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Mr Alfred Wong


Highly experienced tutor with deep expertise in math and science!

Melbourne tutor in Calculus, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Statistics

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[About me and teaching philosophy]
I am Alfred and I am a tutor/writer at The Nerd of Passion. I am looking to tutor mathematics and science for high school and first year university students.

I am currently doing my Masters in Physics at Melbourne University. I'm deeply passionate about physics, always figuring out the little secrets of the universe and uncovering the deep laws that govern everything around us. I love doing physics so much I'd like to say "Physics is my girlfriend".

Besides I love teaching too; I started tutoring at the start of 2014. I really enjoy helping out others, offering my insights on how to excel in maths and science, inspiring others to enjoy doing maths and science, and watching them grow under my guidance.

Subjects I'm tutoring:
- VCE Chemistry
- VCE Further Maths, Maths Methods and Specialist Maths
- VCE Physics
- Uni First Year Physics (Foundation, Standard and Advanced level)
- Uni First Year Maths (Calculus, Linear Algebra etc.)

I graduated from High School back in 2012 with an ATAR of 99.55; and believe it or not I did not lock myself in my room and study 10 hours a day. Achieving academic excellence is a lot more than just simply grinding everyday, it's all about having the right mindset, passion and willpower. I studied in my own time with enjoyment, and the results just came naturally.

Not only with wide breadth and depth in mathematics and science; I've also incorporated knowledge from a range of psychological and self-books like 'The Willpower Instinct', 'Flow' and 'How to Think Like a Mathematician' and much more into my teachings.

My unique style of teaching is to provide the clearest and most elegant understanding of mathematics and science, and instilling the right mindset of studying efficiently and enjoying it. My students improved really quickly and started finding enjoyment in studying.

My teaching style is based on modern research of education that deviates from the ineffective traditional teaching style which emphasizes on rote learning and just learning how to do problems repetitively to do well on test and exams; which more often then not leave students not only uninspired, bored, and most importantly not being able to appreciate the beauty and power of science and mathematics outside the classroom.

Along the way I've also began to make distinctions as to what make some people 'talented' and others 'hopeless'; it's all boiled down to very learn-able principles. I will definitely make studying fun and streamline you in the right way to the academic excellence beyond your wildest dreams!

My rates are $45 per hour for one-to-one, how long you would like to have a session for is entirely up to you. Group lessons are also available at a much lower rate, contact me for details if interested in group lessons.

I am very confident that you'll have a great time with me; so here's another offer, the first hour is absolutely free; if you're satisfied you only have to pay for subsequent lessons.

For more info, check out my website for great study tips, a recommended booklist, and receive free study notes!

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Five years of tutoring experience. Including:
-Offering 1-to-1 tutoring, in person and online
-Group lessons
-Providing professional lesson notes and supplementary exercises
-Offering emotional support and motivation
-Tailoring to the needs to every individual student
-Writing of math, science and study skills articles


Graduated VCE in 2012 with an ATAR of 99.55, with A+ in Chemistry, Maths Method,
Specialist Maths and Physics. My raw scores are as follows:
- English as Additional Language: 43
- Mathematical Methods: 47
- Specialist Mathematics: 39
- Physics: 45
- Chemistry: 44
- System Engineering: 41

Completed Bachelor of Science majoring in Physics/Mathematical Physics at
University of Melbourne in 2016

Currently a part-time Master of Science (Physics) Student of University of Melbourne

I've done physics, maths and educational subjects in Melbourne University as

Physics Subjects:
- Physics Advanced 1
- Physics Advanced 2
- Thermal and Classical Physics
- Quantum Mechanics and Special Relativity
- Electromagnetism and Optics
- Quantum Physics
- Electrodynamics
- Computational Physics
- Statistical Physics
- Quantum Systems

Maths Subjects:
- Calculus 2
- Linear Algebra
- Vector Calculus
- Real Analysis
- Differential Equations
- Complex Analysis
- Methods of Mathematical Physics

Educational Subjects:
- Wellbeing, Motivation and Performance
- School Experience as Breadth


$35 for an one and a half hour group lesson (Less than $25/hour)
$45/hour for one-to-one, and discounted rates for lesson for more than an hour!
Online lesson available for a discounted rate.

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Special Offer - First hour introductory lesson is free.




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Calculus (Secondary, Tertiary)
Maths (Secondary, Tertiary)
Statistics (Secondary)


Chemistry (Secondary)
Physics (Secondary, Tertiary)

"Alfred is an exceptional tutor with a burning passion for lifelong learning. He's conceptual knowledge across mathematics, science as well as the psychology of studying and how to do it effectively blended with a humorous personality will make every lesson enjoyable for both teacher and student. In 2016 he helped me achieve an ATAR of 90.05, which I am extremely stoked to have received. Alfred undoubtably is prepared for every lesson while never forgetting to constantly motivate you until you feel invincible. If you are in need for a relatable and equally successful tutor then look no further than the wizard himself. 😄"

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