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Subject Student Suburb Region Updated Listed
Academic English , Anatom Thiha Murdoch Melbourne 08-May-2017 08-May-2017

Academic English , Anatomy&Physicology Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Academic English , Anatomy&Physicology Tutor Wanted

Thiha T
Murdoch, Melbourne
Academic English , Anatomy&Physicology
I am looking for a tutor for English, Anatomy&Physicology.
I would like to start next month(June,2017)
Only Tuesday or Wednesday.
Please contact to my email.(
2 times
Adobe illustrator Cale East Vic park Perth 02-May-2017 02-May-2017

Adobe illustrator Tutor Wanted in Perth

Adobe illustrator Tutor Wanted

Cale H
East Vic park, Perth
Adobe illustrator
I'm after someone to walk me through illustrator. I'm making the switch from ink to digital and the online tuts aren't as help as I'd hoped.

Look forward to your reply.
4 times
Adv mathematics (2U) Tanzina Glenfield Sydney 09-May-2017 09-May-2017

Adv mathematics (2U) Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Adv mathematics (2U) Tutor Wanted

Tanzina B
Glenfield, Sydney
Adv mathematics (2U)
Looking for a math tutor who can help me with adv math (2U) content, generally need help with school work, as well as assign me extra work to be ahead of the class.
0 times
Business Analytics 1st Ye Lesley Wantirna South Melbourne 01-May-2017 01-May-2017

Business Analytics 1st Year Uni Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Business Analytics 1st Year Uni Tutor Wanted

Lesley W
Wantirna South, Melbourne
Business Analytics 1st Year Uni
Daughter completing 1st year business analytics at Latrobe Uni - Bachelor of Business
2 times
Business Studies Omar CBD Melbourne 23-Apr-2017 23-Apr-2017

Business Studies Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Business Studies Tutor Wanted

Omar A
CBD, Melbourne
Business Studies
I need someone who's an expert in Capsim
4 times
Business Studies Tracy Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast 22-May-2017 22-May-2017

Business Studies Tutor Wanted in Sunshine Coast

Business Studies Tutor Wanted

Tracy W
Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast
Business Studies
Looking for a weekly tutor for my daughter.
She is studying a business management diploma
0 times
Chemistry Jinghao Glen Waverley Melbourne 09-May-2017 09-May-2017

Chemistry Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Chemistry Tutor Wanted

Jinghao G
Glen Waverley, Melbourne
I am looking a chemistry tutor to coach my son ANCQ
5 times
Chemistry, Physics Makeelie Bendigo Melbourne 20-May-2017 20-May-2017

Chemistry, Physics Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Chemistry, Physics Tutor Wanted

Makeelie D
Bendigo, Melbourne
Chemistry, Physics
Needing a tutor to go through content in these subjects.
0 times
Discrete mathematics Muhammad MERRYLANDS Sydney 11-May-2017 11-May-2017

Discrete mathematics Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Discrete mathematics Tutor Wanted

Muhammad K
Discrete mathematics
I am a university student and currently studying discrete maths 237 as it is a compulsory subject for which I am a undergraduate student majoring in computer science. I need help because I am having difficulty. Also I have average maths skills. Thanks.
4 times
Dissertation writing Preite Benowa Gold Coast 24-Apr-2017 24-Apr-2017

Dissertation writing Tutor Wanted in Gold Coast

Dissertation writing Tutor Wanted

Preite S
Benowa, Gold Coast
Dissertation writing

I am looking for someone with a postgraduate qualification and above who has experience in writing dissertations. I am enrolled in my last year of Master of Public Health and require a weekly tutor who can assist me in the steps of research, bounce ideas off, write a good topic question, set weekly goals in terms of writing etc. I do have a supervisor however I am looking for someone extra on the side to help me.

I am doing it part time hence have till approximately November to submit this. This potentially can be turned into a research report and I am willing to offer the person helping assisting author credits in the paper.

