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Physics, foundational maths Tutor Wanted in Perth

Physics, foundational maths Tutor Wanted

Jessie K
Physics, foundational maths
Fremantle, SOR, Perth
Hi, I'm in first year physiotherapy and looking for some help getting my head around biomechanics. The concept I understand, however I don't have the assumed knowledge of maths and physics required to be able to work out the questions. The background I am missing includes physics and foundational maths principles ie trig, pythagoras, geometry, algebra.

Biomechanics isn't a massive part of the course so just need to understand these concepts In order to pass the exam and then wont have to answer questions like this again but will need to have the back ground understanding.

This is my second degree, I have a bachelor of biomedical science completed in 2015.
Preference is for a tutor older than or similar age to myself (28)
I don't mean to appear to be fussy I just know how I learn best and it takes a lot for me to ask for help so I need to be comfortable with you!!
09-Apr-2019  (updated on 13-Apr-2019)

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