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Subject Student Suburb Region Updated Listed
A Level Maths, English, P Elizabeth Kensington Sydney 22-Jul-2017 22-Jul-2017

A Level Maths, English, Psychology Tutor Wanted in Sydney

A Level Maths, English, Psychology Tutor Wanted

Elizabeth C
Kensington, Sydney
A Level Maths, English, Psychology
Hi I am currently studying A Level Mathmatics, English and Psychology via online learning.
I plan to sit my exams May/June 2018.
I am looking for assistance in getting through my course and preparing for my exams.
Please contact me if you feel you could help.
I am looking for face to face not online please.
Thank you.
Accounting, company accou Chris Glenmore Park Sydney 28-Jun-2017 28-Jun-2017

Accounting, company accounting, excel Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Accounting, company accounting, excel Tutor Wanted

Chris C
Glenmore Park, Sydney
Accounting, company accounting, excel
I am currently studying diploma of accounting, need help with company accounting module and intermediate excel.
Accounting, Economics, Le Dianne Canterbury Melbourne 27-Jun-2017 27-Jun-2017

Accounting, Economics, Legal Studies Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Accounting, Economics, Legal Studies Tutor Wanted

Dianne H
Canterbury, Melbourne
Accounting, Economics, Legal Studies
Hi, I would like to get tutor for my son in Year 11 with two of these subjects, 3 would be great!
We would be looking at an hour a week with one subject that my son needs help in that week depending on homework, tests/exams......
If I can't answer my phone please leave a message or call 0413279912 and my husband Tim can take it.
Thanks Dianne
All Subjects Padma India Ipswich 11-Jul-2017 11-Jul-2017

All Subjects Tutor Wanted in Ipswich

All Subjects Tutor Wanted

Padma Y
India, Ipswich
All Subjects
Dear All

We are providing private tutions for all students..

call us for more details
Australia Migration Law Sea Ultimo Sydney 02-Jul-2017 02-Jul-2017

Australia Migration Law Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Australia Migration Law Tutor Wanted

Sea C
Ultimo, Sydney
Australia Migration Law
I am studying Migration law, and need a tutor specialized in this area, especially in refugee proceedings.
Chemistry, biology Hannah Crowsnest or within Sydney 24-Jul-2017 24-Jul-2017

Chemistry, biology Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Chemistry, biology Tutor Wanted

Hannah F
Crowsnest or within 5km, Sydney
Chemistry, biology

I am looking for a tutor for Chemistry and a bit of biology. I have just started a bachelor of health science - nutritional and dietetic medicine so I will need someone who is happy to work along similar lines.
Please feel free to contact me asap.

Thanks in advance,
Chemistry, physics Erin Blacktown, parramata Sydney 12-Jul-2017 12-Jul-2017

Chemistry, physics Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Chemistry, physics Tutor Wanted

Erin S
Blacktown, parramata, Sydney
Chemistry, physics
Im in year 11, female. I'm really struggling to understand the concepts for physics and chem, (if anyone can help me for both it would be really great, or any of those two). I'm just stressing so much and feel so overwhelmed... I'm really desperate/ in a hurry for a tutor. My parents are not allowing me to have any except for one (maths) so I need to pay for myself... and i would appreciate it if the price is below 60! ( I could negotiate tho). Please contact me for any questions
Electrical maths Tim Kiama NSW South Coast 03-Jul-2017 03-Jul-2017

Electrical maths Tutor Wanted in NSW South Coast

Electrical maths Tutor Wanted

Tim K
Kiama, NSW South Coast
Electrical maths
After a maths tutor to help with my electrical maths .im a second year electrical apprentice needing some help. 0499303743
Engineering Jaf Wattle Grove Perth 07-Jul-2017 07-Jul-2017

