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Mr Alex the Medical Mentor (No 1 in Australia NZ UK)


90+REVIEWS. 15+ YEARS Experience, Med Graduate, 99 UMAT, 500+ SUCCESS!

Perth tutor in UCAT, GAMSAT, Medical Interviews, Medicine, Medical Doctor, Communication, Study Skills, Reading, IELTS, Special Needs, Medicine & Dentistry Interview Training, Application Review, Course and Career Planning, Selective High Schools, Private High Schools, Scholarship, Entrance Tests, Aptitude, Special Thinking, Lateral Thinking Tests, Gifted & Talented Reading, Communications, Engagement, Leadership, Human Psychology, Body Language, Voice, Interview Mastery

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Dear Future Doctors and Dentists,
Building on 2023's RECORD success, I'm now accepting:
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Bond Medicine Psychometric Test and Medicine Interview 2024 Entry Mentees
πŸ‘‰πŸ» UCAT 2024 Students – Registrations Open: Tues 5 March, 2024 (Good Luck, Everyone!)
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Medicine Application Review Students 2024 (JCU, ANU, WSU, UNSW Medicine)
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Casper Test Mentoring 2024 (Curtin Medicine, UNDS, Wollongong)
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Medicine & Dentistry Interview 2024 Mentees

πŸŽ‰ Massive Congratulations to my Mentees 2023 who achieved high UCAT scores! πŸŽ‰ My Highest-Performing UCAT 2023 Mentee (known so far): UCAT 3340 ✨πŸ”₯
(99th percentile, VR 750, DM 830, VR 880, DM 880!!)

HIGHEST RECORD: 3450! (99th %ile) πŸ”₯

πŸ”₯ Available NOW: Latest Intensive UCAT MasterCourse (Self-study, Online; 17 hours of Videos, 200+ Pages of Comprehensive UCAT Study Guides), recorded in April, 2023. Extended 2-Year Access.
UCAT Mock Exam Day (MED) Sun 2 July, 2023. - finished, recording and practice exam available for purchase

πŸ‘‰πŸ» GAMSAT 2024 (Good Luck, Uni Students!)
πŸŽ‰ Congratulations to my Bond Medicine 2023 Entry Successful Mentees! Thank you for trusting in me.

Professional Services:

Let’s TRANSFORM your Stress into Success.

πŸŽ‰ Successful Medicine & Dentistry 2023 Offers: 50+!
πŸŽ‰ Success:
πŸŽ‰ Success:

Watch now, here: ▢️ (2 hour 25 min)

⚑NEW⚑: The LATEST Intensive UCAT 2023 MasterCourse (April) was recorded and the Videos + Full Study Materials are now available for purchase. Learn in your own time. Maximum efficiency.

⚑NEW⚑: UCAT Mock Exam 2023 (ZOOM) - [Completed]
ALL Video Recordings + Complete Study Notes available for purchase.

ALL Video Recordings + Complete Study Notes available for purchase to study now.

Note: This is a NEW account. There was a technical issue with the old account (2011), which had over 50 Student Feedback, most rating 5 Stars β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… But all gooood.


UCAT, DENTISTRY MEDICINE INTERVIEW TRAINING (#1 in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Personalised Specialist Service)

Dear Keen Student or Supportive Parent, [10 minute easy read]

It's lovely to meet you!

Professional Services:

My name is Alex and I'm a Graduate of UNSW Medicine (BMed) in Sydney, Australia.
I'm a health enthusiast (aged 30+ years) who's passionate about self-improvement. I also enjoy books, documentaries (e.g. TED Talks), and life hacks, so I guess I'm a geek too. At the time of writing, I have listened to 4000+ hours of podcast interviews. I love learning how brilliant people think, how brilliant people communicate, and how brilliant people work.

I am the leading Master Coach in UCAT, Applications, and Medicine & Dentistry Interviews, in Australia, NZ, and UK, probably the only Medical Mentor with 15+ years of trusted, professional university-specific admissions expertise.

Probably the only Medical Mentor – in the world – who has dedicated the most hours teaching these subjects.

Unlike others, I do this full-time.

My Happiness Mission: Help as many passionate Mentees get into Medicine and Dentistry as possible. Now more than ever, our world needs excellent Doctors and Dentists.

I am The Guy, the older brother, you go to to maximise your chances for entry into Medicine & Dentistry. If you can get past me, then it's likely you'll get a solid UCAT Score and get past your guarding Interviewers.

I offer Premium Medical Entry Services that have – time and time again – proven extraordinary success.
We get the job done. πŸͺ„βœ¨

I transform Students into confident, charismatic speakers. In my own inimitable way.
You come to me to learn how to communicate effectively for life.
You come to me if you want to win.

If I cannot help you, I think no one can.

I work with you loyally to help make your Medical and Dental Dreams become reality.✨

My first UMAT [now replaced with UCAT] attempt - I failed. With resoluteness, I then studied Pharmacy for a year (GPAβ‰ˆ7); overcame the UMAT (99th percentile); sat many Interviews; and secured a position at UNSW Medicine. Fun times!