Please contact me only if you have experience in dissertation writing and are postgrad and above.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting and working with you.
3 times
Economics Afzala Auburn Sydney 10-May-2017 15-Mar-2017

Economics Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Economics Tutor Wanted

Afzala N
Auburn, Sydney
Hi im looking for economic and legal studies tutor for yr12 and yr11 students. Please email me if you can tutor on Wednesday and rate of 40/hr. Thanks
166 times
15-Mar-2017  (updated on 10-May-2017)
Einglish Haider 341 woodvillle RD gu Sydney 25-Apr-2017 25-Apr-2017

Einglish Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Einglish Tutor Wanted

Haider M
341 woodvillle RD guildford NSW 2161, Sydney
I need a Tutor very fast please
3 times
Electrical Engineering Mr.X Sydney CBD Sydney 02-May-2017 02-May-2017

Electrical Engineering Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Electrical Engineering Tutor Wanted

Mr.X M
Sydney CBD, Sydney
Electrical Engineering
I'm looking for an Electrical Engineering tutor for a Power Subject (Power System Analysis and Design).
2 times
Electrotechnology Colby Wurtulla Sunshine Coast 07-May-2017 07-May-2017

Electrotechnology Tutor Wanted in Sunshine Coast

Electrotechnology Tutor Wanted

Colby G
Wurtulla, Sunshine Coast
Need some helping to get through my tafe blocks please and thank you.
1 times
Electrotechnology tafe Mark Campbelltown Sydney 24-Apr-2017 24-Apr-2017

Electrotechnology tafe Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Electrotechnology tafe Tutor Wanted

Mark D
Campbelltown, Sydney
Electrotechnology tafe
I'm an apprentice electrician and need help with TAFE electrotechnology course. Need to catch up on some test i did not pass for and need a tutor ASAP. I want to pass them so I can continue and pass my corse to become fully qualified.
Thanks, Mark.
5 times
English Dev 3064 Melbourne 10-May-2017 10-May-2017

English Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English Tutor Wanted

Dev J
3064, Melbourne
I would like to improve my english knowledge. Anyone can help me?
1 times
English Dimar Gordon Sydney 14-May-2017 14-May-2017

English Tutor Wanted in Sydney

English Tutor Wanted

Dimar L
Gordon, Sydney
Seeking a tutor for a Yr 11 Advanced English student for each Tuesday morning. Preferably a tutor who has a lot of experience and able to visit in Gordon from 9:30am.
2 times
English and Maths Rosie Castle Hill NSW Central Coast 24-Apr-2017 24-Aug-2015

English and Maths Tutor Wanted in NSW Central Coast

English and Maths Tutor Wanted

Rosie X
Castle Hill, NSW Central Coast
English and Maths
Looking for a tutor for a Yr 7 student for both Maths and English. Preferably a tutor who has alot of experience and able to do home visits within the Hills Area Don't hesitate to email to ask any questions! Thank you
873 times
24-Aug-2015  (updated on 24-Apr-2017)
English Language, Philoso Claire Surrey Hills Melbourne 24-Apr-2017 24-Apr-2017

English Language, Philosophy, Psychology Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English Language, Philosophy, Psychology Tutor Wanted

Claire D
Surrey Hills, Melbourne
English Language, Philosophy, Psychology
I ideally would like a single tutor who can assist with Eng Language, Philosophy and Psychology. If not 3 separate tutors are fine.
2 times
English Maths Leah Lara 3212 Geelong 23-May-2017 19-May-2017

English Maths Tutor Wanted in Geelong

English Maths Tutor Wanted

Leah T
Lara 3212, Geelong
English Maths
I need an optimistic but directive person to tutor my two sons (grade 3 & year 10) in English & Maths.
0 times
19-May-2017  (updated on 23-May-2017)
English year 11 , History Lorita Penrith Sydney 24-Apr-2017 18-Apr-2017

English year 11 , History Ancient Tutor Wanted in Sydney

English year 11 , History Ancient Tutor Wanted

Lorita M
Penrith, Sydney
English year 11 , History Ancient
I would prefer a female tutor for my daughter.
1 times
18-Apr-2017  (updated on 24-Apr-2017)
English, bussiness, envir Andrew Newcomb Geelong 08-May-2017 08-May-2017

English, bussiness, environmental science Tutor Wanted in Geelong

English, bussiness, environmental science Tutor Wanted

Andrew M
Newcomb, Geelong
English, bussiness, environmental science
Hi, I need a weekly tutor to help me with my Vce .
0 times
English, Mathematics Adva Diren Newtown Sydney 08-May-2017 08-May-2017

English, Mathematics Advanced, Economics Tutor Wanted in Sydney

English, Mathematics Advanced, Economics Tutor Wanted

Diren G
Newtown, Sydney
English, Mathematics Advanced, Economics
Need a year 12 HSC tutor for trials / HSC for English, Maths (2U), Economics
Sydney CBD Area
0 times
English, Maths Kareesa Carbrook Brisbane 18-May-2017 18-May-2017

