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Miss Sreeya Das (99.85) & Ananya Aggarwal (99.95)


Year 7-12 Maths tutoring + FREE/paid resources | Top of Maths in ACT

Canberra tutor in Algebra, Calculus, Further Maths, Geometry, Maths, Maths Methods, Maths Specialist, Statistics

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BOOK FREE CONSULTATION! Year 7-12 ACT Maths individual or group tutoring, early Year 11/12 preparation; access to quality paid and free resources made by 99.85-99.95 ATAR scorers ⭐

Hey there, I’m Sreeya! I run a maths tutoring team called “Excel Academics” alongside my fellow tutor, Ananya. Our main team consists of: Sreeya Das (99.85), Ananya Aggarwal (99.95), and Kushal Kotagal (99.90), and you will be personally taught by us i.e. a top scorer and maths specialist right from the get-go. Ananya is currently undertaking medicine at UNSW, Kushal is undertaking R&D Engineering (Honours) at ANU, I will be undertaking the co-op program at UNSW.

Visit our website: (the formatting is better)

Ananya and I graduated with ATARs of 99.85 and 99.95 (dux of the ACT) from Narrabundah College, and collectively ranked 1st / topped in ALL of Specialist Mathematics Core & Options (A & B), Chemistry, Physics, English and ANU Extension Chemistry throughout Year 11 and 12. We were even in the news:

Not only do we have extensive experience and resources from teaching students, topping subjects state-wide, duxing colleges, and qualifying for international olympiads (you can even find us on the official Australian Science Innovations site), we help our students achieve their personal goals too; whether it be to catch up on content, stay ahead in school, prepare for school-specific exams, you name it!

Unlike tutoring services that generalise across various subjects, we specialise in Mathematics only; that’s how you know our maths tutoring is of the highest quality - especially since Maths is our favourite subject (and probably yours, too)! Here are some numbers (yes, very fitting for maths tutors) of how we have improved student performance in the past:

⭐ 99.95 is the highest ATAR achieved by our students
⭐ 54% is the average percent improvement in our students’ grades - that’s like moving up a grade or two
⭐ 100% is our student satisfaction score. Check out our verified reviews here, on google, and on our website
⭐ 90% of our students achieved an ATAR over 90, ranking in the top 10%

For the ACT, we teach and provide extensive personalised resources to maximise your exam performance in:

✅ Core (Specialist Mathematics A)
✅ Options (Specialist Mathematics B)
✅ Mathematical Methods
✅ Year 7 - 10 Maths

Contact: 0416174763 for any inquiries or to enrol for tutoring
Please do not send an email via Tutorfinder as it does not work properly!


Students come to us for all sorts of reasons, such as:

∙ Not enjoying maths or not 'getting' it
∙ Unmotivated
∙ Poor grades and wanting to improve
∙ Working hard but unable to translate this into results
∙ Good student but wants the extra edge in achieving top results

Students who perform well in mathematics are not necessarily those who have natural ability, but those who know how to apply the correct techniques - which, for us, was hard to believe at first but, after many failures and a LOT of effort, we realised… it was true.

That's why we have dedicated ourselves to helping others build confidence in maths, making our lessons thorough yet engaging. Challenging yet encouraging. And most importantly, you won't be thrown into a scary, lecture-type environment. We personalise your learning experience and get to know you as a person - you'll have a tutor who's also a friend!

Year 7-10 Students:
We will not only thoroughly prepare you for Year 11 and 12, but, if desired, facilitate pre-learning content for you to get ahead! You will be taught by Sreeya, Kushal, Ananya or a member of our maths-specialised team (which you can find below, with details being on our site).

Year 11-12 Students:
Being ex-students of Narrabundah, Radford etc, we are experienced with your assessment and marking schemes, and will provide strategies and resources that have helped achieve incredible results for our students in the past. You will receive access to updated notes, summary sheets, school exams, mocks, worksheets, and personalised homework. All year 11-12 students will be taught exclusively by Sreeya (99.85) or Kushal (99.90).

Year 11-12 tutoring is catered to students from Narrabundah College, Radford College, Canberra Girls Grammar, Gungahlin College, Burgmann College, Canberra College, Marist College and all other ACT colleges.

Group Tutoring:
If you would prefer a more cost effective option to individual tutoring, our group tutoring consists of 2-3 students (small group size means personalisation is retained) who study the same subject and topics as you. You will still receive individual study/revision material for your school, personalised homework, topic notes and summary sheets in addition to individualised help outside of lessons. Our groups are run exclusively by Sreeya and, thus, the number of groups we have are limited.