Since then, I've been helping Students, like you, better comprehend the process of entering Medicine & Dentistry. I have mentored:
βœ… Year 9-13 Students
βœ… Selective School Students e.g. James Ruse Agricultural, Baulkham Hills, North Sydney Boys & Girls, Hornsby Girls, Normanhurst Boys, Sydney Boys & Girls, Hurlstone Agricultural, Fort Street, Conservatorium High, Melbourne High, Suzanne Cory, Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology, and many more.
βœ… Private School Students e.g. Sydney Grammar, Cranbrook, King's, Trinity Grammar, SCECGS Redlands, Presbyterian Ladies' College, Pymble Ladies’ College, SHORE, Scots College, MLC, Meriden, Canberra Grammar School, Radford College, Ballarat Clarendon College, Mount Scopus Memorial College, Geelong Grammar, PLC (VIC), Melbourne Grammar, Camberwell Grammar School and many more.
βœ… Rural Students
βœ… High-Performing Students: Duxes, Students with 99.95 ATAR, 45 IB, UMAT and UCAT Students (99th %ile). I mentor some of the VERY BEST.
But to be my Mentee, you do NOT need to a top student who scores perfectly – I have mentored students with 80 ATAR – I just need you to show a willingness to learn and to show enthusiasm.
βœ… University Students: Medical Science, Pharmacy, Optometry, IT, Accounting, Actuarial Studies, Engineering, Arts, Commerce, Law, University Medallists
βœ… Established Professionals: Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, IT Professionals, Athletes, ADF personnel, Dentists (wanting Medicine!), Doctors (wanting Dentistry!)
βœ… International Students: from USA, Canada, UK, NZ, China, HK, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka
βœ… Mature Age Students, Students from families of Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Hospital Directors, Professors, IT, Engineering Professionals, Large Business Owners

You name the background, I've mentored them - over 500 Successful Students.

I'm deeply grateful to have shared with my Mentees their successful journeys into Medicine & Dentistry – helping them grow, having welcomed them inside my home, and having been welcomed into theirs.

My Successful Students have gained places into Medical and Dental Schools in:
πŸ… Australia - from the East's USYD, UNSW, WSU, JMP, CSU, UNDS, MQ, ANU, UoW, Monash, UniMelb, La Trobe, Deakin, UQ, Griffith, JCU, Bond, Tasmania, to the Central and West's Adelaide, Flinders, UWA, Curtin, UNDS
πŸ… Overseas - from New Zealand (Uni of Otago and Auckland) to further away University of Nicosia, Cyprus!
Yes. Every. Where. I kid you not.

I keep in contact with friends in Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Finance, and beyond.
We keep each other informed.

I know what I am doing, I deliver results.

Like yourself, I'm passionate about Health (and Life!) – I love it. The reality, though, is that it's becoming harder & harder to get into Medicine & Dentistry nowadays. Thousands of Students apply, but successful only a few hundred. With time, it will get even harder; competition is fierce. You need to realise that you're going against not only Applicants your age but also Applicants who have failed before you. Please appreciate the gravity of the situation.

Why do I do What I Do?
I mentor Students into Medicine & Dentistry because three main reasons:
1️⃣ I care about you. It's satisfying helping good people do good things. I've seen far too many a deserving Candidate fail due to poor preparation and complacency; he/she loses time, money, and ambition. My own false start, my journey applying for and studying Medicine, I remember.
I've been in your place; I see your aspirations and your challenges. I'll be invested in you. I'll believe in you, like Family.
2️⃣ I enjoy mentoring you. I enjoy adding value to and connecting with motivated leaders such as yourself. I listen.
3️⃣ I believe I can help you win. Getting Students into Medicine & Dentistry is one thing I feel I do much better than others.

My Job is to draw out your best.
My Techniques are data-driven, evidence-based.
My Style: Empowerment.

Do you need to prepare? Yes, absolutely. If you do not prepare, you are going in blind and setting yourself up for rejection. Benjamin Franklin put it best: By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Our Year 12 and University exams alone are stressful enough; toss in UCAT and Interview - migraines. The UCAT and Interview are designed to be confronting and personal. Like a sieve, they separate those with the right kinds of skills, personality, and attitudes from those that are interested for the wrong reasons. I can empathise with you; experienced the exciting yet daunting process myself, sitting UMAT and receiving Interview offers to Universities Australia-wide.

Can you imagine how I felt failing my first UMAT and then how I felt getting 99th percentile the second time round?

Can you imagine how relieved I felt leaving the Interviews knowing I hadn't faltered? We're all going to have interviews throughout our lives, so refining our skills will stand us in good stead. Interviews are high-stakes events - preparation is a must. A 99.95 ATAR and 100 UCAT (good job!) does not guarantee entry. No. You've toiled to reach this final stage, why would you now gamble? Show the Interviewers that you deserve to be a doctor/dentist. Perform with poise and aplomb.

Assisting passionate Students is a joy of my life. We will not fabricate information to make you sound like a budding Nobel Laureate (sorry); we will, however, identify felicitous anecdotes and work on articulating them to suit the questions. We'll delve much much deeper than what's offered by commercial interview companies, I promise; this Interview Training service was born from my dissatisfaction with them. Our aim is not only Quantity but also Quality. We waste no time, no ridiculousness here.

We'll talk about Med, about what the profession truly entails (yes, it's different to the medical TV dramas), about navigating through Medical School, Hospital Life and beyond - basically, the next 50+ years of your life. We'll have fun. How I wish someone had talked me through it all when I was at your stage. I don't know everything but having endured a rigorous 6-year Medical program with some of Australia's brightest, and having met many Doctors, health professionals, and lovely patients, I have learned some things; these I intend to share with you. If you need someone who is frank in his appraisal, telling you like it is, someone who imbues you with self-confidence - I'm the man.

I'll be real with you – as an awesome older brother should, right?

Training has proved successful: usually 90%+ Students gain entry into Medical/Dental school.
My Students have called me back sharing that their Interviewers told them they were one of the best Interviewees.

