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Subject Student Suburb Region Updated Listed
Chemistry Biology Maths M Sharon CBD Melbourne 04-Nov-2017 04-Nov-2017

Chemistry Biology Maths Method Specialist Maths Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Chemistry Biology Maths Method Specialist Maths Tutor Wanted

Sharon C
CBD, Melbourne
Chemistry Biology Maths Method Specialist Maths
I am looking for a tutor that can review the topics I've done this semester in the next two weeks as I am going into exams (Yr11). Preferably a tutor that've done VCE and are quite flexible about the time. Just briefly go over topics and explain parts that I don't understand. Time can be negotiated (both weekdays and weekends). Currently, needs help with Calculus for Maths.
Thank you
Chinese Julie Box Hill Melbourne 13-Nov-2017 13-Nov-2017

Chinese Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Chinese Tutor Wanted

Julie L
Box Hill, Melbourne
We are looking for an enthusiastic native speaking Chinese tutor to take on 4 children aged 6,7 and 9. The tutor will be innovative in teaching methods and use play and games to facilitate learning. Teaching material is supplied. The emphasis will be on speaking and also for children recognise Chinese characters. We are located in Box Hill. Lesson times are on Sunday afternoons. Please send your CV and contact number to
Civil Engineer Abdulelah Kevin Grove Brisbane 26-Oct-2017 10-Aug-2017

Civil Engineer Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Civil Engineer Tutor Wanted

Abdulelah A
Kevin Grove, Brisbane
Civil Engineer
Hi all,
I need a tutor to help me with my civil engineering subject which is about transport (Trams) In The Gold Coast.
If you can help me please send me a message as soon as possible.
10-Aug-2017  (updated on 26-Oct-2017)
Computing Ali Hawthorn Melbourne 21-Oct-2017 12-Feb-2017

Computing Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Computing Tutor Wanted

Ali a
0426 162 447‬‬
Hawthorn, Melbourne
Hi there,
I am looking for tutor to teach and help for php and mySQL assignment.
12-Feb-2017  (updated on 21-Oct-2017)
Counter Intelligence Kat Rivervale Perth 20-Oct-2017 20-Oct-2017

Counter Intelligence Tutor Wanted in Perth

Counter Intelligence Tutor Wanted

Kat V
Rivervale, Perth
Counter Intelligence
Hi guys,

Im currently studying Criminology and Justice at ECU and I'm completing some intelligence units. Im trying to find someone who has experience in the area or who has studied any type of intelligence units before and would be able to assist me with an assignment. I am able to come to you or if you can come to my place that is ok too. If you think you are able to be of some assistance send me an email. Thanks :-)
Deploma in youthwork Benjamin Armadale Perth 26-Oct-2017 26-Oct-2017

Deploma in youthwork Tutor Wanted in Perth

Deploma in youthwork Tutor Wanted

Benjamin R
0474 314 513
Armadale, Perth
Deploma in youthwork
I'm currently studying my diploma in youth work through otens correspondence online. I'm a 25yr old tradie and haven't studied in years so I'm having difficulty any help would be appreciated thank you.
Diploma of Information Te David Baldivis Perth 07-Nov-2017 07-Nov-2017

Diploma of Information Technology Tutor Wanted in Perth

Diploma of Information Technology Tutor Wanted

David P
Baldivis, Perth
Diploma of Information Technology

Ive got a few assignments due by the 8th of December, which is for my Diploma of Information Technology.

Its generally completable material, it is just the heavy load that I have to complete.

I have 5 units which cover:

*Work, Health & Safety

*Network Security

*Technical online support (SysAid)



These are all just introductory units.


David Poppen
English Vivian Manly Sydney 25-Oct-2017 31-Oct-2016

English Tutor Wanted in Sydney

English Tutor Wanted

Vivian C
Manly, Sydney
I'm in need of a home tutor for English language for my ten year old daughter so kindly write me back if you're able to assist in perfecting her usage of English.
31-Oct-2016  (updated on 25-Oct-2017)
English Salem Paddington Brisbane 25-Oct-2017 11-Oct-2017

English Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

English Tutor Wanted

Salem A
Paddington, Brisbane
Hi all,
I would like someone to help me with my research proposal (4000words). Basically, it is a combination of part 1 and part2 which already have been done. Part1 is 1500 words and part 2 is 2000 words, so just need to add 500 words to make connection between part 1 and 2 and to form the research proposal.

