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Miss Elise Jeanette

 Melbourne - Reservoir

Specialist in VCE English

Melbourne tutor in Communication, Creative Writing, English, English Literature, Essay Writing, History, Journalism, Law, Legal Studies, Maths, Media Studies, Philosophy, Politics, Reading, Special Needs

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Preston, Coburg, Northcote

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My systematic approach to tutoring VCE English is my speciality. I show students how to manage their studies and I teach a clear step by step method for approaching each major area of assessment. Importantly, we prepare for the final exam from our very first lesson. I have successful formulas for writing the essays examined in VCE English and this is a great comfort to students overwhelmed by their coursework. I teach methods for overcoming the significant hurdle of writing in exam conditions and help students develop confidence in their written voice. The strategies I have taught and refined in my 10 years of private tutoring have consistently helped students achieve impressive results in the VCE. I help students realise that high results within the VCE are attainable. All of my VCE students have received an A or A+ for their oral presentation, most of them achieving 20/20.

From creative writing to the comparative analysis of key texts, each area of study can be mastered when key areas for engagement are magnified within a private tutoring context. I help students understand the nuances of a good piece of creative writing, how to elucidate upon the complexities of their texts and, through sharing strategies for improving their written expression, show them how to refine their essay writing. My degrees in Media and Communications and Law provide me with a unique skillset that is advantageous for all of my students. I enjoy the analysis of persuasive texts and this major area of study is my favourite to teach.

For students of all learning levels, there is an incredible amount of personal growth that happens when they have access to private tuition. I enjoy being apart of that process. I help students with their homework and offer ways of studying smarter, not harder. With the right guidance, every student has the potential to be their best. I help students establish goals that are realistic and inspiring. Most importantly, I teach study strategies that are important for life long learning and I am enthusiastic about the power of positive psychology. I often tutor foundational literacy skills to younger students and students with special needs. I have experience working with students with anxiety, auditory processing disorders and autism.

I design all lessons to encourage critical thinking rather than mere transmission of information. My approach to private tutoring with regular students is specially tailored to each individual. I help students realise and develop their written voice, reading comprehension skills and attention to finer details. I take a thorough approach to teaching essay writing and I pay attention to each student's progression. The best part of tutoring is when a new skill is fully grasped by a student and this is what I strive for. I regularly email teachers, learning specialists involved with the student, parents and guardians to keep them informed. It is important to work closely with all involved in a student's learning so that private tutoring is a nurturing and successful experience.

I also conduct creative writing workshops for all ages during school holidays. We focus on writing as a craft and practice the features of elegant prose. We meet at the Melbourne Museum, the National Gallery of Victoria and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Students really notice their creative potential when they are invited to think for themselves beyond the classroom context.

Feel free to call to discuss whether I may be a good fit for you.



- Previously employed as a VCE Summer School English Tutor
- Private tutoring since 2009


- Final year of Juris Doctor (JD) (Law) at the University of Melbourne (2019)
- BA (Media and Communications) from the University of Melbourne (2013)
- Masters of Teaching (Secondary) at LaTrobe (incomplete).
- Certificates 3 and 4 in personal and group training (2012)
- Working with children check
- VCE Summer School English tutor (2011)


*$60 per hour for private one on one tutoring from my home.
*$100 per hour for groups of two (for students of same learning level).
*$150 per hour for groups of 3 (for students of same learning level).
*Increased rate for tertiary tutoring.
*Rate varies if I am required to travel.
*Rate increases during the university exam period.

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Creative Writing (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
English (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
English Literature (Primary)
Essay Writing (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Reading (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Special Needs (Primary, Secondary)


Maths (Primary, Secondary)

Social Science

History (Primary, Secondary)
Law (Tertiary)
Legal Studies (Secondary, Tertiary)
Philosophy (Secondary)
Politics (Secondary)


Communication (Secondary)
Journalism (Secondary, Tertiary)
Media Studies (Secondary, Tertiary)

"Elise has been tutoring me for 2 years during my VCE studies. We have covered anything and everything English that VCE had to offer. Elise is a very friendly and understanding individual. By far the best tutor i had my entire schooling life, not to mention essay guides that really helped when she wasn't physically there to guide me for example school hours, late nights etc. Overall, it was a great way to end my year 12 with a good score thanks to Elise and my hard work."

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