Even those that didn't get in (I'm not God, okay? haha) found our MasterClasses enlightening and worthwhile. Consider Medicine & Dentistry entry a game.

When you win, we both win.
I like winning so trust that I'll do my best to help you.


WHO - Year 10, 11, 12, University Students; Good people passionate about becoming a Doctor/Dentist.

WHERE - Usually Zoom Video – it’s eco-friendly, efficient, and effective.
You see everything on my shared screen and you get a high-quality Recording of our MasterClass.
My friend, we have technology.


For years, I ran a public, free, and highly popular Sunday seminar, Special Medicine Information Evening, every February/March, at CabraVale Diggers, Cabramatta.
Senior Students, Parents, Friends welcome!
The aim of the night is to enlighten and inspire students wishing to become Doctors and Dentists.

Watch now, here: ▢️ (2 hours 25 min)
If you find it insightful, do please Subscribe, Like, and Share :)

I've presented at High Schools. If you'd like me to attend your High School, do shoot me a message!


Medical Entry can be so perplexing that you may feel lost and astray. Overwhelmed.

πŸ’¬ 'I just know I want Medicine but not sure where to begin. What, when, where, and how do I apply? I want to learn how to best prepare myself to get into Medicine or Dentistry.'
πŸ’¬ 'I am unsure what's the medical journey trajectory like. Is the profession for me? I need someone to give me a heads up on what to expect.'
πŸ’¬ 'I am unsure if I have what it takes to make it in, if I have enough marks or the personality traits needed. I would like an expert to help me. I want clarity and certainty.'
πŸ’¬ 'I want to feel I have a strong game plan!'

Is this you?

An Evaluation-Planning MasterClass puts you on the correct path.

If you would like, we may start with an Evaluation-Planning MasterClass (2.5-3 hours), to help you plan. I give you a ship, map, compass, binoculars, and light to navigate sailing through the choppy medical journey sea.
​To help you secure your footing and bearings. I motivate and empower you.

We review your situation and strategise on what you need to do to get into Medicine, including concerns such as which Universities you're eligible for, your academic grades, and study tips.

Learn what you need to do now.
We explore and optimise all your eligible Medical and Dental schools options.

It would be great if your Parent(s) also join our MasterClass.
You can ask me all your questions to understand clear path forward.

My Past Students felt that having a Mentor hold their hand through the application process lifted heavy weight off of their shoulders. I walk with you through the process step by step.

There are steps you can take now that you and your peers are likely unaware of.
We'll create an Action Plan. Learn what decisive actions you need to take now.


Although you may have UCAT papers, they're useless if you do not understand them.
I can help you understand and also provide a Comprehensive UCAT Syllabus (All 5 Subtests) we work through. You will learn smart strategies to attack the 5 UCAT Subtests. A competitive UCAT score is the KEY to entry into Medicine/Dentistry.

UCAT (2 hrs) is just as, if not more, important than your ATAR/Uni grades (entire year, 8760 hrs). Absurd, right?

UCAT is the KEY into Medicine

I'm happy to mentor you, via 3 Services:

πŸ”₯ A. Intensive UCAT MasterCourse (Group)

πŸ’¬ 'I am new to UCAT, and I'd like a thorough introduction.'
πŸ’¬ 'I want to learn problem-solving techniques to work quickly and accurately - reading comprehension, critical thinking, maths calculations, puzzles and patterns finding, judgement skills'
πŸ’¬ 'I have some experience with UCAT preparation, but I am not consistently getting strong marks. I want to learn from a leading UCAT Mentor some advanced UCAT skills.'
πŸ’¬ 'I want to feel confident with UCAT!'

Is this you?

Why - UCAT stands for University Clinical Aptitude Test.
It is a 2-hour computer-based, 228 MCQ admissions test in July & August, for many Medical & Dental schools in Australia.
Year 12 students & University students are eligible to sit the exam; Year 11s are ineligible.

UCAT is an aptitude (skill-based) test designed to be difficult, selecting for applicants with the most appropriate mental abilities, attitudes, and professional behaviours required in Medicine & Dentistry.
Preparation is a must.

WHEN - During the first week of Autumn School Holidays (12-14 April, 2023), over 3 Full Days (Monday-Wednesday, 10am-6pm daily).

WHERE - Zoom (Live) – Your Comfortable Home or Office. Front Row Seat.

WHO - For Year 10s, 11s, 12s, 13s, Gap Year, University Students
Year 11s - you'll have 15 months to get ready
Year 12s/University Students - you'll have 3 months to get ready. Cutting it close, but it's not too late. Do not dawdle!

WHAT - At Ngo & Sons Academic Coaching, I lead a 3-Day Intensive UCAT MasterCourse, 12-14 April, 2023 (April School Holidays)

⚑NEW⚑: The LATEST Intensive UCAT 2023 MasterCourse (April) was recorded and the Videos + Full Study Materials are now available for purchase. Learn in your own time. Maximum efficiency.

3 days of teaching condensed to just ~17 hours of Videos.
200+ Pages of Comprehensive UCAT Study Guides.
Dense and concentrated learning. We waste no time.

I teach you my Comprehensive UCAT Syllabus (All 5 Subtests) using Worked Examples.
I strongly recommend New Students to start with this Intensive UCAT MasterCourse as we go through everything we would in One-to-One Training.
You get ALL Study Materials to learn in your own time. Maximum efficiency.

You will learn effective techniques to beat the 5 UCAT Subtests:
Day 1: Verbal Reasoning
Day 2: Decision-making + Quantitative Reasoning
Day 3: Abstract Reasoning + Situational Judgement

We've deconstructed UCAT to create a Syllabus for you to learn from. Structure. Techniques.

