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Maths and Physics Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Maths and Physics Tutor Wanted

Jonathan H
Carina Heights, Brisbane
Maths and Physics
141 times
Jonathan H
Carina Heights, Brisbane
Maths and Physics
7 times
Hi, I am currently in the first year of a Bachelors in Construction Management, which to date is going well. One of my courses for the current study period is “Structures” and involves Maths and Physics, including algebra, trigonometry and pythagoras, as well as solving equations related to moment, equilibrium etc. I am a mature student (38 years old) therefore it has been some time since I’ve been at school. I have been working my way through the course using text books, with varied success. I am now at a crucial stage of my course, which involves constructing a “spaghetti bridge” along with a written report and I have been having some issues regarding the working out of equations involving forces, loads etc.

I will require some tutoring, possibly 3 or 4 sessions next week beginning on Monday (2nd November).

I am seeking one to one tuition at my home, as online does not suit my requirements.

Thanks in advance,

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