The research is about Indigenous people so you have to have good knowledge.
Part1 and 2 needs some revising.
11-Oct-2017  (updated on 25-Oct-2017)
English Chloe Sale Melbourne 27-Oct-2017 27-Oct-2017

English Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English Tutor Wanted

Chloe J
Sale, Melbourne
I am looking for an English tutor to help me throughout year 12 next year.
English Diane Gosford NSW Central Coast 08-Nov-2017 08-Nov-2017

English Tutor Wanted in NSW Central Coast

English Tutor Wanted

Diane N
Gosford, NSW Central Coast
Looking for Year 12 English tutor in our own home tuesdays. Can you help
English Joanne Baulkham hills Sydney 16-Nov-2017 16-Nov-2017

English Tutor Wanted in Sydney

English Tutor Wanted

Joanne K
Baulkham hills, Sydney
I am looking for a tutor for my son. Year 12 2018
English Ashley Paddington Sydney 17-Nov-2017 21-Mar-2017

English Tutor Wanted in Sydney

English Tutor Wanted

Ashley W
Paddington, Sydney
My name is Ash(male), 26. I’m currently looking for a private tutor to help with my dyslexia. Happy to travel from Paddington
21-Mar-2017  (updated on 17-Nov-2017)
English Jessica 2171 Sydney 18-Nov-2017 18-Sep-2017

English Tutor Wanted in Sydney

English Tutor Wanted

Jessica T
2171, Sydney
I am in need for a tutor who is able to help me see English in a completely different manner as I am lacking when it comes to understanding and reinforcing such ideas in a sophisticated manner. I am currently doing HSC Advanced English even though I know I am lacking as I see more potential in growth through this subject than standard English. I am able to start as soon as possible, especially since term 1 is nearly over.

Thank you, Jessica
18-Sep-2017  (updated on 18-Nov-2017)
English Advanced, English Janani Wheeler Heights NSW Central Coast 27-Oct-2017 12-Sep-2017

English Advanced, English Extension 1 & 2 Tutor Wanted in NSW Central Coast

English Advanced, English Extension 1 & 2 Tutor Wanted

Janani B
Wheeler Heights, NSW Central Coast
English Advanced, English Extension 1 & 2
Looking for a tutor for English Extension 2 (including English Advanced and English Extension 1). I am willing to travel anywhere on the Northern Beaches or would preferably like in home tutoring. Must be highly qualified.
12-Sep-2017  (updated on 27-Oct-2017)
English and Maths Karen Kirwan Townsville 31-Oct-2017 26-Oct-2017

English and Maths Tutor Wanted in Townsville

English and Maths Tutor Wanted

Karen T
Kirwan, Townsville
English and Maths
Kirwan State High School
Hi, I am after a Tutor/Mentor for before school tutoring for a year 7 student. Thanks.
26-Oct-2017  (updated on 31-Oct-2017)
English IETLS prepartion Paul Cbd Melbourne 19-Oct-2017 19-Oct-2017

English IETLS prepartion Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English IETLS prepartion Tutor Wanted

Paul W
Cbd, Melbourne
English IETLS prepartion
I am looking english tutors who are experienced in ietls preparation and practicing online with video conferencing.

please contact me with your hourly rate.....

English Literature, Compu Ho Heyfield Melbourne 05-Nov-2017 05-Nov-2017

English Literature, Computer Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English Literature, Computer Tutor Wanted

Ho T
Heyfield, Melbourne
English Literature, Computer

I am Ho.
I need tutor in English area and computer area.
If you have skill English or computer area can you contact me by email?

