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IB HL Chemistry and IB HL physics Tutor Wanted in Adelaide

IB HL Chemistry and IB HL physics Tutor Wanted

Eileen N
Adelaide or Henley Beach, Adelaide
IB HL Chemistry and IB HL physics
64 times
My son Regan is 16 studying IB.
Regan has a high iQ but has a few learning difficulties ADHD and also a cognitive memory and processing disorder making connecting concepts and remembering them difficult. Can send the psychological assessment. Has lofty dreams wants to study aerospace engineering.
Is doing chemistry and physics HL however is bombing need help.
Looking to do a serious recap of everything over the school holidays to try and catch up and work out what he’s missed.
Needs help understanding how to write notes and how to study and what to study.
Spends a lot of time studying but not getting the outcome.
Used to be an extremely good student at science but is really struggling this year confidence shot. Term 2 exams just finished Physics exam 1 chemistry exam 3

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