As UCAT is about SPEED (you get only 14.4 seconds per Abstract Reasoning question!), we're aiming to get you so familiar with UCAT questions that you're able to 'see, ' process, and answer them reflexively.
To a point where you feel you can self-manage. You feel confident.

Register now:

πŸ”₯ B. Premium Medify (Online UCAT Question Bank)

πŸ’¬ 'I feel I know how to do UCAT questions, now I want to drill myself with lots and lots of questions (20, 000+).'
πŸ’¬ β€˜I want to use a high-quality question bank that has been used and trusted by many past successful students. The #1 choice: β€œ1 in 2 students prepare with Medify”’ (Medify website)
πŸ’¬ 'I want to track and compare my results with others.'
πŸ’¬ 'I want to feel more prepared.'

Is this you?

I’m an Official Affiliate of Medify, so can get you Premium Access with savings, Expert Support, Extra Bonuses 🎁
Email me: :)

Happy to set it up for you in less than 24 hours, as I have done for many Students.

πŸ”₯ C. Private One-to-One UCAT Mentoring (Premium, Personalised Service)

πŸ’¬ 'I am struggling with the time constraints of practice UCAT exams, not consistently getting a score above 3000 (or anywhere close for that matter).'
πŸ’¬ 'I am scoring above average in my practice UCAT exams. I want to learn more tips and tricks to score the best I can.'
πŸ’¬ 'I am feeling unmotivated. My preparation is inconsistent. I need a Mentor to keep me accountable and lift me.'

πŸ’¬ VR - 'I can't seem to finish this section. I'm unable to read and understand the passages quickly enough. I find the inferences hard. My VR marks are relatively weak.'
DM - 'I am not getting all the YES/NO questions right, I'm struggling with the logical puzzles, Venn diagrams, probability questions.'
πŸ’¬ QR - 'I am finding struggling to quickly determine the necessary information and what's needed to compute the answer.'
πŸ’¬ AR - 'I am struggling to see the rules and patterns in AR in the Set A/B fast.'
πŸ’¬ SJT - 'I am not understanding the nuances between answer options B's & C's, or the rationale of the solutions. I thought the answer should be A (very important) or D (not important at all), why is it not?'

πŸ’¬ 'I want a UCAT Mentor who's helped many Students score highly enough (3000++) for Medicine Interviews.’
πŸ’¬ 'I want to feel confident in UCAT and royally cared for. I want to feel like I can crush and power through my exam.'

Is this you?

What - Working through my Comprehensive UCAT Syllabus (All 5 Subtests), we analyse techniques, master fundamentals, and practise questions.
ALL Study Materials provided.
We review your thought processes and optimise to increase speed and accuracy.
Our Private MasterClasses are recorded in high-quality, so you may revise afterwards.

You also receive a Detailed Summary PDF of key learningto best help you revise.
Parents and Guardians receive a Progress Update SMS.

We tailor to your needs. You'll have my full attention. We focus on you.

Many of my Current Students choose to get both the Intensive UCAT Video MasterCourse and One-to-One Training (for follow up, to complement Videos, to get deeper guidance with practice questions)
This may suit you too.

Have a think, then please let me know what you decide: Intensive UCAT Video MasterCourse / One-to-One UCAT Training / BOTH


πŸ’¬ 'UCAT is coming up and I want a last opportunity class to test myself to see how I compare with others.'
πŸ’¬ 'I have some questions and concerns I want to ask a trusted UCAT expert.'
πŸ’¬ 'I would like final tips and tricks, a final push of motivation, before I sit my real exam. I want to feel well prepared.'

Is this you?

When - Sunday 2nd July, 2023, 10am-6pm (Winter School Holidays, after Term 2).
Where - Zoom (Live).

What - You'll sit a full 2-hour UCAT Mock Exam, with Review MasterClass, detailed solutions, and recording. You’ll learn to appreciate the format and time pressure of the UCAT, as well as determine your percentile ranks amongst your peers.

Knowing where you stand is not only insightful but also highly motivating.
After the Exam, we will review the paper together. You will also receive a High-quality Recording of our Review MasterClass.

An excellent final opportunity to ask me any last concerns.
And final UCAT Exam tips. To get you ready.

Register now:


πŸ’¬ 'I know what I want to say but feel I cannot express it cogently, concisely, or compellingly.'
πŸ’¬ 'I am not sure if what I have written is what University is look for, or if my application sounds good.'
πŸ’¬ 'I am not confident in my responses. I wish I could get honest feedback from an expert with proven results, another pair of eagle eyes.'
πŸ’¬ 'I want a Medical Mentor who has helped many Students craft excellent Applications that were successful.'
πŸ’¬ 'I want to love my Medicine Application. I want it to amaze. To win.'

Is this you?

If you're seeking a Mentor who is a 2-time Winner of Medicine Scholarship Awards (John Murtagh First Wave Scholarship Program & John Flynn Placement Program) to assist you in crafting your winning Application(s) (Undergraduate/Postgraduate), I am your man.

Introducing Application Review.

Applications include:
+ University-specific applications i.e. those asking Why Medicine? E.g. JCU, UNSW, WSU, ND, UoW. I ensure all my Mentees' Applications are unique & impressive
+ Scholarships - I've been fortunate enough to be a recipient of many

Once you email me your completed drafts, I'll review and reply within 96 hours.
I go through yours with a fine-tooth comb, giving detailed feedback to help draw out and enhance your voice.
Adding Life.

