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Ms Izabela Bratek

 Melbourne - Pakenham

Experienced (18yrs) VIT registered VCE Maths & Chemistry teachery

Melbourne tutor in Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, English, Further Maths, Maths, Maths Methods, Maths Specialist, Reading, VCE Specialist Maths (Unit 3/4), VCE Math Methods (Unit 1/2/3/4), VCE Chemistry (Unit 1/2/3/4), VCE Biology (Unit 3/4)

Service areas
Online, Pakenham, Berwick, Melbourne

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About Me

I am a friendly, down-to-earth person, with a quirky sense of humour and I enjoy helping people. Maths and science has always fascinated me - I like understanding things in depth. Rote learning and memorizing facts is not something I focus on in my teaching, it has it's place and it's important for the fundamentals - but we have Google for fact checking. Critical thinking, an essential life skill, is often not taught in school - it is something that I focus on during sessions.

I started VCE tutoring in 2005 (after finishing VCE in 2004), I was tutoring prior to this in Kumon and other educational institutes while attending high school. Working with other students, including my own classmates, quickly ignited my passion for teaching.

I have been described as a patient, supportive and enthusiastic teacher who cares and commits to every student I work with. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by school. Covid has made it extremely tough for students to learn and unfortunately many students need to catch up to be at standard.

My mission is to help students to feel more confident in their abilities and supported in their learning. I have seen many students bringing their "most dreaded subject", and have witnessed their transformation from overwhelmed, to more confident, calm(-er), and more in control of their studies!

It is amazing what positive support, experienced guidance and encouragement can do to improve results, and it's one of the reasons why I love doing what I do. I am up to date with the current VCAA study design, this ensures that we are focusing on relevant content.

My background and interests

I studied Biomedical Science, Chemical Engineering & Secondary Teaching (specialising in mathematics and science). Every student is unique and they have their own learning styles, goals and skills. My aim as a teacher, is to support the student, so that they can achieve their absolute best. I have found it very rewarding to work with young minds and help them unlock their academic potential.

My interests include travelling, philosophy, psychology, reading, writing, teaching, business as well as personal development. I love learning and I am very curious about how things work and aim to integrate this into my teaching style. I have helped many students increase their confidence, leading to an improvement in their marks.

What are my strengths as a teacher?

My aim is to help the student to thoroughly understand the topic, and supply them with resources that prepare them for SACs which improves their confidence. Teaching is not about just about delivering information, it's a complex process and every student has their own way of learning. It's my job to understand the student's thinking process, to assess what they understand, and to bridge new content to what they already know.

What are tutoring sessions like?

Private sessions are tailored to the individual needs of the students. There are many options available, the most popular option is to progress through the entire curriculum of a subject. Sometimes students need to catch up, sometimes students want to prepare ahead, other times they just want to practice questions that are relevant to where they are at in school.

I encourage students to practice relevant problem questions that are important for SACs and exams. During sessions I focus closely on answering questions in a clear way to maximize marks and teach students how to answer questions with adequate precision.

Many students seek assistance from me, because they want to improve their grades, but the subject frustrates them. This is often because tests/SACs given at school are different (and more difficult) to textbook questions, focusing on skills. It is important to note, that there is a significant discrepancy between textbook questions vs SAC style questions. As a tutor my focus is to expose and prepare students to exam/SAC style questions, so they feel more prepared in assessments.

By practicing the appropriate application style questions, students move away from skills, and practice problem solving skills. This gives them a significant advantage compared to their peers.

Additionally students may have an understanding of the theory, but struggle connecting exactly how it needs to be used when answering a question!

During lessons we practice applying the knowledge to unknown context - which is an important stage of active learning. This skill is usually something that high performing students have been able to master, and as a teacher I assist students to apply their knowledge to application style questions.

How are sessions organized?

- Question booklets are provided for each topic similar to SAC/exam style questions (prevents unpleasant surprises in SACs)

- Focus is on active learning, student complete a range of different questions, gradually building in difficulty.

- Targeting application style questions.

- Weekly progression through the curriculum (theory) and exercise questions.

- Help with homework questions.

- Preparation for tests and SACs.

- Preparing for end of year examinations.

What do I teach?

- VCE Math Methods (Unit 1/2 or Unit 3/4)

- VCE Specialist Maths (Unit 3/4)

- VCE Chemistry (Unit 1/2 or Unit 3/4)

- Science (Year 7 - 10)

- Mathematics (Year 7 - 10)

Contact Me

My phone number is 0401-305-399.

I work from my home studio in Pakenham and online.

Please reach me via SMS (I don't pick up calls while I am working).

Just include your name, subject/s and available times for tutoring and I will contact you ASAP.

I look forward to hearing from you :)



- 18 years of VCE tutoring (VCE chemistry & VCE mathematics)

- Teacher at various secondary school, including Haileybury, St Peter's, Marist Sion and a variety of other reputable schools.

- Tutored at Monash University and Federation University

- Assisted multiple students with a transformation from D's to A's

- Helped students exceed their predicted scores.

- Taught numerous VCE high achieving students.

- Many of my past students have now graduated Medicine, Law, Engineering, Pharmacy!

- Taught students that have achieved perfect study scores (50/50) and exceptional ATAR scores.

- Taught individuals from various selective schools such as Melbourne High, Nossal High School, Mac Robertson, John Monash Science School and various of private schools around Melbourne.

- Written VCE study guides and hundreds of practice exam questions, notes and PowerPoint presentations.

- Taught numerous students online and helped to increase their confidence and grades.

- Lecturer of VCE comprehensive program for Methods, Chemistry and Biology.

- I can work with any student who is open and willing to learn.


- Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Monash University) 2005-2007

- Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Monash University) 2008 - 2013

- Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education (ACU) 2015 - 2016

- VIT registered teacher

- I have worked with VCE students on a consistent basis for 18 years!


Please read carefully:

$70 per hour lesson - online class via Skype

$80 per hour lesson (from my studio in Pakenham)

$40 per 1 hr lesson per students (minimum 2 students)

$30 per hr for online classes with a minimum of 3 students.

I am a VIT registered teacher.

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Special Offer - No free trial lessons




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English (Primary)
Reading (Primary)


Algebra (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Calculus (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Further Maths (Secondary)
Maths (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Maths Methods (Secondary)
Maths Specialist (Secondary)


Chemistry (Secondary, Tertiary)

Other Subjects

VCE Specialist Maths (Unit 3/4), VCE Math Methods (Unit 1/2/3/4), VCE Chemistry (Unit 1/2/3/4), VCE Biology (Unit 3/4)

"Excellen tuition centre. Recommend to all students that want to do very well in VCE. I went to Academy Plus since March 2007 until November 2007. Unlike other tutors, this company is run by a tutor who has her own program to help students understand the unit. Location was far (I live in box hill - and had to drive to berwick 3 times a week) but it was worth it since in the long run everything that I was unsure about was cleared and my subjects were perfected. chem: 48 spec: 45 methods: 44 phy: 47"

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