English, Maths Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

English, Maths Tutor Wanted

Kareesa L
Carbrook, Brisbane
English, Maths
I would like tutoring for my daughter (year 7) and son (year 5)
0 times
English, maths methods, p Zac Glenroy Melbourne 22-May-2017 22-May-2017

English, maths methods, physics Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English, maths methods, physics Tutor Wanted

Zac A
Glenroy, Melbourne
English, maths methods, physics
My son is keen to find a tutor that will help in in both English and maths.
4 times
English, Maths, History, Kaitlyn Kingborough Hobart 24-Apr-2017 24-Apr-2017

English, Maths, History, Beginner Mandarin Tutor Wanted in Hobart

English, Maths, History, Beginner Mandarin Tutor Wanted

Kaitlyn T
0476 273 562
Kingborough, Hobart
English, Maths, History, Beginner Mandarin
I am a year nine who would like to improve my Maths, English and History grades, and learn Mandarin. I am taking grade ten maths next semester, and doing History Accelerated, which is grade nine and ten history in one year. My preferred place of study is the Kingston LINC, and I am free any day of the week till 6pm.
3 times
English, Maths, Science Laela Rowville Melbourne 03-May-2017 03-May-2017

English, Maths, Science Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English, Maths, Science Tutor Wanted

Laela H
Rowville, Melbourne
English, Maths, Science
We need a tutor that can help with homework and teach new concepts. Preferably female. Please contact via email.
2 times
English, maths, Science Elizabeth Hervey bay Hervey Bay 07-May-2017 07-May-2017

English, maths, Science Tutor Wanted in Hervey Bay

English, maths, Science Tutor Wanted

Elizabeth O
Hervey bay, Hervey Bay
English, maths, Science
A tutor who can teach children of grade 3, 6, and 7.
Lessons after school and/or weekend.

Immediate start required
1 times
English,biology,maths Nicole Greenvale Melbourne 21-May-2017 21-May-2017

English,biology,maths Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English,biology,maths Tutor Wanted

Nicole G
Greenvale, Melbourne
Hello my name is Nicole and I am desperately searching for a tutor who specialises in English biology and maths for my daughter who is completing year 12 this year. Did have a tutor but she has recently been given internship and had to leave us. Please email if you are able to help.
0 times
English,ielts Songho Oxley Brisbane 01-May-2017 01-May-2017

English,ielts Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

English,ielts Tutor Wanted

Songho L
Oxley, Brisbane
I want to skii up for IELTS include speaking, writing.
2 times
Essay Writing Alice CBD Melbourne 13-May-2017 13-May-2017

Essay Writing Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Essay Writing Tutor Wanted

Alice G
CBD, Melbourne
Essay Writing
Hi, I am Alice, which is a foundation student in RMIT University. Because I never study the essay writing instruction before, needing a tutor to teach me about the essay knowledges. If you are good at essay teaching and are able to speak Madarin, Please contact me. Thank you!
0 times
Excel Tutor Mike Central Sydney 04-May-2017 04-May-2017

Excel Tutor Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Excel Tutor Tutor Wanted

Mike E
Central, Sydney
Excel Tutor

Hi there, I am a 37yr professional working for a large multinational and urgently need a 1-2-1 Tutor to improve my Excel skills. Having started a new role that is very analytical, it is critical that I improve my knowledge to fulfill my job requirements.

Need help in the following areas:
Pivot Tables
General Data Analtyics

2 times
German Craig Geelong Geelong 18-May-2017 15-May-2017

German Tutor Wanted in Geelong

German Tutor Wanted

Craig W
Geelong, Geelong
I'm looking for a tutor to teach me firstly the basics of German.
I'm 37 year old with no previous experience of learning a language but willing to put in time and effort.
2 times
15-May-2017  (updated on 18-May-2017)
IB Marissa Fig Tree Pocket Brisbane 21-May-2017 21-May-2017

IB Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

IB Tutor Wanted

Marissa S
Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane
My son is in Grade 11 doing the IB program - he needs help to do things the IB way and develop strategies to get through the IB successfully. The subjects he is doing are:
Maths Studies
Health Science (HSES)
English - this one seems to be the hardest to adjust to do essays the IB way
Business Management
Intro Spanish

Please contact me asap
1 times
Japanese Georgia 5108 Adelaide 01-May-2017 01-May-2017

Japanese Tutor Wanted in Adelaide

Japanese Tutor Wanted

Georgia K
5108, Adelaide
Hello, My name's Georgia

I'm a 14 year old girl in year 8 (highschool) and I'm very interested in Japan I'm also a beginner at Japanese (basically I know nothing).
I am looking for a Japanese tutor as I find it difficult to learn different languages online.
I am interested in learning Japanese as I want to become an English teacher in Japan.
I'm looking for private lessons with preferably a woman as I feel most comfortable with that, with the price about $20 - $25.
I would also feel more comfortable if the lessons were somewhere else besides my house as I'm also not comfortable learning near my family.
I know I'm being pretty stubborn sorry.