Engineering Tutor Wanted in Perth

Engineering Tutor Wanted

Jaf I
Wattle Grove, Perth
I am uni student and I need help with a unit called Environmental and Process Risk Management.
Unit Content:
"Application of risk control measures to drive risks to ALARP.
"Approaches to risk treatment in the process industries: role of reliability, redundancy, defence in depth, safety instrumented systems and emergency response.
"Environmental impact statements (EIS), their utility and construction.
"Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) and its application to simple systems.
"Risk acceptance criteria and their application in decision making.
"Risk management methodologies (e.g. AS31000) that include hazard identification, consequence and frequency analysis, risk analysis and assessment.
"Risk treatment and the risk reduction hierarchy, and the concept of ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Possible).
"The societal and industrial context of risk management. Why risk is important and the associated legislative and regulatory frameworks currently in place. The dimensions of risk.
Use of hazard identification methodologies such as HAZOP, FMEA or Concept Hazard Analysis.
"Use of modelling in consequence analysis applied to fire, explosion, toxic releases and their impact on vulnerable resources, via vulnerability models.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
English Cabby Corio norlane Geelong 29-Jun-2017 29-Jun-2017

English Tutor Wanted in Geelong

English Tutor Wanted

Cabby B
Corio norlane, Geelong
Hi my son is in year 8 and desperately needs help with his writing. I have just received his report and he is very behind. I have tried helping him myself at home but this has not worked and I feel he is not getting the help he needs at school. If you feel you can help him please let me know.
English Cass 2000 Sydney 29-Jun-2017 29-Jun-2017

English Tutor Wanted in Sydney

English Tutor Wanted

Cass C
2000, Sydney
Looking for English tutor in business area/Ielts
English Manchun Greenwich Sydney 04-Jul-2017 03-Jul-2017

English Tutor Wanted in Sydney

English Tutor Wanted

Manchun L
Greenwich, Sydney
We are from Hong Kong, I want to find a private tutor for my kids, age 14, 11 and 9. To build up their confidence in using English, skill of listening and speaking. They will start to study in Australia next year.
I expect the tutor is patient and experienced to teach kids (at beginner level). And tutor could tailor made the teaching syllabus for my kids.
The period is from 19 Jul to 18 Aug. Two or three times per week.
03-Jul-2017  (updated on 04-Jul-2017)
English Khalid Wollongong DC 2500 Wollongong 12-Jul-2017 12-Jul-2017

English Tutor Wanted in Wollongong

English Tutor Wanted

Khalid A
Wollongong DC 2500, Wollongong
I need teacher to tech writing and reading
English Marlene Little Bay Sydney 24-Jul-2017 18-Jul-2015

English Tutor Wanted in Sydney

English Tutor Wanted

Marlene S
Little Bay, Sydney
English tutor for year 10 student required at home im Little Bay.

Kind contact if interested.
18-Jul-2015  (updated on 24-Jul-2017)
English ,math, social stu Alicia Woodroffe Darwin 24-Jul-2017 24-Jul-2017

English ,math, social studies, science. Tutor Wanted in Darwin

English ,math, social studies, science. Tutor Wanted

Alicia C
Woodroffe, Darwin
English ,math, social studies, science.
I am currently looking for a tutor once a week for my 13 year old son helping him with his home work and unfinished school work.
English Humanities Creati Julieann Peppermint Grove Perth 29-Jun-2017 28-Jun-2017

English Humanities Creative Writing Tutor Wanted in Perth

English Humanities Creative Writing Tutor Wanted

Julieann L
Peppermint Grove, Perth
English Humanities Creative Writing
I am seeking a former Scotch College Boy doing Medicine or Law to tutor my year 8 son who attends Scotch College (13 years). You need to be aware of the Scotch College Style of education. Be able to plan and write essays.
We are in Peppermint Grove - 2-3 hours a week. Can be more.
Regards Julieann
28-Jun-2017  (updated on 29-Jun-2017)
English Literature, Engli Liz Garran Canberra 23-Jul-2017 20-Jul-2017

English Literature, English, maths, history Tutor Wanted in Canberra

English Literature, English, maths, history Tutor Wanted

Liz H
Garran, Canberra
English Literature, English, maths, history
Need female tutor one afternoon/evening per week for any of the subjects listed that need help. In our home. Also needs help with planning and scaffolding of tasks. Year 11 student.
20-Jul-2017  (updated on 23-Jul-2017)
English Maths Leah Lara 3212 Geelong 18-Jul-2017 19-May-2017

English Maths Tutor Wanted in Geelong

English Maths Tutor Wanted

Leah T
Lara 3212, Geelong
English Maths
I need an optimistic but directive person to tutor my two sons (grade 3 & year 10) in English & Maths.
19-May-2017  (updated on 18-Jul-2017)
English, maths Josie Concord Sydney 20-Jul-2017 20-Jul-2017