Respectfully, please do not expect me to write your application for you. That is not how this service works. Please write as much as you can. We need adequate literary clay to sculpt.
Together, we will review your Applications until they are remarkable and compelling.

For example, I spend an average 25+ hours on each JCU Medicine Application.
Labour intensive, yes. Result: excellent.

Just as I've strengthened the Applications of my Past Students – helping them score Interviews – I'm confident I can help you.

Let us highlight Your Best. Let us tell Your Story.

Reserve your spot now:


πŸ’¬β€‹ 'I think I will be getting or I have received Medicine, Dentistry Interviews, but I have little idea on where to do start, what I need to do. I need insights. Help!'
πŸ’¬β€‹ 'I want great burden lifted off of my shoulders, sharing my journey with "an older brother."'
πŸ’¬β€‹ 'I do not want big surprises. I want to know what has been asked in the past, what to expect at my Medicine, Dentistry Interviews.'
πŸ’¬β€‹ 'I do not feel my answers sound articulate. I want to practise with an expert and get honest feedback about my responses and performance.'
πŸ’¬β€‹ 'I am shy. I want to improve my communication skills and be more likeable, important skills that will last me through life.'
πŸ’¬β€‹ 'I want to maximise my chances with help from a leading Medicine, Dentistry Mentor who has helped 500+ Students get into Medicine & Dentistry.'
πŸ’¬β€‹ 'I want to walk into my Interviews feeling confident, self-assured, and grounded. And walk out feeling I have elegantly impressed my Interviewers.'
πŸ’¬β€‹ β€˜I want to improve my voice.’
πŸ’¬β€‹ β€˜I failed my Interviews in previous years. I want this year to be my year.’
πŸ’¬β€‹ 'I want to crush my Medicine and Dentistry Interviews, powering through all of them.'
πŸ’¬β€‹ 'I want to give powerful responses gracefully and come out feeling awesome.'

Is this you?

I am very confident I can help you with your Medicine & Dentistry Interviews.
Interview Training is my Superpower.

I help you with your Interview via 3 ways:
A. University-Specific Medicine Interview MasterCourses
B. Personalised Strategy MasterClass (One-to-One)
C. Comprehensive Mock Interviews (One-to-One)

When we train together, we deconstruct all aspects of the Interview:
+ Psychology behind your Interviews & Interviewers
+ Articulating your life experiences into concise, clear, compelling responses. By using a Structured Step-wise Approach, you'll become a raconteur, exuding charisma
+ Analyse likely Questions/Scenarios + Uni-specific Real Past Questions
+ Examine the University Course Structure, Medicine/Dentistry Career Path, Student Organisations + Discuss Interview structures (e.g. Semi-structured; Multiple Mini Interview [MMI]) + Master Delivery (The Principle of 6P's, Voice, Breathing) + Non-verbal Mannerisms (Posture, Gestures, Dress, Grooming)

πŸ”₯ A. University-Specific Medicine Interview MasterCourses (Self-study)

πŸ’¬β€‹ 'I want a Medicine Interview MasterCourse that is specific to the university I am applying to, comprehensive, proven time and time again to help students to pass their Interviews. The best available.'
πŸ’¬β€‹ 'I am looking for more than generic interview courses offered by big mainstream companies, more than just going around in a circle sharing my answers with other students at my level (awkward and uncomfortable), more than getting trained by medical students 1 or 2 years older than myself, more than 2 minutes of feedback.'
πŸ’¬β€‹ β€˜I have limited time, which I do not want to waste, fishing for random, irrelevant online content, which is unhelpful.’
πŸ’¬β€‹ β€˜I would like to learn how to structure my responses, how to tell anecdotes, how to address scenarios in a compelling way.’
πŸ’¬β€‹ β€˜I want to learn how a Medicine Interview master who has been refining his craft for 15+ years thinks and what he would say.’

Is this you?

Highly University-Specific MasterCourse, which include full videos and full notes.
We cover great breadth – FULL set of recent Past Questions. You learn mostly from me (my thought processes and solutions) and there are opportunities for Student Participation (optional). If we do Live, useful to see how other Students think and how you compare.

Past Students have shared positive feedback that the candidness, accuracy, and thoroughness of these MasterCourse make it unequivocally the best in the country – beating other giant Interview Training companies' generic offerings. Unrivalled.

Past Students attribute a large part of their success to my Medicine Interview Training.

Medicine & Dentistry Interview MasterCourse

1. ​Recording - INTERVIEW FOUNDATIONS (Mandatory as it's essential) [HSC Physics Thurs 02.11.23, VCE Physics Thurs 09.11.23]

2. Recording - WSU & CSU Medicine ​[Interview Invites (General): 1 -2 Nov, 2022. Interviews (Zoom): WSU & CSU: 2022]

3. Recording - JMP Medicine [Interview Invites (General): 10 Nov, 2022. Interviews: 21 Nov onwards, for 3 weeks]

4. Recording - Adelaide Medicine & Dentistry [Interview Invites (Local): 26 Oct, 2021. Interviews (Zoom): Late Nov - Dec, 2021]

5. Recording - CSU Dentistry [Interview Invites: 29 Oct, 2021. Interviews (Zoom): Late Nov - Dec, 2021]

6. Recording - ​Griffith Dental Health Science [Interview Invites (Local): 14 Oct, 2021. Interviews: 24-25 Nov, 2022]

7. Recording - ​UQ & CQ Medicine [Interview Invites (Local): 22 Oct, 2021. Interviews (Zoom): 22-25 Nov, 2021]

8. Recording - JCU Medicine (no UCAT needed) [Interview Invites (Local): 12 Nov, 2021. Interviews (Zoom): 30 Nov-9 Dec, 2021; 4-5 Jan, 2022]