Thanks, Georgia <3
7 times
Japanese Ash Potts Point Sydney 03-May-2017 03-May-2017

Japanese Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Japanese Tutor Wanted

Ash D
Potts Point, Sydney
Hi, looking for a native Japanese tutor to teach me Japanese language. I am N4 level and would like to continue learning. I am looking for 1 lesson of 1.5 to 2 hours per week. Location, CBD or Potts Point area. Must be able to speak English too.
2 times
Mandarin as second langua Leena Ballarat Ballarat 11-May-2017 11-May-2017

Mandarin as second language Tutor Wanted in Ballarat

Mandarin as second language Tutor Wanted

Leena T
Ballarat, Ballarat
Mandarin as second language
Looking for a mandarin tutor for my son for VCE -mandarin as second language
0 times
Mathematics Extension 1 Ri Greater Western Sydn Sydney 21-Apr-2017 21-Apr-2017

Mathematics Extension 1 Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Mathematics Extension 1 Tutor Wanted

Ri S
0470 624 424
Greater Western Sydney, Sydney
Mathematics Extension 1
I am a Preliminary student undertaking the Mathematics Extension 1 course. I am seeking a patient and experienced tutor who can help me develop proficiency in areas entailed in the course as, so far, I've been struggling to keep in classes.
Ideally, I'd like a tutor who is female and able to come to the greater west, but am still open to other qualified tutors.
2 times
Maths Tizi Northcote Melbourne 30-Apr-2017 30-Apr-2017

Maths Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Maths Tutor Wanted

Tizi L
Northcote, Melbourne
Maths tutor once a week for year nine student
3 times
Maths Matt Geelong Melbourne 18-May-2017 18-May-2017

Maths Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Maths Tutor Wanted

Matt C
Geelong, Melbourne
Hi, I'm looking for a tutor to help me with the Maths part of the Victorian Police Entrance Exam. I need help solving questions a little quicker in the time allocated. Cheers Matt.
0 times
Maths and English Bella South Brisbane Brisbane 09-May-2017 09-May-2017

Maths and English Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Maths and English Tutor Wanted

Bella S
South Brisbane, Brisbane
Maths and English
We are looking for a primary maths tutor for our 11 year old/grade 6 daughter Bella. We are flexible with days and times. Tutor must be able to come to our home. Please call me if you are available and interested. Thanks! Tania Simpson
1 times
Maths Methods Isaac Tarneit Melbourne 01-May-2017 01-May-2017

Maths Methods Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Maths Methods Tutor Wanted

Isaac M
Tarneit, Melbourne
Maths Methods
In need of tutoring for Maths Methods, I want to achieve a high study score of 45.
3 times
Maths, Chemistry, Biology Sharon CBD Melbourne 14-May-2017 14-May-2017

Maths, Chemistry, Biology Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Maths, Chemistry, Biology Tutor Wanted

Sharon C
CBD, Melbourne
Maths, Chemistry, Biology
Year 11. Tutoring preferably in state library
0 times
Maths, History, Assignmen Sandra Ferny Hills Canberra 03-May-2017 03-May-2017

Maths, History, Assignments Tutor Wanted in Canberra

Maths, History, Assignments Tutor Wanted

Sandra N
Ferny Hills, Canberra
Maths, History, Assignments
Hi, I'm looking for a tutor for my son in Year 8. We need assistance in Maths, Englis, History and Assignments
2 times
Maths, Science, English Jo Cashmere/Strathpine Brisbane 18-May-2017 18-May-2017

Maths, Science, English Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Maths, Science, English Tutor Wanted

Jo E
Cashmere/Strathpine, Brisbane
Maths, Science, English
Year 7 student requires assistance. Would prefer to meet at strathpine library.
0 times
Maths,Physics Charles Any Perth 12-May-2017 12-May-2017

Maths,Physics Tutor Wanted in Perth

Maths,Physics Tutor Wanted

Charles S
Any, Perth
I am Undergraduate Student In Curtin And Currently Doing Maths 102 and Need help with Few topics Such as
Vector Equations
Para Equations
Finding Perpendicular or Parallel lines given 2 Points

First and Second Order Deferential and So on

I need Someone who can make me understand These Topics and More topics From my Maths Unit.

