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Greek Tutor Wanted in Eastern Victoria

Greek Tutor Wanted

Anna M
Kalorama, Eastern Victoria

I'm looking for a weekly greek school teacher/tutor to teach my boys (focussing on the older one and only accommodate the younger one when he's listening/taking it in) from home.

Their ages are nearly 6 and nearly 3. Nearly 6 is reading at a grade 6 level and nearly 3 has started reading.

Greek schools are just too far away for me to send them there (1 hour plus per way plus 3.5 hours of school).

My boys are extremely intelligent and pick up languages like a sponge. They're a delight (not just saying that because they're mine) and happy to follow your lead and/or homework suggestions.

Please let me know if you'd be interested. I live in Kalorama but I'm located on the Montrose/Kalorama/Mt Evelyn border so only 4 minutes up the mountain.

Anna Moldrich

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