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Dr Ali Navabi


Develop a Passion for Learning!

Sydney tutor in Calculus, Essay Writing, History, Maths, Philosophy, Physics, Society and Culture, Mathematics and physics on the primary, secondary and university levelPhilosophy on the university level

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I teach philosophy on the university level. I also teach Mathematics on the primary level, Mathematics (HSC: General, 2 unit, 3 unit and 4 unit) on the secondary and university level, and Physics (HSC, IB) on the secondary and university level.

Excellent essay marks guaranteed ! I Help you with writing and editting essays on the secondary and university level. In particular, I can help you with your Philosophy essays and your projects on Society and Culture and Modern History.

"Online tutoring is available " Available all weekdays and weekends.



Hi there!

My name is Ali. Through my tutoring work I aspire to pass to you my lifelong curiosity about our natural and social world, my intensive passion for learning and my deep conviction in the difference that education can make to our lives. With more than fifteen years of experience in tutoring maths physics and philosophy on all primary, secondary and university levels I have fully mastered all vital components of the Australian curriculum and I have specialised in many areas including Maths (IB, two-unit three-unit, four-unit), Physics (IB, HSC), Society and Culture and Philosophy and in helping students with writing high-quality essays

I did my Bachelors degree and Masters degree in theoretical physics and graduated by writing a thesis on the paradox of the age of the universe in theoretical cosmology. The result of my research was published soon in the Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics. I then worked as a physics lecturer and English teacher for three years before I moved to University College London to complete a Masters degree in analytical philosophy. I then came to Australia to complete my PhD studies in philosophy of science at the University of Sydney. Parallel with my PhD studies, I started my tutoring work at the University of Sydney which continued for five years. Since my graduation from the University of Sydney in 2012, along with publishing my philosophical research in authentic journals, I have been seriously involved in tutoring maths, physics, and philosophy. Lecturing, teaching and tutoring, especially teaching children, have been my everlasting passions and I have always deeply believed in the power of education in changing people's lives.

Plutarch, the famous Greek biographer and essayist once said, "The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled." If, following Plutarch's words, I can kindle in your mind the passion for learning and the joy to discover for yourself, I have done my job! I can also summarise the purpose of all my research and teaching endeavours in the words of Bertrand Russell, the famous British philosopher: "I want to bring back into the world of men some little bit of new wisdom." The wisdom, I believe, can be brought to the world of my students by inspiring them to grow into autonomous thinkers who dare to challenge established ideas and methods. It is my conviction that knowledge and learning are the upshot of dialogue. The Socratic Method has therefore been for me an effective means to realise my teaching ideals. As I teach, I do not just lecture my students. I interact with them and get them to engage in a dialogue with me. Though I always plan my lessons, I prefer the improvised method to the preplanned method. Along with some preliminaries, my lesson plan usually involves questions which encourage my students to think about the contents of the lesson. The feedback I receive from my students on the questions will then lead the lesson one way or another, which is not always predicted in my lesson plan.

I am an on-call tutor! My tutoring services include online and telephone (SMS) support and I am happy to respond to your questions and concerns any time during the day. I live in the western suburbs (Canterbury). You are most welcome to meet at my place or if you wish, I can drive to your place or meet at a local library. I am available all weekdays and on the weekend and I am happy to shift around my tutorials to meet you at the time you find the most convenient. I hold a valid working with children's check and a valid driver's licence.

I usually charge my students only $60 an hour and I often add an extra $10 an hour for advanced or specialised topics or for the travel involved. However, I am never strict about the rate and I leave it negotiable.


PhD in philosophy of physics, University of Sydney

MA in philosophy, University of London

MSc in physics, The Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences


$60 from my home, $65 within a 10 km radius and $70 to the outer suburbs.
$40 per hour per student, for a group of up to 4 students.( Higher fees apply for farther




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Essay Writing (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)


Calculus (Secondary, Tertiary)
Maths (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)


Physics (Secondary, Tertiary)

Social Science

History (Secondary)
Philosophy (Secondary, Tertiary)
Society and Culture (Secondary, Tertiary)

Other Subjects

Mathematics and physics on the primary, secondary and university levelPhilosophy on the university level

"I had Ali as my physics tutor throughout the HSC. Without Ali's guidance I would not have achieved the high mark I received, nor would I be as passionate about physics and science as I am now. What struck me initially about Ali's tutoring style is his infectious enthusiasm. It is abundantly clear he is very passionate about learning and teaching, and his ardour soon transferred to me, making studying for physics, much more enjoyable. His extensive knowledge of physics and the syllabus content helped dissipate any worries I had regarding my own knowledge of the course. This was ensured by his highly effective communication skills. He was able to break down difficult concepts and made most of the course easy to swallow. He was always well prepared, with written notes to use as reference points in his teaching. It was obvious that he comes to lessons with multiple teaching goals in mind. That being said, he often let the lesson come to him, allowing points of conversation to lead to opportunities to learn more about the content. This dynamic approach made learning even more pleasant and also improved my memory retention. In terms of punctuality and availability, he was always right on time, always happy to change lesson dates and times and always provided plenty of notice when he could not make a lesson. Overall, I was extremely happy with my time being tutored by Ali. The improvement in marks and my new attitude towards physics and learning made the money spent more than worth it. The friendship I built with Ali has proven to be priceless."

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