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Japanese for Business Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Japanese for Business Tutor Wanted

Erica C
Japanese for Business
03 9035 8445
CBD, Melbourne
Hello, I am a university researcher looking to do a project on the sake industry and would like to improve my keigo and business Japanese, mostly through conversation. Even better if you already have an interest in sake or maybe the wine industry so that I can practice more technical discussion (e.g. brands, dimensions of taste, brewing techniques, etc.). I would like to practice keigo so that I can have an appropriate level of politeness in interviews. I have started ビジネス日本語Drillsの教科書, which is slightly too advanced but could be used as a resource in lessons. I am probably about N3 for grammar but not vocabulary. Send me an email if you are interested (日本語でもいいです), thanks!
14-Apr-2019  (updated on 29-Apr-2019)

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