Thank you
English Literature,maths, fareed akram Devon Brisbane 30-Oct-2017 30-Oct-2017

English Literature,maths,physics, Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

English Literature,maths,physics, Tutor Wanted

fareed akram A
Devon, Brisbane
English Literature,maths,physics,
interested students only
English, maths Jennifer Maribyrnong Melbourne 01-Nov-2017 01-Nov-2017

English, maths Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English, maths Tutor Wanted

Jennifer C
Maribyrnong, Melbourne
English, maths
Looking for a tutor who is a current teacher or retired teacher to tutor my grade 4 twice a week. Experience preparing for NAPLAN preferred.
English, Maths Methods, B Hannah Bendigo Bendigo 19-Oct-2017 19-Oct-2017

English, Maths Methods, Biology Tutor Wanted in Bendigo

English, Maths Methods, Biology Tutor Wanted

Hannah T
Bendigo, Bendigo
English, Maths Methods, Biology
Tutor for year 12, 2018
Tutor specialised in all
-Maths Methods

Please email or message me
Thanks Hannah :)
English, Maths, psycholog Sophie Grovedale Geelong 02-Nov-2017 02-Nov-2017

English, Maths, psychology, Physical Education, Tutor Wanted in Geelong

English, Maths, psychology, Physical Education, Tutor Wanted

Sophie M
Grovedale, Geelong
English, Maths, psychology, Physical Education,
I am looking for a tutor that can give me some help with my subjects for year 12.
English, spelling, handwr Donna SANDGATE Brisbane 16-Nov-2017 16-Nov-2017

English, spelling, handwriting Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

English, spelling, handwriting Tutor Wanted

Donna M
SANDGATE, Brisbane
English, spelling, handwriting
Seeking a qualified primary teacher or similar with experience in learning support. Knowledge of Brain Gym an advantage.
You will be needed for weekly sessions in school holidays plus option for continuation if you gel with my son.
Content to be covered is phoneme and grapheme awareness for a below average student in grade 3.
Your client is Finn, an intelligent and capable 8 year old who is an outstanding reader but struggling to reach the expected standard for writing and spelling.

Please contact via email with your availabilities and how you would structure the sessions. I am open to the use of supported technology for part of the session.
French Arielle Woolloomooloo Sydney 25-Oct-2017 25-Oct-2017

French Tutor Wanted in Sydney

French Tutor Wanted

Arielle C
Woolloomooloo, Sydney
I am looking for a French tutor to help me progress in my skills. I was raised speaking French at home with my Canadian mother. Comprehension is solid but I need work on responses and grammar. I'm looking for once per week ideally in the CBD or at my house in Woolloomooloo. Cheers!
Greek Calleen Springwood Sydney 15-Nov-2017 15-Nov-2017

Greek Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Greek Tutor Wanted

Calleen T
Springwood, Sydney
I have three children one in highschool two in primary. Looking for reliable tutor to each Greek to them. They have beginners level comprehension of reading and writing. The youngest has very little knowledge of the language. He is learning the aphlebet.

Please, any recommendations would be appreciated
Thank you
Hospitality / cooking Tania 4817 Townsville 22-Oct-2017 22-Oct-2017

Hospitality / cooking Tutor Wanted in Townsville

Hospitality / cooking Tutor Wanted

Tania H
4817, Townsville
Hospitality / cooking
I have a 14yo son that needs help making evening meals. I need to work evenings and he cannot cook on his own. He wont eat prepared meals.

Is there anyone looking for a bit of extra work in the evenings that could help him out.

Kids mandarin James Newtown, Geelong Melbourne 02-Nov-2017 02-Nov-2017

Kids mandarin Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Kids mandarin Tutor Wanted

James R
Newtown, Geelong, Melbourne
Kids mandarin
I'm looking for a mandarin tutor for my four year old daughter.

Korean Language Melissa St Ives Sydney 12-Nov-2017 12-Nov-2017

Korean Language Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Korean Language Tutor Wanted

Melissa B
St Ives, Sydney
Korean Language
I am looking for a Korean language tutor, as I am interested in moving to South Korea for work after my university degree is finished. I would like to learn at a fast pace. I know some basics - can read and write Hangul, know some basic introductions and greetings. I also currently learn singing at a Korean academy, so I sing songs in Korean.
Legal Studies, English St Eilish Chatswood Sydney 28-Oct-2017 28-Oct-2017

Legal Studies, English Standard, Religon 1 unit Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Legal Studies, English Standard, Religon 1 unit Tutor Wanted