English, maths Tutor Wanted in Sydney

English, maths Tutor Wanted

Josie I
Concord, Sydney
English, maths
I am looking for a tutor who caters for special needs students. My child is in high school but functioning academically at a primary school level. Female tutor wanted to start ASAP.
English, Maths, Biology, JI ANNANDALE Sydney 14-Jul-2017 14-Jul-2017

English, Maths, Biology, Germany Tutor Wanted in Sydney

English, Maths, Biology, Germany Tutor Wanted

English, Maths, Biology, Germany
Home visit
English, Specialist Math, Sharon CBD Melbourne 25-Jun-2017 14-May-2017

English, Specialist Math, MM, Chem, Bio Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English, Specialist Math, MM, Chem, Bio Tutor Wanted

Sharon C
CBD, Melbourne
English, Specialist Math, MM, Chem, Bio
Preferable to have studied VCE and are free to do session in the state library on Saturday for 2 hours.
Best to know Chinese or Cantonese to explain difficult theories.
Thank you
14-May-2017  (updated on 25-Jun-2017)
English/maths Sarah Middle Park Melbourne 25-Jul-2017 25-Jul-2017

English/maths Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English/maths Tutor Wanted

Sarah M
Middle Park, Melbourne
Im looking for a tutor for my two children aged 10 and 13 they both need somebody who will challenge them but also make it interesting to keep there attention up. We have gone through many tutors and havent found the right fit yet. looking for somebody that will challenge and keep them motivated.If this sounds like you please email me.
ESL Hussein Penshrust Sydney 19-Jul-2017 19-Jul-2017

ESL Tutor Wanted in Sydney

ESL Tutor Wanted

Hussein A
Penshrust, Sydney
I need ESL teacher im in year 12
ESL,English Henry Monash University(Ca Melbourne 04-Jul-2017 04-Jul-2017

ESL,English Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

ESL,English Tutor Wanted

Henry C
Monash University(Caulfield), Melbourne
Hello, I am a postgraduate student at Monash University. My first language is Mandarin(Taiwan).
I am looking for a fun ESL tutor(preferably native speaker) to assist me in improving my communication skills.

Mainly, I would like to learn:
1. How to organise the explanation. An example would be explaining a project or a concept.

2. Discussion skills (giving opinion, agreeing and disagreeing, questioning in an appropriate style)

3. Listening (to understand Australian English better)

4. Common Australian Expressions / real life English

Price: 40/90mins
Place: Monash University Caulfield Campus

Please send me an email if you are interested.
Thank you for your time.

Essay writting Brad South east Melbourne 05-Jul-2017 05-Jul-2017

Essay writting Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Essay writting Tutor Wanted

Brad Z
South east, Melbourne
Essay writting
Assistance required from a committed and experienced teacher. I seek to gain skills and techniques required to enable me to write essays more efficiently and at a higher standard.
I seek a longer term arrangement with weekly sessions.
thank you
34 year old male
French Constantin Mascot, Internationa Sydney 21-Jul-2017 21-Jul-2017

French Tutor Wanted in Sydney

French Tutor Wanted

Constantin W
Mascot, International Airport, Sydney
Looking for a private tutor who can come out to my office once a week for two hours. I used to study french in school but that faded away. I'm interested in achieving a basic french level for small talk. Native speaker with experience in teaching would be preferred.
German Peter Moonee Ponds Melbourne 21-Jul-2017 21-Jul-2017

German Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

German Tutor Wanted

Peter P
Moonee Ponds, Melbourne
Hi there. My family is moving to Germany near end of 2017. I have two daughters - 6 and 8 years old. I would like to get them some structured German language instruction before we relocate, if possible. I am willing to pay $30 ph and would like the lessons to be held at our (comfortable) home. Will provide Kaffe und Kuche auch. ☺
Hindi Kelly Hobart Hobart 23-Jul-2017 23-Jul-2017

Hindi Tutor Wanted in Hobart

Hindi Tutor Wanted

Kelly C
Hobart, Hobart
I'm looking for affordable Hindi lessons. I'm in Hobart, I can travel a little bit out of town if I need to.
HL Maths HL Physic HL Che Vinay Toowong Brisbane 28-Jun-2017 14-Dec-2015

HL Maths HL Physic HL Chemistry Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

