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Medical sterilization course Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Medical sterilization course Tutor Wanted

Susan C
Medical sterilization course
Rochedale, Brisbane
Hi, I am doing an online medical sterilisation course but I am computer illiterate and need someone to sit next to me and help me do my course. I ask for 4 hours a session once or twice a week, preferably on the weekend from 8am til 12pm. I require someone with patience, a commitment to delivering quality work, and an understanding of how to navigate tafe's online portal. You don't need extensive knowledge in the field of medical sterilisation, as you'll be reading and helping me write up the assignments on the job - the content is provided. I can only afford a rate of $25 per hour and am situated in Rochedale. The number provided belongs to my current tutor, he has been helping me for quite a few months now but his schedule doesn't line up with mine so we're looking for a new tutor to take over the job.