Eilish H
Chatswood, Sydney
Legal Studies, English Standard, Religon 1 unit
Hi, just looking for a tutor to assist me for the next few terms in particular with legal english and religon - if you dont tutor all of these subjects that okay, contact me if your interested!!
Legal Studies, french Proddut Vermont South Melbourne 25-Oct-2017 01-Mar-2017

Legal Studies, french Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Legal Studies, french Tutor Wanted

Proddut D
Vermont South, Melbourne
Legal Studies, french
English year Ten Private tution
01-Mar-2017  (updated on 25-Oct-2017)
Math and Mandarin Year 2 Lai Palmerston Canberra 07-Nov-2017 25-Nov-2013

Math and Mandarin Year 2 and Preschool Tutor Wanted in Canberra

Math and Mandarin Year 2 and Preschool Tutor Wanted

Lai M
Palmerston, Canberra
Math and Mandarin Year 2 and Preschool
I am looking for someone who is willing to travel to Palmerston once a week for 1hr and 45 mins to tutor my children Math and Mandarin. If you are interested, please email me and let me know your teaching experience and education background. Please include information that you may have working with vulnerable people pass, available days and times. I am looking to start next year and requires consistency and commitment. Hope to hear from you.
25-Nov-2013  (updated on 07-Nov-2017)
Math Methods Ronit Caulfield Melbourne 31-Oct-2017 31-Oct-2017

Math Methods Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Math Methods Tutor Wanted

Ronit T
Caulfield, Melbourne
Math Methods
I am looking for an experienced tutor who specializes in vce math methods. preferably with a background in teaching. My child requires someone who can extend him with extra work and more challenging questions, in order to prepare him for SACs and exams.
Maths Sue Highland Park Gold Coast 04-Nov-2017 04-Nov-2017

Maths Tutor Wanted in Gold Coast

Maths Tutor Wanted

Sue W
Highland Park, Gold Coast
Our son is currently doing Year 10 Extension Maths, which is the harder maths, but he is just scraping through.

Although his previous maths tutor has been great with him over the past few years, he is just too busy at the moment, which has meant that he has been unreliable this year,
Therefore we are seeking another qualified tutor to come to our home in Highland Park asap.
Maths Linda Noranda Perth 15-Nov-2017 13-Nov-2017

Maths Tutor Wanted in Perth

Maths Tutor Wanted

Linda K
Noranda, Perth
Year 10 (2017) and then Year 11 (2018) Maths tutor needed for son.
13-Nov-2017  (updated on 15-Nov-2017)
Maths Methods & sciences Sarah Tuggeranong Canberra 27-Oct-2017 27-Oct-2017

Maths Methods & sciences Tutor Wanted in Canberra

Maths Methods & sciences Tutor Wanted

Sarah K
Tuggeranong, Canberra
Maths Methods & sciences

I am currently looking for a tutor for my daughter. She is a good student and looking for a bit of help finishing off year 10 and going forward next year in college. She is looking at studying biology, maths methods and a few other science areas. We are located in south Canberra

Thanks Sarah
Maths, Biology, Geography Gina Roseville Sydney 19-Oct-2017 19-Oct-2017

Maths, Biology, Geography, English Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Maths, Biology, Geography, English Tutor Wanted

Gina T
Roseville, Sydney
Maths, Biology, Geography, English
I am looking for a tutor (or tutors) for my son who is currently in Year 11 and studying for the IB. I am particularly interested in tutors who are familiar with the IB curriculum for Biology (SL), Geography (HL), Language and Literature (HL) and Maths (SL).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Maths, Homework, dyslexia Paul Sydney Gold Coast 31-Oct-2017 19-Oct-2017

Maths, Homework, dyslexia Tutor Wanted in Gold Coast

Maths, Homework, dyslexia Tutor Wanted

Paul S
Sydney, Gold Coast
Maths, Homework, dyslexia
Are you a retired primary school teacher looking for a tutoring opportunity? Seeking an engaging tutor to assist a 10-year old that is in year 5. Must be available three times a week to pick up from school, drive to pupil's home for lessons focusing on math skills and general homework assistance. The location will be the Isle of Capri and Tallebudgera Valley so reliable transportation is a must. Preference to female retired primary school teacher with experience dealing with kids that have dyslexia.
19-Oct-2017  (updated on 31-Oct-2017)
Physics & Maths Paula Northern suburbs Brisbane 14-Nov-2017 14-Nov-2017