HL Maths HL Physic HL Chemistry Tutor Wanted

Vinay M
Toowong, Brisbane
HL Maths HL Physic HL Chemistry
I am looking for a tutor who can teach IB subjects. My son is in Yr 11 and he needs help in HL Maths HL Physics and HL Chemistry .We live in Toowong .If interested please email or call/text 0457684907
14-Dec-2015  (updated on 28-Jun-2017)
Javascript DIANE BELMONT Lake Macquarie 23-Jul-2017 23-Jul-2017

Javascript Tutor Wanted in Lake Macquarie

Javascript Tutor Wanted

BELMONT, Lake Macquarie
I am studying Javascript and having great difficulty and need a tutor
Math, english, science Ahlah Auburn Sydney 15-Jul-2017 15-Jul-2017

Math, english, science Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Math, english, science Tutor Wanted

Ahlah R
Auburn, Sydney
Math, english, science
Hi i need a tutor for math english and science for 2hrs. It would be best if u could visit my home. Student are in year 8 and year 10.
Maths Mahmoud Greystanes Sydney 26-Jun-2017 26-Jun-2017

Maths Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Maths Tutor Wanted

Mahmoud S
Greystanes, Sydney
Hey, I'm looking for a private tutor that teaches 2 unit maths & won't cost me a fortune
Maths Maria Bradbury Sydney 27-Jun-2017 27-Jun-2017

Maths Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Maths Tutor Wanted

Maria S
Bradbury, Sydney
Hello, I am mother of twin girls who are currently in Y3. I wish them to sit a test for OC next year and
looking for a comprehensive tutor (degree, policy checks and recommendations are essential) who can help. Perhaps tutor is required for 1 child only at the beginning as they are at different level.
We will move in Bradbury in Sep and need a tutor by then.
Please contact me if interested.
Maths Maddie Clarkson Perth 29-Jun-2017 29-Jun-2017

Maths Tutor Wanted in Perth

Maths Tutor Wanted

Maddie K
Clarkson, Perth
Maths for uni prep
Maths Daniela Dunlop Canberra 08-Jul-2017 08-Jul-2017

Maths Tutor Wanted in Canberra

Maths Tutor Wanted

Daniela A
0478 325 026
Dunlop, Canberra
I require a university student or high school student who does well in mathematics.
I wish to have tutor on Mondays for 1 hour from 4pm.
If this is you please contact us.
Maths Wendy Greystanes near parr Sydney 10-Jul-2017 10-Jul-2017

Maths Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Maths Tutor Wanted

Wendy S
Greystanes near parramatta in home only, Sydney
Yr 9 maths needs catch up and algebra basics
Maths General Year 12 Denise Bossley Park, Wether NSW Central Coast 09-Jul-2017 09-Jul-2017

Maths General Year 12 Tutor Wanted in NSW Central Coast

Maths General Year 12 Tutor Wanted

Denise L
Bossley Park, Wetherill Park, NSW Central Coast
Maths General Year 12
Require Female Tutor for Mathematics General for my daughter in Year 12. for 2 hours tutoring per week.
Maths, Biology, Human Bio Mia City Beach Perth 28-Jun-2017 28-Jun-2017

Maths, Biology, Human Biology, Physical Ed Studies Tutor Wanted in Perth

Maths, Biology, Human Biology, Physical Ed Studies Tutor Wanted

Mia C
City Beach, Perth
Maths, Biology, Human Biology, Physical Ed Studies
I am looking for practically a full time tutor for these July 2017 school holidays.
Maths, English Colleen Leeming Perth 24-Jun-2017 24-Jun-2017

Maths, English Tutor Wanted in Perth

Maths, English Tutor Wanted

Colleen R
Leeming, Perth
Maths, English

I am seeking a motivated numeracy (possible literacy) for my son who is in Year 2.

He has had a history of speech and language delays, and as such has had extensive intervention through private programs and tutors.

We currently work with an experienced DSF tutor for literacy needs during school hours, however need to extend his private tuition into numeracy, preferably outside of school hours.

We are keen to work with someone with experience with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia or Dyscalculia.