9. Recording - UNSW Medicine [NSW ATAR: 20 Jan, 2022] [Interview Invites (Local): 20? Jan, 2022. Interviews (Zoom): 22? Jan, 2022]

10. Recording - USYD Medicine & Dentistry [NSW ATAR: 20 Jan, 2022] [Interview Invites (Local): 20? Jan, 2022. Interviews (Zoom): 21? Jan, 2022 [IB]

11. Recording - Monash Medicine [Interview Invites (Local): End Dec, 2021. Interviews: 4-7 Jan, 2022 for VIC, IB; 24-25 Jan, 2022 for Interstate, NZ]

12. Recording - Bond Medicine (Part 1): Psychometric Test [Psychometric Invites (Local): Early Feb, 2022. Test: Mid Feb, 2022]

13. Recording - Bond Medicine (Part 2): Interview [Invites (Local): 4 days after Psychometric Test. Interviews: Late Feb-Early March, 2022, over 3-4 days]

Other Universities (including Curtin, UWA, Auckland, Otago): TBA, please still register your interest.

Disclaimer: While high care has been taken to source correct information, no liability is accepted if any information is incorrect. Readers should verify relevant websites and sources to ensure most current information at the time of use.

Reserve your spot now:

πŸŽ‰ 🎁 Valued Interview MasterCourse Students get VIP Priority Booking.

πŸ”₯ B. Private Personalised Strategy MasterClasses (One-to-One) - A Popular, Personalised, Premium Service.

I pioneered the concept β€˜Strategy Sessions / MasterClasses, ’ before other competitor companies.

After you have self-studied the Medicine Interview MasterCourse, we should arrange 1-1 MasterClasses for you to practise, polish, and perfect speaking. Just as you cannot play great tennis by reading and watching videos alone – you need to go hit balls – you cannot articulate well in interviews by reading and watching videos alone. You need to practise vocalising aloud and receive honest, professional feedback on your responses. You need 1-1 MasterClasses. Tailored. Bespoke.

We tackle your Interview questions and concerns. We workshop ideas that are compelling.

We will formulate and fine-tune your anecdotes, responses, and performance.
Down to every word, every sound, and every gesture. Precision.
Learn to convey charisma, authenticity, and integrity. Conviction, courage, and confidence.

Personalised – I'm all yours – you have my full attention, we focus on you.
I get to know my Mentees better than even their parents. We build immense trust.
I will be direct and real with you – as an awesome older brother should.
If you need a haircut, shave, or manicure, yes, I will tell you. This experience: truly transformative.

Excellent educational value – as we speak, I type detailed notes – you get Video Recordings and Full MasterClass Notes.

The number of MasterClasses depends on how much preparation you’ve made, how deeply you want to go through questions, and how confident you feel. Typically, my Successful Mentees request at least 8-10 Strategy MasterClasses (16-20+ hours). It is totally up to you; nil obligation. However, please do not expect to master all the strategies after 1 or 2 MasterClasses.
We're unlearning years of ingrained, poor habits and relearning good habits.

Success takes time: go ask Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Lionel Messi, and Serena Williams.

Due to limited spots (not jesting, look at Interview MasterCourse schedule above) as well as very high demand, please book and prepay as early as possible to avoid disappointment.
You may be wait-listed.
Respectfully, I can fit in only so many MasterClasses each day.

Reserve your spot now:

πŸ”₯ C. Comprehensive Mock Interviews (One-to-One)

We will simulate the REAL Interview using REAL Past Questions.

I ask you questions or role-play, you answer, I give you constructive feedback. You improve and gain confidence.

2-Day Thorough Process:
1. Using my Remote Interviewing software, you self-record your responses on pre-determined date.
2. I analyse your responses – thoroughly, multiple times, over a day.
3. I type out honest, Comprehensive Constructive Feedback, share Your Video Recording, and a Predictive Score.
4. We organise a follow-up Review MasterClass (3 hours; 1-1) in the next 24-48 hours. We discuss and reflect.

Highly effective when done days before your Real Interview.
Eliminate anxiety. Achieve peak performance.

Reserve your spot now:

Congratulations on expecting or receiving an Interview offer! You're incredibly close to the start of a rewarding career, so let us together prepare for this final hurdle. With heightened self-awareness - hindsight, insight, foresight - you'll be able answer the interviewers with conviction, showing them just how deserving you are.

I've drawn confidence and personality from introverted applicants and also tempered ostentatious ones. They got in.
I'm confident I can help you find your sweet spot.

As you can see from my β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Reviews (above), my Mentees tend to get in: 500+, your future Doctors and Dentists.
They are very happy with my help. They recommend my Services to their Friends and Family.

You'll also need to put in hard work. (wink)

I am here to offer you my 15 years of expertise – unrivalled. I am now better than ever.
Please don't go into your UCAT and Interviews blind. Let me light up your path.

Let's get you UCAT- and Interview-ready.
Let’s get you IN.

Peace and Love,
Alex the Medical Mentor

15+ Years' Trusted Expertise


90+ 5β˜… Reviews:

Others get you to Above Average. I get you to Exceptional.
Your Success is My Success.

