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Mr Daniel Romanin


Professional Mathematics Tutor

Melbourne tutor in Maths, High School Mathematics, LANTITE (Numeracy) ACER Teacher Test

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My name is Daniel Romanin and I am 32 years old. I am a professional mathematics tutor with 12 years of high school and tertiary mathematics teaching and tutoring experience.

I am a qualified engineer, having completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical, 1st Class Honors)/Pharmaceutical Science. I have 5 years of industry experience as an engineer working for a global engineering firm.

I offer a premium mathematics tutoring service that is individualised for the student's needs.

I am currently working with students from the following schools and universities: Wesley College, Methodist Ladies College, Melbourne Grammar School, St Columbus College, Brunswick Secondary College, Trinity Grammar School, Melbourne Girls Grammar, Camberwell Grammar School, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School, Ivanhoe Grammar School, Albert Park College, Xavier College, Caulfield Grammar, Melbourne High School, St Columbas College, Ave Maria College, Melbourne University, RMIT, Victoria University and Monash University.

I have extensive experience in preparing aspiring teachers for the ACER Teacher Numeracy Test.

References for the parents of students/or students from any of the above-mentioned schools are available on request.

I provide mathematics tutoring services for the following:

>> Mathematics Years 7-10
>> VCE Mathematics
- Mathematical Methods (CAS) Units 1, 2, 3 & 4
- VCE Further/General Mathematics Units 1, 2, 3 & 4
>> International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)
- Standard Level (SL) Mathematics
- Higher Level (HL) Mathematics
>> University Mathematics/Teacher Numeracy Test
>> Selective School Entrance Exams/Scholarship Preparation
>> Emergency Services Entrance Exams
>> Distant Education (Home Schooling)

I also provide mathematics home schooling services with accompanying resources.

----------- LANTITE (NUMERACY) - ACER TEACHER TEST -----------

I have worked with a number of aspiring teachers to assist them in preparing for the numeracy component of the LANTITE ACER Teacher Test.

My approach is as follows:

- The student will complete a pre-test, in their own time. The results of the pre-test will allow me to assess the students ability so that we can create a personalised plan and framework for the student to follow.
- Prioritise and teach important skills that will appear on the test.
- Teach the student how to apply these skills to ACER style test questions.
- Each session will focus on learning new skills and revising skills learnt up to that point.
- Sessions will focus on skills from both calculator and non-calculator sections of the ACER test.
- At the end of each session, the student is provided with a customised work-pack which is made up of practice questions similar to the ACER Numeracy Test.
- Once all the key skills are learnt, I will give the student multiple practice tests so they can practice tying everything together and refine their test strategy.

The tutoring will bring the student up to a Year 9/10 mathematics level in a fast and effective way, regardless of where they are starting from. The student will get significant practice at LANTITE ACER Numeracy Test style questions and will have acquired the skills and strategies to be able to solve these questions successfully.

----------- VCE & IB ONE-ON-ONE HOLIDAY PREPARATION -----------

I will be providing structured one-on-one preparation sessions for VCE and IB mathematics students.

These tutoring sessions are designed to:
- Consolidate and master key concepts from the previous year in an organised, concise and retainable way.
- Focus on learning important new concepts that will appear in the prospective school year.
- Teach key calculator skills ensuring the student has an excellent technology aptitude.
- Learn strategies for solving theory and worded questions.

The student will be provided with structured work-packs that are made up of theory questions, worded questions (similar questions they can expect in their final VCE exams) and a revision framework for concept consolidation.

The purpose of the sessions is to consolidate and master key concepts from the previous and to teach the student the most important and challenging concepts from the upcoming year.

----------- YEAR 7-10 MATHS STUDENTS -----------

The one-one-one holiday preparation sessions for Year 7-10 students will focus on consolidating key concepts from the previous year and filling in any fundamental gaps in the students knowledge (e.g. algebra, linear relations, percentages, trigonometry etc.).

The purpose of the sessions is to build confidence and get the student going into the upcoming school year at a numeracy level slightly higher than required.

----------- TUITION APPROACH -----------

I conduct tutoring session at your home, local library or my studio.

The session structure is as follows:

1. Current course work and theory.
I will teach the student course work and theory they are learning in class. The aim will be to work ahead of class so when the student gets in class they can better understand the teacher's explanation and consolidate leanings from our tutoring sessions. This ensures class time can be used to its full potential.

2. Extended Response/Worded Questions.
I will go through techniques and strategies for solving worded questions. I will provided several resources for worded type questions that aim to mimic exam style questions. This will ensure the student is getting weekly experience in problem solving.

3. Exam/Test/SAC preparation and strategy.
I will focus on specific content for any upcoming exams/tests/SACs to ensure the student is fully prepared.

4. Revision.
I provide a revision structure that ensures any of the work/theory learnt in previous sessions is continuously being practised and doesn't have to be re-learnt.

The lessons will be based around the students individual requirements.

As a qualified engineer with 12 years of teaching experience, I have developed a methods based approach which is why I have been successful with a wide variety of students. I supply clear, easy to understand instructions for each of the concepts for the student to follow in my absence. This is the most effective method in ensure the student thrives in my absence.

----------- RESOURCES -----------

I provide the following resources to all my students:

1. Work-Packs
At the end of each session I provide the student with a structured work pack made up of questions I have strategically devised to work all mathematics competencies. The work-packs are made up of theory questions, worded/application questions and a revision framework that ensures any content learnt up until that point is being consistently practiced.

2. Practice Tests/SACs/Exams
Before any upcoming test or assessment, I provide multiple practice tests for the student to work through. This will allow me to understand where areas of weakness lie from which I will direct further study.



Mathematics teaching and tutoring for 12 years
- Mathematical Methods Units 1, 2, 3 & 4
- Further Mathematics Units 1, 2, 3 & 4
- Mathematics Years 7 to 10
- University Mathematics
- ACER Teacher Numeracy Test


Monash University: Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical, 1st Class
Honours)/Pharmaceutical Science


PRIMARY - $100/hr
MATHEMATICS YEARS 7, 8, 9 & 10 - $100/hr




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High School Mathematics, LANTITE (Numeracy) ACER Teacher Test

"My math background is limited so I was nervous about how these sessions would go. Daniel was able to make me feel comfortable instantly. He was able to break things down in a way that I understood and gave me easy to follow steps for solving questions from the test. I liked that he was able to give me practice questions on the stuff we learnt in the tutoring sessions. His questions were similar to those on the test and when I got into the test I felt like I recognized everything. I couldn’t recommend Daniel highly enough."

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