I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,

Maths, Science & English Warren Bywong Canberra 02-Jul-2017 02-Jul-2017

Maths, Science & English Tutor Wanted in Canberra

Maths, Science & English Tutor Wanted

Warren H
Bywong, Canberra
Maths, Science & English
Looking for a female educator with WWVP Card that can come weekly to assist my daughters with Maths, Science and English.... years 5 through 10

3 hours a week, negotiable rate due to travel and experience
Maths, Science, English Mackenzie (lees Torrens Canberra 04-Jul-2017 04-Jul-2017

Maths, Science, English Tutor Wanted in Canberra

Maths, Science, English Tutor Wanted

Mackenzie (leesa mum) S
Torrens, Canberra
Maths, Science, English
We need a tutor for our year 9 son, he has difficulty with some subjects noted above but generally needs help to develop strong study techniques across all subjects both for assignment work and exams. This includes assistance with time management. Thanks Leesa
Maths. physics. Chemistr Jenny Cbd Sydney 14-Jul-2017 13-Jul-2017

Maths. physics. Chemistry Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Maths. physics. Chemistry Tutor Wanted

Jenny W
Cbd, Sydney
Maths. physics. Chemistry
Yr 11-12 hsc tutor for Chem phys maths and umat
13-Jul-2017  (updated on 14-Jul-2017)
Nursing Mimi Chermside Brisbane 15-Jul-2017 03-Jul-2017

Nursing Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Nursing Tutor Wanted

Mimi S
Chermside, Brisbane
Nursing assignment and tutoring
03-Jul-2017  (updated on 15-Jul-2017)
Nursing Vanessa Brisbane Brisbane 23-Jul-2017 23-Jul-2017

Nursing Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Nursing Tutor Wanted

Vanessa K
Brisbane, Brisbane
I need someone to help with my nursing assignment
Pharmacology Muni 4122 Brisbane 07-Jul-2017 07-Jul-2017

Pharmacology Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Pharmacology Tutor Wanted

Muni L
4122, Brisbane
Need tutor for third year pharmacologist student in the QUT
Philosophy Jacinta Berkeley vale NSW Central Coast 27-Jun-2017 27-Jun-2017

Philosophy Tutor Wanted in NSW Central Coast

Philosophy Tutor Wanted

Jacinta B
Berkeley vale, NSW Central Coast
I need a tutor that is able to meet up 1-2 times each week to assist me with editing my philosophy work. I am doing it online and while I understand the philosophical concepts very easily, I have trouble expressing my thoughts coherently. I went to a Steiner high school so I'm very used to passionate teachers that I consider to be my friend.
Physics Year 12 Du Sunnybank Hills Brisbane 13-Jul-2017 12-Jul-2017

Physics Year 12 Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Physics Year 12 Tutor Wanted

Du T
Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane
Physics Year 12
Looking for female tutors.
12-Jul-2017  (updated on 13-Jul-2017)
Portfolio Management Fahd Melbourne Melbourne 13-Jul-2017 13-Jul-2017

Portfolio Management Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Portfolio Management Tutor Wanted

Fahd A
Melbourne, Melbourne
Portfolio Management
I am looking for someone who can help me with Portfolio Management subject master level.
Primary school grade 4 Pinar Geelong Geelong 09-Jul-2017 08-Jul-2017

Primary school grade 4 Tutor Wanted in Geelong

Primary school grade 4 Tutor Wanted

Pinar Z
Geelong, Geelong
Primary school grade 4
After tutoring for my son. Will need to come to him after 4pm. Looking to pay $25 _ $30 for 45mins twice a week. Primary school in grade 4. English maths reading

Happy to discuss
08-Jul-2017  (updated on 09-Jul-2017)
Python language Deh Ah CBD Melbourne 03-Jul-2017 25-May-2017

Python language Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Python language Tutor Wanted

Deh Ah D
CBD, Melbourne
Python language
I need some help in writing a script on python if anyone can help me plz contact me.
25-May-2017  (updated on 03-Jul-2017)
Quatitative analysis Family Wakerley Brisbane 30-Jun-2017 30-Jun-2017

Quatitative analysis Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Quatitative analysis Tutor Wanted

Family S
Wakerley, Brisbane
Quatitative analysis
Looking for a tutor to prepare 1st year uni student for a quantative analysis (maths) exam in two weeks.
Residential Building cour Adam Gold Coast Gold Coast 11-Jul-2017 11-Jul-2017

