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Sigmund Freud - Science / Psychiatry

Sigmund Freud - Psychiatry

Sigmund Freud - Austria

1856 - 1939 (aged 83)
Sigmund Freud

An Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist who co-founded the psychoanalytic school of psychology.

He opened a window on the unconscious � where, he said, lust, rage and repression battle for supremacy � and changed the way we view ourselves.

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Type Title Year
Book Studies on Hysteria 1895
Book The Interpretation of Dreams 1900
Book Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality 1905
Book Totem and Taboo 1913
Book On Narcissism 1914
Book Beyond the Pleasure Principle 1920
Book The Future of an Illusion 1927
Book Civilization and Its Discontents 1930

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