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Policy Analysis/Public Policy Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Policy Analysis/Public Policy Tutor Wanted

Hannah A
3194, Melbourne
Policy Analysis/Public Policy
63 times
31-Aug-2020  (updated on 01-Sep-2020)
Currently studying af Masters in Public Policy at RMIT, I am a student with a disability, NDIS Participant (ADHD/Psychosocial) and require a tutor who is patient, understand for my need for in depth explanations, and may need to have things repeated to me more than once in several ways for me to grasp the context. I have never been the best at essays/different styles of writing but would very much like to strengthen that area. I need a tutor with experience/ completed studies in Public Policy (Preferred) Social Policy, Policy Analysis, Policy Development, Governance, Political and Social theories,

My ability to write at a master's level is minimal and am very eager to learn how to:
Identify the task at hand:key words, key assessment criteria, what style of writing, how to research, how to make a plan, how to draft a paper, how to effectively write my content (I tend to trail off with irrelevant information/repeating my self) how to reference (Harvard or APA), use Microsoft Word to make adjustments, how to use the correct language, how to use the rubric cube? final drafting, formatting properly, is there a set of steps to follow? Is there different styles and structures for different styles of writing; Policy Analysis, Scoping Papers, Policy Briefs

In Mentone, VIC. Happy to skype/zoom/microsoft team etc. Am looking for someone ASAP PLEASE

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