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About Tutoring and Teaching in Australia

About Tutoring in Australia

Welcome to Tutor Finder! Our objective is to offer you the most comprehensive listing of private tutors, teachers and educational services in Australia. We have 7792 registered tutors and cover most regions, subjects, levels and abilities.

Finding a Tutor

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Whilst tutors are needed in a wide range of subject areas, at the moment we are finding there is tremendous demand for tutors in these subjects:

  • Academic Subjects: Maths, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry
  • English and ESL:  Grammar, Reading, and Essay Writing
  • Business Studies:  Accounting, Economics, and Finance
  • Musical Instruments: Piano, Violin, and Guitar
  • Foreign Languages: Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, and French

When does a child need a tutor?

There are many different reasons why children receive tutoring. Thousands of children having difficulty with a subject in school are currently being tutored in Australia. The following are among the reasons:

  • Many students didn't master basic skills which need to be re-taught to them.
  • Some have a learning disability which poses challenges to the mastery of information and slows down progress in school.
  • Others have weak organisational skills, which results in difficulty keeping on schedule with studying and completing assignments.
  • Some students have medical, social, emotional, behavioral, and/or family problems.
  • Many students need help in maths, english and science, particularly in high school.
  • Advanced students like to accelerate their learning and seek a tutor to challenge their thinking.

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Tutor Finder strives to provide the teaching community with a high quality service and advice on tutoring matters. To assist us in evaluating and improving our service, we invite you to send us your feedback by way of comments and suggestions.

Be sure to check back with us on a regular basis.

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