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Computing - app development using C# and Xamarin Tutor Wanted in Online

Computing - app development using C# and Xamarin Tutor Wanted

Elizabeth W
Computing - app development using C# and Xamarin
Ascot, Queensland, Online
Are you able to help me with some tutoring so I can finish an assessment to build an app? I have only two assessments left in my course but my "college" only does tuition through YouTube and videos and despite watching heaps of those I've found i'm struggling and have been working on and off on the app for 8 months! I'm writing it in C# and Xamarin in Visual Studio 2017 Community on a Mac (could switch to something like Android Studio if shown how) I did contact my tutor but she just sent me another tutorial which I did but it was a completely different method to what I already have built in the app and I just need to get working. I'm almost done but after squishing some bugs the item selection doesn't work properly and I also need to add a way of allowing the user to change the colour of the background but when I try and add the packages needed they fail to download.

I hope you would be able to spend some time with me and help me over this hurdle, I don't want to abandon the course when I've already completed so much work.


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