Residential Building course Tutor Wanted in Gold Coast

Residential Building course Tutor Wanted

Adam C
Gold Coast, Gold Coast
Residential Building course
Hi need tutor for Residential building course. Only for things I get Stuck with.Should be real easy work for you to do in spare time. Willing to pay Hourly rate of $30 to $50 per hour or what ever works best for you. I can come to you or you can come to me. I am located in Gold Coast but willing to travel. Cash is King of course.
Selective School Home Tut Sally Cromer Sydney 29-Jun-2017 29-Jun-2017

Selective School Home Tutoring Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Selective School Home Tutoring Tutor Wanted

Sally J
Cromer, Sydney
Selective School Home Tutoring
Selective School Home Tutoring
Specialist maths units 1/ Semhal TAYLORS LAKES Melbourne 21-Jul-2017 19-Jul-2017

Specialist maths units 1/2 Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Specialist maths units 1/2 Tutor Wanted

Semhal H
Specialist maths units 1/2
Im looking for a tutor who is able to travel to my house in taylors lakes, or i can travel to areas/suburbs close by to taylors lakes. Looking for a max price of 60-70 for a group of 2. Please message me if you are able to tutor me and my friend.
19-Jul-2017  (updated on 21-Jul-2017)
Statistics - STA2300 Data Steve SW - OXLEY Brisbane 02-Jul-2017 02-Jul-2017

Statistics - STA2300 Data Analysis Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Statistics - STA2300 Data Analysis Tutor Wanted

Steve Z
SW - OXLEY, Brisbane
Statistics - STA2300 Data Analysis

I am looking for a tutor to check in with from this month for about and hour a week to keep me on track with Data Analysis interested? Do you know someone who may be?

I'm Steve 0414 894 923 - Oxley

VCE BIOLOGY Danyel Broadmeadows Melbourne 24-Jul-2017 24-Jul-2017

VCE BIOLOGY Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

VCE BIOLOGY Tutor Wanted

Danyel K
Broadmeadows, Melbourne
I am Danyel and I am currently a year 10 student studying VCE Biology. I would like some assistance with approaching and answering questions and gain a better understanding of the topics studied at school. I also have a SAC coming up next week. At the moment we are learning about Mitosis and Meiosis.

VCE English, VCE Math Michael Hadfield Melbourne 18-Jul-2017 18-Jul-2017

VCE English, VCE Math Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

VCE English, VCE Math Tutor Wanted

Michael H
Hadfield, Melbourne
VCE English, VCE Math
Please message me with availability and cost per hour. Needing to start tutoring ASAP. Thank you. Kylie
Year 11 Biology Alice Caringbah Sydney 20-Jul-2017 20-Jul-2017

Year 11 Biology Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Year 11 Biology Tutor Wanted

Alice M
Caringbah, Sydney
Year 11 Biology
Hi, I'm a year 11 student who is interested in finding a biology tutor. I'd prefer it if you could tutor within the Sutherland Shire area and have knowledge and experience in tutoring preliminary and HSC biology/syllabus. Please send me an email with some information about yourself and your rates if you are interested. Thank you!

Organisations seeking to employ Tutors

Subject Suburb Student Region Updated Listed
Any Primary School and/or Juku Tutoring Any Melbourne Subjec Melbourne 23-Jul-2017 30-Mar-2015

Juku Tutoring is recruiting tutors for their organisation

Juku Tutoring j
Any Melbourne Subject, Melbourne
Any Primary School and/or High School Subject
Hi there,

We are looking for keen and motivated Melbourne tutors who are willing to tutor Juku
Tutoring students at our students homes in Melbourne.

We have fantastic tutors who love tutoring students at Juku Tutoring. All of our tutors
love seeing their students improve and enjoy building relationships not only with
students but with other Juku Tutors as well. We are an exclusive group of talented
individuals and we are always looking for more team members. It would be
great if you could fill in the 'Tutor Application Form' on our website
( as soon as possible so we can
you to our fantastic team as quickly as possible.

We call our tutors �Superstars' because they are.

Most of our Superstars have attained an ATAR score of 99+ and have received 40+
the subjects they tutor. These Superstars include past school captains, dux�s of their
schools, lecturers, school teachers and premier award winners. All of our Superstars
have also received numerous non-academic awards.

We tutor students from Prep all the way to Year 12, in all school subjects.

Please fill in the Tutor Application Form on our website!


