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Dr Chul Joon Lee

 Sydney - Carlingford

GAMSAT 2021 package with REAL questions from previous GAMSATs

Sydney tutor in Biochemistry, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Communication, Essay Writing, Further Maths, GAMSAT, Human Biology, Maths Methods, Medical Interviews, Medicine, Physics, Physiology, UMAT

I travel to these locations
Sydney CBD, Carlingford, Eastwood, Epping, Bankstown, Inner West

Do you need to fast track your GAMSAT preparation and skip the irrelevant textbook style questions that most preparation courses these days advocate? And perhaps would like the most efficient way to prepare for the GAMSAT with real past GAMSAT questions memorised, recorded and re-written by our previous students? Then you've come to right place.

I teach with a group of tutors and previous GAMSAT students and have collated banks of repeated GAMSAT questions and topics from 2013 to 2020. We did this by hosting a post-GAMSAT meeting after each GAMSAT to get students to share the questions they encountered, changes from previous GAMSATs and their overall experiences. And the best thing is, ACER has only a certain number of topics and questions in their question banks and many of these are regularly repeated year after year (some questions/topics may "skip" certain years to make the GAMSAT less predictable but, again, we have been collating these topics since 2013).

Preparation package: $120 + free Zoom session
Zoom sessions: $60/hr
Face-to-face: $90/hr

===GAMSAT FAST TRACK Preparation Package UPDATED November 2020 for $120===
*Repeated GAMSAT questions from 2013 to 2020 compiled by previous students
*Most repeated GAMSAT questions and topics
*Advanced techniques for Sections 1, 2 and 3
*Complementary Zoom session after purchasing materials
*Further Zoom sessions if required (rates apply for further sessions)
* Price has been increased from $85 due to popular demand. As a previous GAMSAT taker, I spent up to $1200 on preparation materials - this package covers much more than that in specific detail - and focuses only on questions relevant to the GAMSAT (most prep materials only cover generic biology/chemistry/physics knowledge, which is a complete waste of time).

I have been a GAMSAT private tutor for 6 years. The GAMSAT tends to repeat topics every year and it is certainly advantageous to learn all the concepts that are regularly repeated. I find that commonly sold GAMSAT preparatory books aren't entirely up to date with the currently asked topics in Section 3 (as of 2020). Most GAMSAT prep books these days contain generic biology/chemistry/physics knowledge which is either too detailed or lack relevance to the actual GAMSAT.



- The 2020 May GAMSAT was difficult for most as it was the first online GAMSAT, however the content of the exam remained similar
- These prep materials have been collated and fine-tuned since the 2013 GAMSAT - my previous students and I have compiled 300 GAMSAT questions from previous GAMSATs for you to practice from
- ACER only has a limited number of questions in their question banks, and many of these questions are repeated year to year. They sometimes repeat questions every second year or every third year - but this does not matter as we have compiled questions from March 2013 to May 2020, so it is unlikely that you will be caught off guard by any questions they will repeat
- These materials also prepare you for questions that are not repeated - the point of Zoom sessions are to make you more adaptable to new questions and scenarios ACER may bring to the table in the GAMSAT UK 2020 and GAMSAT 2021.
- I can 99% guarantee that these materials alone are all you need to ace the GAMSAT.
- You don't need fancy textbooks like GAMSAT Gold Standard or university textbooks.
- You need to understand that the GAMSAT is a very different type of test compared to traditional university tests. It is a standardised skills-based test.

===Zoom Tutoring Sessions===

I tutor both Section 2 and 3 of the GAMSAT as I think these two sections are the areas that can be improved dramatically with practice and conceptual learning (I scored 74 and 90 for these sections, respectively in 2013).

==Section 2== - there are TWO TYPES of essays that students must study for - discursive and argumentative. Discursive essays have a reflective/emotional element to them and this type of essay is where most students routinely struggle with. On the other hand, students should be familiar with argumentative essays as they are encountered regularly in the standard Australian senior school curriculum.

==Section 3==
Section 3 of the GAMSAT is generally divided into 40% biology/40% chemistry/20% physics. However, if one excelled in senior school biology/chemistry/physics - this may not be enough to achieve a 70+ score for the Section 3 of the GAMSAT.
The reason for this is that the GAMSAT often repeats specific questions that are repeated in previous GAMSAT papers, and these concepts are not routinely taught even at university level. These questions can be very specific, such as reactions/nomenclature of hemiacetals and hemiketals, as an example. However these repeated questions tend to skip years. For example, there was a question about the structures of terpenes - including monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes and triterpenes - in 2013, however this question was not repeated in 2014, but repeated in 2015.
I have accumulated a stockpile of repeated questions from the past 4 years of GAMSAT tutoring, as well as hours of tedious searching across Internet chat groups and forums. And, through this, I have compiled a large amount of resources that pertain to the conceptual teaching of these types of questions.
Furthermore, I have access to a wide range of GAMSAT and MCAT (USA equivalent - although more science knowledge heavy) past papers that students will have full access to.

Some commonly misunderstood topics that are relevant to GAMSAT
=Biology= - osmoregulation, sleep-wake cycles, reading complex histograms, homeostasis (incl. positive & negative feedback loops), sex-linked genetic traits/diseases.
=Chemistry= - nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, infra-red spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, pKa, acid/base equilibria, solubility equilibria, electrochemistry (including electroplating/corrosion), complex organic compound nomenclature/reactions.
=Physics= - electromagnetism, electric circuits, complex circular motion/banking angles, complex kinematics, complex applications (i.e. medical physics).


Current Junior Doctor at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. You can also find me on AHPRA as a registered medical doctor here:

University of Queensland: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) 2014~2017. GPA: 6.7

University of Queensland: Bachelor of Pharmacy 2009~2012. GPA 6.2

GAMSAT score: 81 (99% percentile) overall - scored 90 overall in Section 3 (100% percentile).


Preparation package: $120 + free Zoom session
Zoom sessions: $60/hr
Face-to-face: $90/hr




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Calculus (Secondary, Tertiary)
Further Maths (Secondary, Tertiary)
Maths Methods (Secondary, Tertiary)


Biochemistry (Secondary, Tertiary)
Biology (Secondary, Tertiary)
Chemistry (Secondary, Tertiary)
Human Biology (Secondary, Tertiary)
Physics (Secondary, Tertiary)
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GAMSAT (Tertiary)
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Medicine (Tertiary)
UMAT (Tertiary)


Communication (Secondary, Tertiary)
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