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Maths Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Maths Tutor Wanted

Cerian B
Bilgola Plateau, Sydney
My 10-Year-old son is about to begin Y6 in the opportunity class

However, he is about to start Y10 5.3 mathematics, through Distance Ed. He came second in Y9 5.3 maths last year.

For maths, he is more or less left to his own devices, as there is not much time in class-time, and also no-one to help him.

We have had a mentor for the last 18 months or so, who now has a full-time graduate position, so is unlikely to be able to help much in the future.

I don't really want my son to spend so much time out of school time on maths, so my thought was talking to the teacher this year, and seeing whether it would be possible for a mentor to go into the classroom once or twice a week. I've obviously not discussed this as yet.

I was particularly envisaging after the Selective High test in March (as I know they will be working a lot towards this in the first part of the term).

Perhaps a retired teacher/professor/mathematician looking for a mentoring role and some extra cash.

Regardless of whether the school arrangement might or might not work, we still need to find someone reliable to help him.

Many thanks.