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Mr Edmund Yu

 Sydney - Burwood

GAMSAT Section 3 Specialist

Sydney tutor in GAMSAT

(2 student reviews)

Hi there! My name is Edmund and I specialise in GAMSAT Section 3 Tutoring. I am currently completing a business undergraduate degree at UNSW. I approached the GAMSAT from a non-science background and prepared very thoroughly for my first sitting in March 2021 to achieve an 88 in section 3 (72 Overall). After experiencing the exam, I realised a lot of my preparation wasn't relevant and I adapted my approach a bit to be more efficient leading up to the Sep 2021 exam and scored a 95 in section 3 (80 Overall). I'm by no means an exceptionally smart person, in fact I think I'm quite ordinary - I bombed the UMAT (UCAT) back in the day, I struggled a lot in my undergraduate degree and I approached the GAMSAT with a lot of uncertainty. What I believe allowed me to achieve such high scores was really an effective approach to preparing for the exam.

I did an extensive amount of preparation and understand the ins and outs of preparing and achieving in Section 3 and would love to be able to share the wisdom that I've accumulated from my GAMSAT experience with you whether you're approaching the exam for the first time or are trying to improve on your score. Instead of simply giving you a blanket approach I provide a very personal tutoring experience that would be tailored to helping YOU maximise your performance in section 3.

My sessions with you would be semi-structured.

1) I will have a bunch of questions that I compiled to be relevant to the actual exam that we can go through, where I can observe where you might have a strong understanding, and also where you might have gaps in your knowledge and I will adjust the questions that we go through accordingly. I will also explain questions step by step as to how to effectively approach them.

2) You can ask any questions you might have that you've come across through your own preparation and anything that you might want to focus on e.g. practice questions, helping with a study plan, solidifying science knowledge.

I can really relate to the struggle of preparing for this exam especially for those coming from a non-science background. I experienced a lot of stress surrounding my preparation: whether or not what I was doing was relevant, if the amount of preparation I was doing was enough and amount of uncertainty around how well I would do in the double-weighted section 3. I'm very passionate about teaching and would love to help you make your personal GAMSAT journey easier.

Feel free to send me a text or give me a call to discuss further 0434990729



This will be my first time tutoring GAMSAT but given that I have 5+ years of passionate maths tutoring experience (On request I'd be glad to put you in contact with my current students) I think this is a definite advantage to learning with me. The GAMSAT has changed a lot over the years, even some of the advice that I got from people who sat it 2-3 years prior to me weren't really applicable and was definitely a distraction in terms of my preparation. I've sat the two most recent GAMSATs and have a really fresh and up to date understanding of the GAMSAT that I know would greatly benefit people preparing for s3.


Overall GAMSAT: 80 (99th percentile)
March 2021 S3: 88
Sept 2021 S3: 95

(Can provide results on request)


$80 per hour




Joined Tutor Finder on 16-Feb-2018 (updated profile on 28-Nov-2021)
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GAMSAT (Tertiary)

"I can not speak more highly of this lovely young man. He was always punctual and willing to go the extra mile when my son needed help before exams or for assignments."

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