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English, easy writing Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English, easy writing Tutor Wanted

Suheyla A
Oak Park, Melbourne
English, easy writing
115 times
Hi, I’m mature age student studying bachelor of education primary its my first year in university and need a tertiary tutor to help me with my studies;
- I would need help with everything related to my studies
-I need help with writing my essay’s
- Not only essay, I would need help with every assignments
- Proof reading my work
-making sure the work meets the criteria for the assignments
- Help me gather ideas for the topic I need to write about.
- Helping to find articles and topics to write about.
- Helping me to analyse the main topics in a article or any assignment’s
- I would need help writing my oral presentation and gather ideas and evidence to support my ideas
- I would need help with any other assignments I have related to my studies
- I would like to have the tutor twice a week for 1 each and see how I go with university and if I do need more support then I would increase the hours of tutoring.

Anyone interested to help out, please email me.

Kind regards,
Suheyla Ates