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Dr Narrabundah or IB Student ONLY @@@

 Canberra - Narrabundah

Top ATAR in Canberra

Canberra tutor in Chemistry, Maths, Physics

Notes: College Foundation Course !!!!!! Please contact me ASAP

If you are year 10 now and applied for Narrabundah college, please contact me so you have a spot in year 11 tutoring group.
If you are in any other college, message me to join in Foundation course for year 11 and year 12.

Rongkai: 0405696588 or Email Me at

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About Me
My name is Rongkai (Scored 99.95 ATAR, Raw score 800, which is the Highest Score in ACT and Highest Score of Narrabundah College) I'm currently studying in the Science Chancellor's Scholars Program, which specializes in Physics and Chemistry.

Contact Number: 0405696588 (Prefer Text)
Contact Email address:
Facebook Account: Peter(Rongkai) Tian

Breaking News:
2016, Jordan and Tianyu (Dux of Bundah) got 99.90 ATAR.
2017, 8 students in my tut received an ATAR above 99 !!

What separates me from other tutors:
I am both an experienced Narrabundah alumnus (ex-student) and an accomplished tutor with expertise, comprehensive understanding and strong grasp over the key academic concepts of college syllabus, which are majorly targeted by teachers in both assignments and exams. With a thorough and extensive mastery over the entire college curriculum, and having completed several University level courses, I have developed adept skills to look through the kaleidoscopic view of the teachers’ minds, to prepare my students for excelling all academic assessments mentally and intellectually with an all-inclusive holistic approach. With confidence, I can assure my students with accurate answers for all types of questions from Core 1-6, Options 1-6, Chem 1-6 and Physics 1-6 without referring to my notes, and mostly at any time of the day.

Tutoring experience: Having gathered various solid tutoring experiences through volunteering at the • Science department of Narrabundah College, • The Peer Coaching program at Narrabundah College, • Personal tutoring,
I have continuously incorporated student feedback to improvise my teaching style. I simplify complex concepts and problems with easy examples, to suit students from all different levels of understanding, and prepare for tackling more difficult questions with confidence. By applying the principles of personalized teaching and learning for each student, I share numerous study techniques, tips and approaches with my students for the same concept, and encourage them to experiment and identify the best suitable method that helps them learn best as per their individual needs. Consistent student interactions and a comfortable and open atmosphere for asking questions is my highest priority in providing a great learning and teaching environment to my students.

My tutoring style:
I strongly believe that building robust foundations for understanding both simple and tough concepts and excelling in tackling high-order thinking questions needs a considerable amount of dedication, devotion, time and efforts from both the student’s and my side, and simply doesn’t happen overnight. And I am willing to devote all the necessary time and effort to help students reach their highest potential. Secondly, I encourage discussion and analytical debates on concepts rather than rote learning from a textbook and memorizing answers. The student definitely needs to first think about the concept themselves as every student learns differently, so I have carefully designed several different ways of teaching for every single unit, to provide my students with a comprehensive overview of those concepts, helping them think about the same thing from different angles and perspectives. At the end of each lesson, I assign students homework which will help them prepare for the tests and solidify the concepts learned in the session. Finally, I prefer to be great friends with my students rather than a teacher/tutor, a beautiful relationship built on trust, to improve and transform the learning environment into a more fun and interesting experience. Trust me! Year 11-12 won’t be that much of a torture!

What I can provide as a tutor:
With a huge library of resources and practice questions including my own personal college notes, books, and external useful information, students are encouraged to start pre-learning during holidays for subjects that require practice such as Maths, Physics, and Chemistry (this is how most students get a head-start and hence outperform other students). I provide study tips, plans, and time management advice during the tuts, because being an ex-student of Narrabundah, I am well familiarized with unit outlines, assessments, and their deadlines, and hence I use my knowledge and experience to advise students accordingly for scoring the highest percentage. I can also guarantee an improvement in your old scores after joining my tut if all the advised tips and tricks are followed!
!!! The best thing is that students can message me any time of the day if a problem is encountered during your study session. I will individually help them understand how to solve the question, this service is free of charge.

Contact Number: 0405696588 (Prefer Text)
Contact Email address:
Facebook Account: Peter(Rongkai) Tian



If you are a year 11 or year 12 student at Narrabanduh college ,I'm the best person to help you :D


Highest ATAR 99.95
(Total Aggregate Score 800, top score in Canberra)
MATHS Competition Gold medal


Group session, 25 dollar per hour

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Mention that you found this advertisement on Tutor Finder and you will receive your first lesson for half the normal hourly rate ($12.5 instead of $25).




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