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Capital Tuition


Affordable ADVANCED HOME TUITION. Concept and Exam based. Over 35 Yr

Melbourne tutor in Maths, Maths Methods, Chemistry, Biology, English, English Literature, ESL, Physics

Over 35 years tutoring experience and thousands of satisfied students achieving results above their expectation is a solid guarantee not only to achieve your aim but also to further develop your ability to go much beyond your desired result.

ALL SUBJECTS (at home and online)

Our experienced and reliable home and online tutors for all major subjects from primary to university levels can help you (at your home or online) to develop excellent knowledge in the subject and to achieve your full potential.


However, our specialty is VCE MATHEMATICAL METHODS (Year 11 and 12) and MATHEMATICS (YEAR 9 AND 10). We provide, for those subjects, an advanced level of tutoring with clear and complete advantages of home tutoring. This is so called “Capital Home Tuition” that separates us from other tutors and tutorial companies and keeps our high reputation. While Capital Home Tuition provides the best and complete tutorial, it is still very affordable (lowest tuition fee) for all family budgets. This is possible due to our over 35 years tutoring experience and high dedication in helping young people to have an easy and enjoyable education with high achievement.

Our Capital Home Tuition, for this level of mathematics, is not just tutoring. In fact; we take students to work individually with them on whatever they need to enhance their knowledge and learning abilities and to ensure their success. This involves:

• FREE first lesson
• FREE homework helps (for reasonable volume of work)
• FREE personal face to face online and/or at home tutoring for limited hours (up to 10) and huge discount for all extra hours.
• Unlimited access to pre-recorded video lessons throughout school year.
• FREE tutorial textbook, containing concise explanation of theory and concepts and about 1000 purposely designed and fully worked out questions with comprehensive worded explanation of each step. Many students use this book as the only bound reference on exam. • FREE periodical assessments and advises (optional)

Why Capital Home Tuition in Mathematics

• Over 95% of students making progress recognisable by school teacher, within 2 to 3 months
• We have a number of VCE students every year with an enter score of 99 +
• More than 80% of our VCE students obtain an enter score above 95
• Low tuition fee
• Long and proven tutoring experience
• Time flexibility (you set tutoring time)
• Consistency (no missing classes)
• No extra fee for extra time for explanation of concepts that you may forget. All what you pay is just $24 per an hour of video lesson and you can use your lessons for as many times as you need.
• You can choose your pace and to build up your learning method
• Developing independent study skills and by that to increase motivation and confidence as well to reduce exam stress level and consequently increase exam performance

If you are looking for tutoring in Mathematical Methods 1,2,3,4 or Mathematics year 9 and 10, then Capital Home Tuition is the right choice as it provides all tuition benefits.

About Capital Home Tuition

Capital Home Tuition was developed to provide students with reliable home tuition in Maths across whole Victoria (not just locally). This tutorial is based on pre-recorded video lessons, tutorial textbooks and face to face tutor who helps and takes complete care for student’s success. Pre-recorded video lessons and textbooks were created by an extraordinary Maths tutor with over 35 years of tutoring experience with an outstanding tutoring success with thousands of students of all levels of knowledge and abilities, and who helped to hundreds of other tutors and teachers. Video lessons and tutorial textbooks were created on a such way that makes Capital Home Tuition to be a concept based and exam-oriented home tutoring fully compatible to Victorian school Curriculum. With Capital Home Tuition we eliminate (or significantly reduce) all problems caused by having a tutor at home or at the center. Yet, such proven tutoring method is affordable to all family budgets (under $24/h) and with flexible payment options.

To start

Send an email requesting your FREE FIRST LESSON. Please, state in your email the name of the chapter and part of the chapter for your lesson as well your grade. I will, then, provide you with your lesson and give you more detailed information about your tutoring.



30 years


Masters in science


CAPITAL HOME TUITION $24/h (for Mathematical Methods year 11 and 12 and Mathematics year 9 and 10). Free first lesson

HOME TUITION $65/h or $90 for 1.5 hours (for all other subjects and year levels). Discounted first lesson

ON-LINE TUITION $45/h or $60 for 1.5 hours (all high school year levels and available subjects). Discounted first lesson


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English (Primary, Secondary)
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Maths (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
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Biology (Secondary, Tertiary)
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