I am Looking for someone who know what they are teaching and how to make them understand and get better

Budget - $30- Per Hour.

Please Contact me if you can help.
0 times
Mechanical Faisal 3073 Melbourne 06-May-2017 06-May-2017

Mechanical Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Mechanical Tutor Wanted

Faisal A
3073, Melbourne
I study mechanical engineering, Master
1 times
Medicine Miran United emirate Townsville 15-May-2017 15-May-2017

Medicine Tutor Wanted in Townsville

Medicine Tutor Wanted

Miran S
United emirate, Townsville
My Wife was diagnosed with a cancer and MS has just been cured with the
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0 times
Need a PTE support Samir Online Online 28-Apr-2017 28-Apr-2017

Need a PTE support Tutor Wanted in Online

Need a PTE support Tutor Wanted

Samir A
Online, Online
Need a PTE support
I need support in my PTE exam, I am having problem in writing section and need essay editing.

Thanks a lot
3 times
Persian Sarah Elwood Melbourne 26-Apr-2017 25-Apr-2017

Persian Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Persian Tutor Wanted

Sarah C
Elwood, Melbourne
I am looking for a tutor who can provide beginner Farsi lessons on a regular basis to my partner and I. My partner has some prior experience of learning the language.
4 times
25-Apr-2017  (updated on 26-Apr-2017)
Physics Andrew Pymble Sydney 14-May-2017 14-May-2017

Physics Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Physics Tutor Wanted

Andrew P
Pymble, Sydney
I'm looking for a Physics tutor, home tuition, year 11 physics with likely year 12 needed.
We are in Pymble. Will need to be a week night.
0 times
Piano Allyson Red Hill Brisbane 21-Apr-2017 21-Apr-2017

Piano Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Piano Tutor Wanted

Allyson A
Red Hill, Brisbane
Our son, a mature 14 yr od, learnt in Japan and is upper intermediate. He isn't interested in recitals but has a strong knowledge and passion for playing. He needs a tutor to give him goals and some inspiration. We have a lovely Yamaha so if someone could come twice a month that would be wonderful.
4 times
Primary - literacy & nume Anja Bayside Melbourne 21-Apr-2017 21-Apr-2017

Primary - literacy & numeracy Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Primary - literacy & numeracy Tutor Wanted

Anja A
Bayside, Melbourne
Primary - literacy & numeracy
I'm looking for a tutor for my Grade 3 daughter who, due to a move from a European IB school 8 months ago plus the varying age cut offs in the different countries (meaning she missed half of Grade 2 here in Aus), is now slightly behind where she needs to be in literacy, also a little in numeracy. Her confidence is lacking a little as a result although she is willing to try. We will likely move back to the UK in the not too distant future, but again, due to being abroad for some years this will mean she will actually be behind again.....unless we help her now to catch up. There may also be some help required for my Grade 1 daughter at some stage.
Some after school times or evenings may work although likely weekends are best.
4 times
Primary English Elaine Carlingford Sydney 24-Apr-2017 23-Mar-2017

Primary English Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Primary English Tutor Wanted

Elaine H
Carlingford, Sydney
Primary English
I am looking for a private tutor for my daughter, 4 years old.

1, you must be native English speaker
2, prepare unique weekly study materials
3, be nice to kids and love to play with kids
4, outdoor activities are required if necessary
5, one class each week, can drive

You will be paid in hourly rate, will discuss in first trial class, thanks.
79 times
23-Mar-2017  (updated on 24-Apr-2017)
Psychology Skye Samsonvale Brisbane 10-May-2017 10-May-2017

Psychology Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Psychology Tutor Wanted

Skye N
Samsonvale, Brisbane

I'm a first year psychology student who is only studying one subject for two trimesters (Intro to psychology).
This is so I am able to undergo my masters in music therapy next year.
I would prefer someone who can travel to me, but I don't mind meeting up somewhere :)

Help with assessment and exams would be great.
0 times
Religion (2 unit) Pamela EARLWOOD Sydney 04-May-2017 04-May-2017

Religion (2 unit) Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Religion (2 unit) Tutor Wanted

