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Mr Zachary Lazarevski

 Melbourne - Melbourne

Melbourne tutor in Singing, Piano, Keyboard, Musicianship, Music Theory, Percussion

I travel to these locations
Melbourne CBD and Inner Suburbs

"Learn music like a language" according to the latest research by world-renowned music educator Edwin E. Gordon.
In the first lesson, Zac will teach you how to "SING ANYTHING" By applying his "12 ultra-simple techniques."
Zac studied Bachelor of Music at the no. 1 university in Australia, the University of Melbourne.
For over 4 years, he received intensive, private lessons from Robin Smith, the famous conductor, & composer of Luciano Pavarotti's Song "Ti Adoro".
Try a free introductory lesson, with no obligation to continue, text or call: 0435 291 166
Or visit his website to watch a free 1-minute video lesson. he's confident you will learn more in one minute than most students learn in 1 hour.
Save time and money. Zac's students learn in the fastest possible way.

Zac's students are achieving outstanding results in the first lesson.
Beginners: Zac guarantees that after just one lesson you will have:

1. Five notes larger range. Or more!
2. Powerful high notes!
3. A smooth transition between registers, no breaks!
4. A more powerful and rich tone in the lower register
5. The vocal techniques used by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and many other greats!

Advanced singers can learn any of the following skills in the first lesson!
1. 1 simple technique for how to gain complete control of your vibrato
2. 1 simple technique for how to master fast vocal runs and licks: 8 notes in under a second.
3. 1 simple technique for how to master distortion safely, light or heavy distortion
4. How to imitate any singer by applying the 12 techniques
5. How to improvise and develop your own personal vocal style

Contact Zac today on the number below to book your no-obligation free introductory lesson!
0435 291 166

Zac's students learn incredibly fast and save TIME and MONEY.
Here is a review from his student, Theo:

"I found Zac's teaching very innovative and refreshing. He made the class interactive, fun, and his take on improvisation was next to amazing. His passion and enthusiasm for vocal flexibility, letting us into his well-worked teachings of how to sing high notes with power by simply crying, adding distortion or using head voice was something I have never experienced in my years of singing. It was easy to follow, easy on throat and above all easy to pick up especially for the beginners in the class. I look forward to working with Zac now and in the future." - Theo

Zac's students are achieving such outstanding results because he has created a completely unique and innovative method based on the latest research by the best vocal coaches, and music education experts from around the world!

So what is his unique new method? - He teaches music the same way you learned your first spoken language. Why does he teach this way? Because it is the FASTEST, MOST ENJOYABLE and EFFECTIVE way to learn according to the BEST RESEARCH AVAILABLE. This saves you TIME and MONEY!
Here is how you learned your first language: 1. you LISTENED for about a year. 2. you IMITATED the people around you by babbling & repeating words. 3. you IMPROVISED sentences with the words in your vocabulary to speak and express yourself.

A few years later you learned the final 2 steps:

4. you READ the words you already knew how to speak
5. you WROTE the words you already knew.

You must learn singing in the same sequence.
Almost all singing teachers teach in completely the wrong sequence.
Learning singing in the wrong sequence is a waste of time and money.

So, the best way to learn to sing better is to listen, then imitate, then improvise:

Each lesson is structured like this:
1: LISTEN to a great singer
2: IMITATE the great singer
3: IMPROVISE with what you learned, to develop your own personal style.

Later, after you have become proficient at listening, imitating and improvising, Zac can teach you to
4: READ music fluently
5: WRITE music fluently

When you learn music like a first language, you can become as fluent at music as you are at your first language.

Contact Zac today on the number below to book your no-obligation free introductory lesson!
0435 291 166

Zac's student Hansika had this to say after a group class:

What a great event! Especially for an absolute beginner like myself. I really enjoyed how you broke it down into sounds and especially the bit where we'd just do the sounds over the words was great. I am a total beginner, so starting from the basics was really helpful. I'm keen to do more, including the 12-week course, please do email me more information on that, the tips, etc. Looking forward to further singing! I might come with my cousin next week! -

Zac has taken THE BEST TECHNIQUES from the best vocal coaches and SIMPLIFIED everything into a SYSTEMATIC FORMULA that GUARANTEES SUCCESS.

You can do anything all the greatest singers are doing simply by using one of Zac's "12 Ultra-simple techniques!"

For example:

Laugh technique
Sigh technique
Cry technique

These are just 3 of the 12 techniques that will immediately improve your singing! They are so easy because you already learned them all when you were a baby!

Another student, Mehul, said:

"My first session with the group and I really enjoyed the singing and meeting some good singers. For beginners, it is a great start and from personal experience, a song I thought I could not sing and pass as tone deaf, Zac successfully broke it down using his voice techniques and made it possible. The improvisation and Ostinato towards the end is a real treasure for music lovers. I look forward to practicing more songs in coming sessions." - Mehul.

Zac has been singing since age 5 and teaching intensively for over 10 years. He studied Bachelor of Music at Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne.
He also has a Diploma of contemporary (pop) Music from Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE.

Lesson Prices and Course Options:

Free Introductory lesson:

Casual Lessons
テャテッツソツステモテつス hour - $36
($36 per lesson)
1 hour - $68
($68 per lesson)

Most Popular
5 Week Course
5 x テャテッツソツステモテつス hour - $150
($30 per lesson)
5 x 1 hour - $280
($56 per lesson)

Best Value
10 Week Course
10 x テャテッツソツステモテつス hour -$280
($28 per lesson)
10 x 1 hour - $520
($52 per lesson)

Zac offers a Loyalty Reward: receive 10% off the above prices every time you buy back-to-back courses!
This makes lessons very affordable for regular students.

Zac looks forward to helping you achieve all your singing goals.
Contact Zac today on the number below to book your no-obligation free introductory lesson.

0435 291 166

Thank you for your time.

0435 291 166


Zac has been singing since age 5, playing piano for 10 years and teaching both for over 7 years
Please follow this URL to watch videos of his piano performances as proof of experience:


Bachelor of Music, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne
Diploma of Music, Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE
AMEB grade 7 piano performance
AMEB grade 6 music theory


$28 per half hour

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