Tutor Application Form:

Successful applicants will progress to the interview stages.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you kindly,

The Juku Team
30-Mar-2015  (updated on 23-Jul-2017)
English CK Coaching St Albans Melbourne 14-Jul-2017 14-Jul-2017

CK Coaching is recruiting tutors for their organisation

CK Coaching G
St Albans, Melbourne
Dear prospective tutors,
We are looking for a qualified EAL trainer who could speak Vietnamese and be available to work in the evenings. Please email us if you are interested for further discussion. Thank you.
English, English Literatu Darren Brighton, Sandringha Melbourne 11-Jul-2017 11-Jul-2017

Darren is recruiting tutors for their organisation

Darren S
0432 742 406
Brighton, Sandringham, Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne
English, English Literature
Leading Tutors is looking for organised and approachable teachers to tutor Secondary English within the Bayside and Mornington Peninsula areas.

Our tutors mainly work outside of school hours, travel no further than 20 minutes to the client's home or a library location, and commit to a minimum of 3 hours' tuition each week.

Tutors should have:
1.VIT Registration or be in the process of obtaining it
2.A current Working with Children Check or the capacity to obtain one.
3.Have the right to work in Australia
4.Possess Australian recognised university qualifications or the overseas equivalent
5.Have a Current Drivers Licence and reliable vehicle
Geography, English Matthew Blacktown Sydney 28-Jun-2017 26-Mar-2017

Matthew is recruiting tutors for their organisation

Matthew D
Blacktown, Sydney
Geography, English
I am a human resource manager from the Australian tutoring academy and i would like to hire qualified tutors of geography and English. If you are interested please send me your CV and written qualifications. Thank you
26-Mar-2017  (updated on 28-Jun-2017)
HSC English, Maths, Physi Krystal NSW and Sydney Wide Online 26-Jun-2017 26-Jun-2017

Krystal is recruiting tutors for their organisation

Krystal K
(02) 9758 4217
NSW and Sydney Wide, Online
HSC English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Are you an experienced, passionate and high achieving tutor who gets a kick out of seeing your students succeed?

Tutornova is a new startup in the online tutoring space and Australia's first exclusively online private HSC mentoring service.
We're on the lookout for a select group of first class tutors to join our fun, friendly team of Tutornova HSC Mentors.

Why become a Tutornova HSC Mentor?

With Tutornova, you have the freedom and flexibility to control when, where and how you teach.

✓ Attract and mentor new students
✓ Competitive hourly rates
✓ Flexible schedules – choose your own hours
✓ We find you students
✓ We look after admin, marketing, customer billing, scheduling and student support
✓ No monthly fees to become a tutor with us
✓ Open, collaborative and friendly management team
✓ State-of-the-art online learning platform provided
✓ Make a meaningful impact helping students achieve their full potential

Duties & responsibilities:

✓ Teaching regular weekly 1:1 online lessons via video conference
✓ Creating personalised study plans and keeping students accountable
✓ Tailoring each lesson to the student’s individual needs
✓ Helping students plan, structure and improve on their assessments
✓ Proactively guiding students to fill in any other ‘gaps’ in learning
✓ Weekly follow-up and marking of homework
✓ Ongoing monitoring of student progress and updating our Support Team
✓ Providing high quality learning resources, sample Band 6 responses, homework and practice exam papers
✓ Opportunity to create educational resources and content for Tutornova

The successful candidate will be available to commit to consistent weekly lesson times on an ongoing basis. Lessons are typically held on weekday afternoons and weekends.

Skills & Experience:

✓ Attained a highly competitive ATAR (UAI or equivalent)
✓ Strong HSC achievements
✓ Prior tutoring experience – group or one-or-one
✓ Degree qualified or currently completing a degree in related discipline
✓ Qualified HSC teachers and HSC exam markers highly regarded
✓ Industry veterans,university lecturers and PHD qualified applicants highly regarded
✓ Be an exceptional speaker and communicator
✓ Passionate about teaching and genuinely care about your students
✓ You’re proactive, creative and have loads of enthusiasm
✓ You’re confident using digital technology
✓ You’re ultra organised and care about fine details
✓ Ongoing commitment as a tutor
✓ Current Working With Children Check

To apply, visit:

Successful applicants will be contacted for next stage interview rounds.

Limited places available. Applications close 10th July 2017.
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