Let’s walk you through how your journey with us will look like.

FREE Study Skills Consultation:
We understand that choosing the right tutor can be difficult, which is why we offer a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation. This is where we gauge your past performance, strengths, weaknesses, goals, and curriculum to personalise your tutoring. You can ask us any questions you have about tutoring or about academics in general - we are always happy to help.

Teaching high school students all over Australia has shown us that every student learns differently; thus, we tailor lessons to suit your learning style, assign personalised homework, and regularly assess your progress through mocks and past exams. We conduct lessons through Zoom to allow maximum flexibility for our students - we understand you have a life outside of school!

FREE Bonus Topic Resources:
For Year 11/12 individual and group tutoring, you will receive free access to topic resources after 10 lessons for that topic - which is around $500 worth of value! From our experience, excellent notes and summary sheets on top of practice are essential to receiving top marks - and we always take the extra step to make learning simpler for our students.

Support outside of lessons:
I’m sure we’ve all experienced how stressful school can be - which is why we also offer support 7 days/week free of charge to help out with any issues our students may face or regarding any questions they have about their studies.


Access them here:

We have a vast collection of topic notes and summary sheets personally made and used by us during our time in Year 11/12 to achieve 99.85-99.95 ATARs - which you can purchase or preview. Quality free notes made and used by us are also available on the site. Check out one of our free resources here (scroll to the bottom of the linked page): Once purchased, instant access is granted to the resource via download.

Notes contain:
- Comprehensive explanations of concepts
- Helpful topic-specific and exam strategies
- Methods used by top scorers to maximise accuracy and efficiency
- Countless practice questions and worked solutions​

Summary sheets contain:
- Detailed summary of main concepts
- Approaches to each and every question type you will encounter in exams
- Effective exam techniques
- All relevant formulae


Check out our facebook @ExcelAcademicsMaths or copy-paste the link to attend FREE events, and read about the invaluable experiences and detailed study strategies of 99.85-99.95 ATAR scorers. To maximise your results, you not only need to know WHAT to learn, but HOW to learn - and these free resources help you do exactly that. They cover information about the ATAR and BSSS system that is either not easily found on the internet or not found at all.

Sreeya Das (99.85) - Founder & Tutor // platinum
Ananya Aggarwal (99.95) - Tutor // platinum
Kushal Kotagal (99.90) - Tutor // platinum
Alice Tian (99.75 Actuarial Studies at ANU) - Tutor // gold
Mahad Muhammad (Medical Science at ANU) - Tutor // gold
Shahmir Siraj (Software Engineering at ANU) - Tutor // gold



Tutoring students in Mathematics, Science and English Subjects for 3+ years


- 99.85 and 99.95 ATAR (top/dux of Canberra)
- Topped Specialist Mathematics Options & Core, Chemistry, Physics, English and ANU Extension Chemistry consistently throughout Year 11 and 12
- 95th and 97th percentile UCAT
- Scholastic Excellence Mathematics Medallion
- Australian Institute of Physics Award of Excellence
- BSSS Academic Excellence & Leadership awards
- University of Sydney award for academic excellence
- University of New South Wales award for Best Female in Mathematics
- Australian Maths Competition HD
- Qualified for Australian Chemistry Olympiad Summer School (top 20 scorer in Australia)
- HD’s in Australian Chemistry Olympiad and International Chemistry Quiz
- Ranked 2nd nationally and 57th internationally in International Mathematical Modelling Challenge
- HD’s in Australian Maths Enrichment and Australian Maths Challenge
- 1st in SEAACT Chemistry and Physics division


// $40 per hour for online small group tutoring (2-3 students in each group)
// $60 per hour for online individual GOLD tutoring from a gold member of our team
// $70 per hour for online individual PLATINUM tutoring from Sreeya, Ananya, or Kushal (most experienced) - limited spots available

For more details, visit our website and scroll to the bottom

Student Discount

Special Offer - FREE study consultation for individual tutoring

Working With Children Check

Yes, I'm cleared to work with children in ACT until 23-Feb-2027 (details available on request)


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Algebra (Primary, Secondary)
Calculus (Primary, Secondary)
Further Maths (Primary, Secondary)
Geometry (Primary, Secondary)
Maths (Primary, Secondary)
Maths Methods (Primary, Secondary)
Maths Specialist (Secondary)
Statistics (Primary, Secondary)

"I booked in Sreeya for a lesson to understand a concept in trigonometry. She was really kind and explained everything very clearly. I went into the test super confident, thanks to Sreeya. I’ll definitely be booking in again with her."

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