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Proposal outlines Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Proposal outlines Tutor Wanted

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Proposal outlines
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In approximately 500 words, you will write a clear description of a proposed HDR research project that outlines the what, why and how.
Include a suggested title.
Provide a brief statement of what will the research try to achieve: What is its aim? What are the objectives?
Demonstrate your engagement with a research area in one or more of Flinders University’s Colleges. Demonstrate how your proposed research aligns with your proposed supervisor’s work.
Find out what has already been published in the area. Your project must aim to make a significant –and for doctoral level, original- contribution to that field.
Demonstrate originality.
Include the proposed methodology.
Include a timeline NB full-time Masters are expected to be completed within two years and full-time PhDs within three years (thesis only degrees).
Include a bibliography

The proposal is ready and you need only to write the outlines and give me the last price from the beginning

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