Pamela K
Religion (2 unit)
I am looking for a Religion tutor, I am currently studying the Hinduism unit of my religion course and am looking for a tutor who can help me write my Hinduism Essay.
3 times
Secondary English, Biolog Sonya Bardon Brisbane 21-May-2017 21-May-2017

Secondary English, Biology, Maths A Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Secondary English, Biology, Maths A Tutor Wanted

Sonya M
Bardon, Brisbane
Secondary English, Biology, Maths A
Secondary tutor for Senior English. Could also help with Biology and Maths A. Experience with mild dyslexia. Could include some English writing and comprehension.
1 times
Strategic Marketing Hannah Brunswick/CBD Melbourne 27-Apr-2017 27-Apr-2017

Strategic Marketing Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Strategic Marketing Tutor Wanted

Hannah G
Brunswick/CBD, Melbourne
Strategic Marketing

I am currently studying Strategic Marketing at RMIT and am looking for a tutor who has previous experience with the Capsim simulation. Please contact me immediately if you can help! Thanks - Hannah (:
2 times
Tuition Kathy Reid Canberra 15-May-2017 15-May-2017

Tuition Tutor Wanted in Canberra

Tuition Tutor Wanted

Kathy A
Reid, Canberra
Private tuition needed for our 7 year old who can read above average level for age, but has difficulty with comprehension and inferential reading. The tutor needs to have experience in teaching young children.
Thank you.
1 times
VCE English Emily Glen Waverley Melbourne 21-May-2017 21-May-2017

VCE English Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

VCE English Tutor Wanted

Emily C
Glen Waverley, Melbourne
VCE English
Looking for tutor to teach my son VCE English and understanding well the subjects Mabo and Burial rites what he currently study. Please feel to contact me any times. Thanks
1 times
Year 12 General maths Mandy Rozelle Sydney 17-May-2017 19-Jan-2017

Year 12 General maths Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Year 12 General maths Tutor Wanted

Mandy N
Rozelle, Sydney
Year 12 General maths
Looking for a tutor - prefer a female & university student - to help with my year 12 daughter in General Maths. Flexible with time and meeting location - our home in Rozelle or local library.
890 times
19-Jan-2017  (updated on 17-May-2017)

Organisations seeking to employ Tutors

Subject Suburb Student Region Updated Listed
Any Primary School and/or Juku Tutoring Any Melbourne Subjec Melbourne 23-May-2017 30-Mar-2015

Juku Tutoring is recruiting tutors for their organisation

Juku Tutoring j
Any Melbourne Subject, Melbourne
Any Primary School and/or High School Subject
Hi there,

We are looking for keen and motivated Melbourne tutors who are willing to tutor Juku
Tutoring students at our students homes in Melbourne.

We have fantastic tutors who love tutoring students at Juku Tutoring. All of our tutors
love seeing their students improve and enjoy building relationships not only with
students but with other Juku Tutors as well. We are an exclusive group of talented
individuals and we are always looking for more team members. It would be
great if you could fill in the 'Tutor Application Form' on our website
( as soon as possible so we can
you to our fantastic team as quickly as possible.

We call our tutors �Superstars' because they are.

Most of our Superstars have attained an ATAR score of 99+ and have received 40+
the subjects they tutor. These Superstars include past school captains, dux�s of their
schools, lecturers, school teachers and premier award winners. All of our Superstars
have also received numerous non-academic awards.

We tutor students from Prep all the way to Year 12, in all school subjects.

Please fill in the Tutor Application Form on our website!


Tutor Application Form:

Successful applicants will progress to the interview stages.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you kindly,

The Juku Team
12328 times
30-Mar-2015  (updated on 23-May-2017)
English Matthew Sydney Sydney 08-May-2017 26-Mar-2017

Matthew is recruiting tutors for their organisation

Matthew D
Sydney, Sydney
I am the Human Resource Manager ( HRM ) of Australian Tutoring Academy and I am looking for Qualified and Experienced tutors of English. If interested just email me your CV, copies of Qualifications, and your WWC certificate at ( All suburbs of Sydney ). Thank you
12 times
26-Mar-2017  (updated on 08-May-2017)
English Maths Science James An Colleg Adelaide Adelaide 12-May-2017 17-Feb-2017

James An Colleg is recruiting tutors for their organisation

James An College A
Adelaide, Adelaide
English Maths Science
We are looking for experienced and registered English Tutor to teach our Year 3 to Year 12 student group.
498 times
17-Feb-2017  (updated on 12-May-2017)
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