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Academy Squared Education Centre (Panania)

 Sydney - Panania

Teaching our next generation of thinkers with experience and passion

Sydney tutor in Creative Writing, English, English Literature, Essay Writing, Further Maths, Geometry, Maths, Maths Methods, Reading, Study Skills

Hi, I'm Louise!

You may have seen me on here before offering private tutoring. I've since opened my own education centre, Academy Squared, which specialises in helping students prepare and ace the 2022 Opportunity Class examination. We are located in Panania and hold classes of up to 4 students for Year 2-4 students.

We teach a specially-designed curriculum which has been carefully curated to not only teach concepts and test material but to incorporate life skills such as communication, problem solving and teamwork skills in to our classroom.

Our mission at Academy Squared is to provide a learning haven for students to infinitely square their knowledge in a place where limits are scared to exist.

Why choose us?

We genuinely care

I (Louise, Head Tutor and Founder), work a 9-5pm corporate job but that hasn't stopped me from tutoring since 2014. I've kept teaching on the side because I care about my students - the delight of understanding a concept and the realisation that they CAN indeed do it is a feeling I can never get enough of. I've opened Academy Squared to be able to magnify my impact within my capacity and reach.

We focus on fostering a love of learning, not a love for good marks

What I always hear is stories of people who graduate high school and realise life is not a test with good marks as the goal. They struggle to find meaning and purpose which I believe is strongly attributed to being told to focus on marks and not learning. The culture at Academy Squared is to celebrate learning, growing and curiosity. Good marks might tell us we're on the right track but they're not the end goal for us here at A Squared.

We focus on skills AND content

It's one thing to understand and it's another to communicate your understanding to someone else. In our collaborative learning environment at A Squared, our students leave the classroom with understanding but also clarity in thought and communication. These soft skills of critical thinking and communication are just as important as understanding content.



In my seven years of tutoring, I've taught:
- In a tutoring centre (Little Geniuses in Burwood) and privately
- Over 30 students ranging from Year 2 to University
- A wide range of traditional and unique subjects and skills (my specialty is in English and Maths with a strong skill focus in essay writing and logical thinking)


The best way to demonstrate my qualification is to share some of my wonderful students' achievements.
- Early offer for Bachelor of Teaching at the Australian Catholic University (from near failing test results in Year 9)
- Offer to study a Bachelor of Psychology at Macquarie University (from near failing test results in Year 10)
- Receiving a high Band 5 with a mark of 88 in the HSC English exams and studying a Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW (from failing English exams just months prior to starting tutoring in Year 12)
- Partial scholarship received in Selective School after 6 months of tutoring (1 hour a week) for the Selective test
- Entry into school of choice for Opportunity Class for my Year 4 students

Please keep in mind these results are not all owed to my teaching. I have had the privilege of tutoring students who are hard working and responded well to my teaching methods. Synergy between the way we teach and the way a student learns is crucial in getting results and this synergy is closely examined in the first few interactions and classes we have together.


Our specialty is in English tutoring and OC examination prep. All year round, we provide structured and nurturing learning experiences for Year 2-6 students, looking to finesse their English skills such as comprehension, structured writing and sentence construction. We also offer monthly skills workshops which are 2 hour classes focussing on practical English skills such as public speaking or debating.

1 month of classes is $180 ($30/hr)
- 1 hour and 30 minute class per week, 6 hours for the month
- Homework given each class
- Time set aside in class to go through challenge questions

1 Monthly Skills Workshop is $60 ($30/hr)
- 2 hour class

Package of 1 month of classes and skills workshop is $220 (save $20)

The tuition fee is paid at the beginning of the period.

Student Discount

Special Offer - We have a 1 week guarantee for new students

Working With Children Check

Yes, I'm cleared to work with children in New South Wales until 08-Feb-2026 (details available on request)


Joined Tutor Finder on 09-Nov-2021 (updated profile on 15-Jun-2022)
Tutoring Location
  • Tutor's Place in Panania
  • Private & Group Tuition


Creative Writing (Primary)
English (Primary)
English Literature (Primary)
Reading (Primary)


Further Maths (Primary)
Geometry (Primary)
Maths (Primary)
Maths Methods (Primary)

Study Help

Essay Writing (Primary)
Study Skills (Primary)
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