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Mr David Hardwick

 Brisbane - Logan Central

Experienced Statistics & Research Methods Tutor

Brisbane tutor in Psychology, Statistics

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** Zoom is preferred. Face to face will incur travel time and distance charges.
* Please do not ask me to write for you. I can collaborate on post doc and post graduate design and analysis where permission has been obtained from your supervisor for you to employ me.

SPSS statistics package, including syntax. I have SPSS installed. I can demonstrate using share screen. I can guide you when you share your screen. Doing it yourself is the best way to learn.

I explain statistics with examples.
I explain the integration of research design and data analysis.

Logic of Research Report writing in APA style.
* I will not write reports for you. * I will not sit online exams for you.

Standard Deviation, Standard Error, Confidence Intervals
Z-tests, t-tests, correlation, Missing Values Analysis (MVA), multiple regression, moderated regression, mediated regression, bootstrapping, PROCESS macro, repeated measures ANOVA, between subjects ANOVA, mixed ANOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA, factor analysis, syntax, Logistic Regression
Parametric & Non-parametric tests

We can cover the basics first to check your level of understanding, or we can go straight to more difficult analyses.

Psychology subjects: I can mentor you with your learning in various areas of psychology.

Tip: Learning statistics takes at least as much time as any other course. Approach behaviour toward doing the work is the best way to improve your self-efficacy. Make a study schedule and stick to it.



Course Convenor for 1st year Psychology Research Design & Analysis
Lecturer & Tutor 1st & 2nd year Psychology Research Design & Analysis
Tutor 3rd year Psychology Research Design & Analysis
Tutor for Psychology Honours students
Lecturer & Tutor for Nursing Masters students
Mentoring experience with PhD and Masters students
Senior Research Assistant University of Queensland (2014-2015)
Senior Research Assistant Griffith University (2003-2012)


2002: Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Griffith University
2006: Master of Philosophy (Psychology), Griffith University


Morris, M., Halford, W. K., Petch, J. & Hardwick, D. (2016). Predictors of engagement
in family mediation and outcomes for families that fail to engage. Family Process.
DOI: 10.1111/famp.12270
Hardwick, D., Cutmore, T., & Hine, T. J. (2014). How do visual attentional factors
combine to produce saccades of very fast latencies? Journal of Ophthalmology, 2014,
Article ID 850606, 10 pages,
Chappell, M., Hine, T. J., Acworth C. & Hardwick, D. (2006). Attention capture by the
flash-lag flash. Vision Research, 46, 3205-3213.
Chappell, M., Hine, T. J., Acworth, C., & Hardwick, D. (2004). Testing temporal
integration and attentional-capture accounts of the spatial mis-localization of moving
objects [Abstract]. Journal of Vision, 4(8), 580a,,
Chappell, M., Hardwick, D., & Hine, T. J. (2003). Combining the flash-lag and
Poggendorff illusions. Vision Sciences Society Third Annual Meeting, May 9-14,
Sarasota, Florida. Poster FR8.
Chappell, M., Hine, T. J., & Hardwick, D. (2002). The flash-lag effect and
equiluminance. Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, 30, 213-216.


First new 1 hour session $20, then $40 for the second hour if longer than 1 hour
Discount for regular tuition $40 per hour
Payment by bank transfer

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Statistics (Tertiary)

Social Science

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"When I contacted David, he immediately asked me what particular degree I was studying and the subject I was seeking assistance in. He advised me that he would be able to provide tutoring support to me and scheduled a time. The session was really effective as he understood exactly what the subject matter was and provided information in a way that made it easy to understand and apply. What would have taken me two days to try and figure out myself was explained in two hours and I feel as though my knowledge base for the subject has improved markedly from just one session. Thank you David, I can breathe again!"

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