Physics & Maths Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Physics & Maths Tutor Wanted

Paula T
Northern suburbs, Brisbane
Physics & Maths
Looking for a tutor to do a refresher course in physics & maths for a pilot cadetship application process. Tutor would need to know what the requirements are for a pilot & what needs to be studied for this process. Need to find someone who would be available for 1 - 2 days before 25 November.
Science Yathasha Canberra Canberra 09-Nov-2017 09-Nov-2017

Science Tutor Wanted in Canberra

Science Tutor Wanted

Yathasha D
Canberra, Canberra
Engaging tutor
Statistics Chelsea Sutherland Shire Sydney 10-Nov-2017 10-Nov-2017

Statistics Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Statistics Tutor Wanted

Chelsea T
Sutherland Shire, Sydney

I am seeking help for my statistics end of course exam on 24 November. I am doing a TPC course at TAFE for university entry in 2018.

These are the topics within the test:

Hypothesis testing
Confidence Intervals
Sampling Distributions
Normal Approximations to the Binomial
Binomial Distributions
Normal Distributions
Continuity Correction

I am struggling with Hypothesis testing and Normal Approximations to the Binomial. Can you please help me?

Please contact me ASAP as I only have 2 weeks before exams.


Thank you

Kind Regards,
Web Lala SY Melbourne 23-Oct-2017 23-Oct-2017

Web Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Web Tutor Wanted

Lala K
SY, Melbourne
Web WebWebWebWebWebWebWeb WebWeb

Organisations seeking to employ Tutors

Subject Suburb Student Region Updated Listed
Any Primary School and/or Juku Tutoring Any Melbourne Subjec Melbourne 17-Nov-2017 30-Mar-2015

Juku Tutoring is recruiting tutors for their organisation

Juku Tutoring j
Any Melbourne Subject, Melbourne
Any Primary School and/or High School Subject
Hi there,

We are looking for keen and motivated Melbourne tutors who are willing to tutor Juku
Tutoring students at our students homes in Melbourne.

We have fantastic tutors who love tutoring students at Juku Tutoring. All of our tutors
love seeing their students improve and enjoy building relationships not only with
students but with other Juku Tutors as well. We are an exclusive group of talented
individuals and we are always looking for more team members. It would be
great if you could fill in the 'Tutor Application Form' on our website
( as soon as possible so we can
you to our fantastic team as quickly as possible.

We call our tutors �Superstars' because they are.

Most of our Superstars have attained an ATAR score of 99+ and have received 40+
the subjects they tutor. These Superstars include past school captains, dux�s of their
schools, lecturers, school teachers and premier award winners. All of our Superstars
have also received numerous non-academic awards.

We tutor students from Prep all the way to Year 12, in all school subjects.

Please fill in the Tutor Application Form on our website!


Tutor Application Form:

Successful applicants will progress to the interview stages.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you kindly,

The Juku Team
30-Mar-2015  (updated on 17-Nov-2017)
Biology Maheshwar Mumbai Online 08-Nov-2017 08-Nov-2017

Maheshwar is recruiting tutors for their organisation

Maheshwar P
Mumbai, Online
I have number of clients who r interested in taking online tuition So pls co operate to move farward.
English Literature maths Johny Dorset Melbourne 02-Nov-2017 02-Nov-2017

Johny is recruiting tutors for their organisation

Johny C
Dorset, Melbourne
English Literature maths computer etc
dont fuck with me if you are realy interested then contect me
Year 8 all-rounder Jen Cleveland, Alexandra Brisbane 31-Oct-2017 30-Sep-2014

Jen is recruiting tutors for their organisation

Jen S
1800 488 867
Cleveland, Alexandra Hills, Brisbane
Year 8 all-rounder
We're looking for active tutors to assist us in our Bayside suburbs to start immediately.

If you have a blue card, a great academic record, experience tutoring, and have your own transport, we want to hear from you, now! Please call 1800 488 867 to discuss joining our team and starting work straight away.
30-Sep-2014  (updated on 31-Oct-2017)
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