ Shanghai/Xi¡¯an/Tibet¡­
4£®Job interview preparation

I also Provide the following lessons and services
Group Lessons
Specialised Lessons

Exam preparation
VCE (speaking)
HSK (L1-6)

Online lessons
I provide all above lessons online via Skype or any other IMs you preferred and the price goes half.
Homework help such as assay editing, presentation preparing.

Contact me:
Ph: 0402523777
Skype: Win.mandarin
Book a free trial at: Website:



10 years (7+ years full time plus 2+ years part time), totally over 10,000+ hours
experience including 5,000+ hours private
lessons 1,000+ hours group lessons, and 3,000+ hours online lessons


Bachelor of Legal study
Bachelor of Chinese Literature
Certificate of teaching Chinese as Foreign Language


I don't haggle at price, but provide the best service, active learning, if you really
can follow me, result guarantee.

First trial lesson FREE

All necessary materials ( MP3, Mp4, Text...) provided FREE

Pay in advance or buy package will get up to 10% off, contact for detail.

Go to you can see my availability, prices and book a free

Home visit: 50/hour
Online over skype: 20usd/hour

More detail, Please visit my website:, or
Email me at

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Tutor in Melbourne


Mandarin (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)

"I am currently in China and thanks to Ying, I am able to function socially and have real conversations in Chinese. I never dreamt I could reach this level of competence in only 18 months from absolutely zero. Thank you Ying!"

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