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Chinese Tutor Wanted in Perth

Chinese Tutor Wanted

Suzie J
Murdoch, Perth
My name is Suzie and I will be travelling to China in July and I want to improve my Chinese. I have lived in China before and briefly studied the language.

Unfortunately, I am not particularly good with languages and I really struggle with speaking and listening skills. I would be able to read a conversation in Chinese and understand it but if asked a question directly, my mind goes blank.

I have not spoken Chinese in 2-3 years and so I will pretty much be a beginner.

Current level:
- I can introduce myself - name, age and nationality
- I know "I like___", "I want___", "Give me____"
- Basic vocabulary: book, library, coffee, cat, days of the week etc.
- Numbers 0-1000

For the most part I want to improve my spoken Chinese. I want to be comfortable with basic conversation. I would also like to spend a little time on reading and writing (15 - 20 minutes each session).

My trip to China in July is for an agricultural tour with my university. We will be visiting farms, universities and markets. I would like to learn language that relates to agriculture, for example: farming, animals, vegetables, crops, health etc.

Please let me know your availability, your Chinese language level/fluency, price and location.

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