If you read everything above and got this far:
1️⃣ You're a Champion.
2️⃣ We should speak, I like you already.
Let me know by emailing me ('Email Tutor Button below' or
3️⃣ Keep on reading please ⬇️ (hands glass of distilled water)



+ Currently, Director of UCAT, Applications, & Medicine Interviews at Ngo & Sons Academic Coaching
+ Personal success in Medicine and Dentistry Interviews
+ Attended UMAT & interview training at commercial companies (found those courses cursory, underwhelming)
+ Have been offering Interview Training for 15+ years, vigorously refining my teaching style year after year
+ One of the few tutors (actually, probably the only one) who's been following the Universities' Interview questions since 2008.
+ Trained by award-winning Public Speakers - Finalists in Toastmasters International Speech Contests (C. Burke) - and internationally renowned Voice Coaches
+ Abundant experience as an Interviewer - interview patients every day; have been on the Selection Panel for the National Youth Science Forum
+ Presentations about UMAT, Medicine and Dentistry Interviews, at schools and tutoring centres
+ Headhunted by numerous centres including Alpha Omega & CN Coaching, PrepGenie, Fraser's
+ Proven success. 500+ students and friends have received University offers & are now studying Medicine or Dentistry in Australia - most of my students are referred by word of mouth


+ BMed Degree (UNSW, Australia)
+ UMAT Score - 99% Percentile (this from an unsavoury first attempt)
+ University Offers from different Australian states - Medicine & Dentistry
+ Medicine Scholarships including GPSN's First Wave & John Flynn Placement Program (the only one in my cohort to receive both)
+ UNSW ASPIRE Ambassador: volunteered to improve awareness of higher education amongst students from low socioeconomic schools in Sydney
+ Executive positions in GPSN@UNSW & Oculus Medical Society UNSW
+ Research with a Professor/Chairman of Ophthalmology (Sydney)
+ Publication in an International Medical Journal
+ Major elected leadership roles throughout primary & high school (Hurlstone Agricultural - Selective, Farm school)
+ Work experience in Retail, Door-to-Door Sales, Tutoring, Medical Administration
+ Top 10 Google Australia search results (don't pay them advertising fees; highly ranked because frequently visited webpage) - Medicine Interview Training
+ When I was 16 years old, I sailed the Young Endeavour Sailing Tall Ship from Brisbane to Sydney in 10 days. Youngest, pastiest, scrawniest kid aboard. True story!

The best mentor is not someone who has had a seemingly "perfect" run through life. The best mentor is someone who has made all the mistakes for you. I have made many mistakes & am a better person because of them.

Quite positive Student Feedback :)
Note: This is a NEW account. The old account had over 50 Student Feedback, most rating 5 Stars ★★★★★


Professional Services:

Professional fees
βœ… Evaluation-Planning MasterClass - 1 hour ($950) | 2 hours ($1700) | 2.5 hours ($2000) | 3 hours ($2400, SAVE UP TO $450)
After 6PM Sydney, 1 hour ($1235) | 2 hours ($2210) | 2.5 hours ($2600) | 3 hours ($3120, SAVE UP TO $585)
βœ… UCAT
🏷️ Complete Intensive UCAT MasterCourse (3 Day's worth of Teaching; 17+ hours Comprehensive Videos) + 200+ Pages of UCAT Guides including advanced techniques (Extended 2-Year access up to *August 2025*) - $2000
🏷️ β˜… Bundle Special β˜…: UCAT MasterCourse + Medify (access up to August 2024) - $2300 (Normally $2364, SAVE $64), or Group of 3 - $2150 each (SAVE $214)
🏷️ β˜… Bundle Special β˜…: UCAT MasterCourse + Medify (access up to *August 2025*) - $2515 (SAVE $213)
🏷️ One-to-One (Premium) - 2 hours ($1100) | 2.5 hours ($1375)
🎁 UCAT Premium Package Private 1-1 Deal:
Pre-purchase 10 x 2-hour MasterClasses (20 hours) for $10,500 (Normally $11,000, SAVE $500)
Pre-purchase 10 x 2.5-hour MasterClasses (25 hours) for $13,100 (Normally $13,750; SAVE $650)

🏷️ UCAT Mock Exam Day (MED) - $500 | Group of 3 - $450 each (SAVE $50)

βœ… Application Review
🏷️ Lodging University and Tertiary Admission Centre (e.g. UAC, VTAC, QTAC, SATAC, TISC, NZ) Applications - $1500 (2 hour Zoom call, we do it together – properly and right)
🏷️ ANU Health Science or Philosophy Application - $4600*
🏷️ UNSW Medicine (Life Experience) - $1450*
🏷️ WSU Medical Admission Questionnaire (MAQ) - $1850*
🏷️ JCU Medicine/Dentistry - $7700*
🏷️ Others, Postgraduate Portfolios - $1625+* per section. For example, UOW Medicine estimated $7400*, UNDA $8050* - please email draft for quote
🏷️ Basic Feedback (light suggestions) - please email for quote

*Includes detailed suggestions, unlimited reviews until final copy.

πŸŽ‰ BONUS: ALL Application Review purchases will come with complimentary Australian and New Zealand Medicine School List.

Applications Package Deal: Purchase 3+ Applications, get 5% off total.

βœ… Medicine Interview Training
🏷️ Strategy MasterClasses (One-to-One) - 1 hour ($950) | 2 hours ($1700) | 2.5 hours ($2000) | 3 hours ($2400, SAVE UP TO $450)
After 6PM Sydney, 1 hour ($1235) | 2 hours ($2210) | 2.5 hours ($2600) | 3 hours ($3120, SAVE UP TO $585)
🏷️ Comprehensive Mock Interview - 30-minute Interview ($4800) | 50-min Interview ($8000)
^Price includes follow-up Review MasterClass (3 hours, 1-to-1; additional hour for $800).
🏷️ Medicine Interview MasterCourses (University-Specific) - 1 MasterCourse ($2250) | 3+ MasterCourses ($2000 each, SAVE $750+)

πŸŽ‰ *Valued Interview MasterCourse Students get VIP Priority Booking.

