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General Knowledge, History, Literature, etc Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

General Knowledge, History, Literature, etc Tutor Wanted

Jess A
General Knowledge, History, Literature, etc
Flexible (I live in Carlton), Melbourne
Hi there,
I have a unique tutoring request, hence why I've decided to place the advertisement :). As a result of ill health, I missed out on huge chunks of my schooling, causing significant gaps in my knowledge. Thus, I am looking for someone who could assist me in advancing my general knowledge, by providing one-on-one tutorials that cover topics such as History, Philosophy, English Literature, Economics, Geography, etc (whatever you can bring to the table!)

Just to provide you with a more detailed background - I am a university student in my 20s, completing a Bachelor of Nursing (this is my second degree - I previously studied a Bachelor of Psychology).

When I was younger, I became very unwell with a serious medical condition, and was frequently in and out of hospital. Consequently, I missed a significant portion of school during my formative years (grade 7-10). I was well enough to re-enter formal schooling in years 11 and 12, but chose to study health science subjects, which I excelled in. I attained a good ATAR score, and I do pretty well academically in my chosen field.

However, due to these gaps, when it comes to general knowledge, I very much find myself on the back foot. I'm in the dark about many of the basic principles and concepts that were covered early on in school, which is a huge deficit. I have attempted to self-teach over the years, but it's difficult to know where to begin.

What I'm looking for:
- Tutorials in History, Literature, and any other fields that the tutor has expertise/ an interest in (e.g. Art History, Economics, Geography, Science, Languages, Political Science).
- Someone with a Bachelor's Degree in History, Literature, Economics, or an adjacent field (however, I am flexible).
- I am happy for you to use the curriculum from VCE, IB or University subjects as a framework for the tutorials.
- My price ceiling is flexible - so whether you've just graduated or you're a university lecturer, please contact me!

If you're interested, please send me an email :)
07-Jan-2018  (updated on 16-Jan-2018)