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Ho Chi Minh - Politics

Ho Chi Minh - Politics

Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam

1890 - 1969 (aged 79)
Ho Chi Minh

Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty.

He married nationalism to communism and perfected the deadly art of guerrilla warfare.

An emaciated, goateed figure in a threadbare bush jacket and frayed rubber sandals, Ho Chi Minh cultivated the image of a humble, benign "Uncle Ho." But he was a seasoned revolutionary and passionate nationalist obsessed by a single goal: independence for his country. Sharing his fervor, his tattered guerrillas vaulted daunting obstacles to crush France's desperate attempt to retrieve its empire in Indochina; later, built into a largely conventional army, they frustrated the massive U.S. effort to prevent Ho's communist followers from controlling Vietnam. For Americans, it was the longest war � and the first defeat � in their history, and it drastically changed the way they perceived their role in the world.

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