Prices in AUD and GST inclusive.

If you feel 'these prices seem high,' I would respectfully ask, 'high compared to what'?

Training for medical entry costs less than your school/other tuition fees, yet its importance ... far greater.
The cost is very reasonable – you are paying for my time, experience, & expertise.
The value of the insights you gain FAR outweighs the cost.

When it comes to medical entry preparation (UCAT, Applications, Interviews) – your mentor's expertise is everything.
• Would you prefer to eat a meal prepared by a Kitchen Hand or the Head Chef?
You'll agree both meals' ingredients quality, composition, and taste will differ. Vastly.
• For good health, experience and service, fast processed food or fine-dining?
• To perform your important operation, a trainee student or consultant head surgeon?

I am sure you could find cheaper. But I am not sure whether with that cheaper teacher, you'll learn what you need to succeed. You may get feedback that is 2-minute, unspecific, shallow.
He/She will likely be a medical student with zero or little teaching experience, teaching as a side casual job.
How much time and energy and effort do you think they have invested in their teaching skills and resources?
How much of Medicine or Dentistry has he/she experienced?

If you pay cheap, you will likely get cheap.​ Please do not say I did not caution you.
UCAT, Applications, Interviews are high-stakes. With all the hard work you've put in, why gamble now to save a bit? Why play with fire?

What makes me different and trusted? My specificity, my 15 years of insights and refining of my craft (unrivalled), and my warm personalised care for you. I teach using love.

Not to mention proven past successes.

With me, you get value, honest personalised feedback. I am all about authenticity.
You can spend weeks, months, years and thousands of dollars and you still may not get what you need. With me, in matter of a few MasterClasses, I give you what you need, and more.

By getting accurate information, directly, you save money, and time.
I believe I am at my prime. We can help you achieve your ‘X Factor.’

I invest an extraordinary amount of work – before, during, after our MasterClasses – to ensure your experience is the best.

I get a lot of enquiries. I need to be clear: I only want to take on Mentees who are passionate about Medicine and Dentistry and believe I can help them.
If you are not willing to invest in yourself or do not believe I can help you, please do not sign up. I do not want the both of us to waste our time. But please, still prepare yourself.
If you do believe I can help you, that's great! Thank you, trust I will do my best to help you LEVEL UP ⬆️

You are smart enough to realise that failing will cost you much more ❌:
1️⃣ Emotional pain and trauma, loss of motivation
2️⃣ $$$ – wasted on non-medical university course fees ($10,000 yearly), living expenses ($25,000+ yearly for rent, food, flights), needing to resort to a full fee medicine course (up to $420,000, Bond University), medical entry repreparation ($1000+ yearly).
For every year delayed into Medicine/Dentistry, you have lost one year’s consultant’s income, which may be $400,000+. Our medicine mentoring fees are a drop in the ocean.πŸ’§
3️⃣ Time – your most precious, non-renewable asset. You will need to maintain high GPA, resit UCAT/GAMSAT, Applications, and Interviews – at least for 1 more year. Perhaps many more years, who knows. Not easy. No fun.

You think this is a joke? I have been there, I have done that. Stressful.
Frankly, practising as a Doctor or Dentist, you'll recover the cost of our training quickly.
This is, really, a small investment in securing your bright future.

You will learn mature insights, deep empathy, and emotional intelligence. How to learn.
High-level critical thinking, interpersonal competence, and professional communication skills.
How to be unapologetically you and be appreciated for that. How to develop presence.
Self-awareness. Skills that set you up… strong for life.

If investing a small amount in yourself may help you become a medical or dental student, a more powerful communicator, and a more charismatic person overall, then our Training could be one of the best things you ever do for yourself.

I believe all my Student encounters are meaningful. Apart from assisting with UCAT, Applications & Interviews, I intend to impart Integrity.

Unlike others, I do not do heavy marketing, falsify success statistics, or promise the moon.

As Warren Buffet says: ‘Price is what you pay; value is what you get.’

Student Discount

Special Offer - Refer Friend: Both $50 OFF 1-to-1 or Course

Working With Children Check

Yes, I'm cleared to work with children in New South Wales until 01-Jan-2025 (details available on request)




Joined Tutor Finder on 07-Jul-2023 (updated profile on 22-Feb-2024)
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Medicine & Dentistry Interview Training, Application Review, Course and Career Planning, Selective High Schools, Private High Schools, Scholarship, Entrance Tests, Aptitude, Special Thinking, Lateral Thinking Tests, Gifted & Talented Reading, Communications, Engagement, Leadership, Human Psychology, Body Language, Voice, Interview Mastery

"Thanks for all your help Alex, I received a UNSW offer! Alex was fantastic because: ^Large range of questions that cover basically everything they could throw at you ^Friendly, engaging tutor willing to genuinely help the student ^Able to encourage the student to reflect a lot and come up with good content for the interview ^Useful in providing information about the courses ^Eager to help after the interview for additional info/guidance Overall, very useful tutor who provided an enormous amount of resources, especially his comprehensive list of questions. This makes the interview incredibly easy to prepare for. Alex also stepped through how to answer all the important question, providing a basic framework for each answer whilst highlighting what the interviewers were looking for. I really appreciate your help Alex and am excited about starting Medicine!! Thank you!"

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