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Ms Elveiana Joseph


Personalised and affordable VCE Maths Methods exam preparation

Melbourne tutor in Algebra, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English, English Literature, ESL, Essay Writing, Further Maths, General Science, Maths, Maths Methods, Microbiology

Please, email me for 3 hours FREE VCE Maths Methods exam preparation and revission

I am an experienced Maths and Chemistry tutor and a member of small team of very enthusiastic and highly experienced individual tutors. We provide, in conjunction with a very reputable tuition company, reliable home and online tuition for all major subjects and year levels, including VCE and University. Our tutoring approach is on learning with understanding, rather than learning by memorising and routines. In fact, we take students to work individually with them on whatever they need to enhance their knowledge and learning abilities and to ensure their success.

Along with regular over the year tuition, my specialisation is to prepare students (over last several weeks of the school year) for Maths Methods final exam.


I am authorised by tutoring company, being in tutoring for more than 40 years, to use company’s program to prepare VCE students for their final Mathematical Methods exam. We provide purposely created unique study material for independent exam-preparation and revision, and highly experienced home tutors for further assistance (if needed). This proven and very affordable program has been validated over last few decades generating results above students’ expectation. Some of the benefits of my exam preparation program are:
• Financial affordability and time flexibility.
• Deep understanding of crucial concepts of examination questions.
• Learning examination techniques, managing examination time and how to prepare at home
• Analysing commonly made mistakes and instruction on how to avoid them
• Complete revision of the subject in order to consolidate knowledge and to increase ability to deal with differently formulated exam style questions.
• How correctly to respond to the question and how to present work and express final solution to show understanding of concept and logical order of steps, resulting in scoring full marks and avoid losing marks for correct solution.
• Improving independent study skills and by that rising confidence and reducing exam stress that lead to better exam performance (scoring higher marks)

What is included in my exam preparation program?

• Personal face to face at home or online tutor whenever is needed with discounted fee of $40 per an hour (free phone guidance and assistance).
• Access to pre-recorded exam preparation video lessons in total length of about 20 hours. This is, actually, the most important part of our exam preparation program. Video lessons were created by an extraordinary maths tutor with about 40 years of tutoring experience and with an outstanding success in tutoring thousands of students, as well helping and training hundreds of other tutors and teachers. Video lessons were evaluated over two recently past examination papers. While working out all examination questions (even multiple choice questions), video tutor very deeply and concisely revises complete subject with strong focus on knowledge and understanding of concepts. The target with those lessons is to teach and advice students of whatever they need to maximise their exam score but, also to revise the subject and improve the knowledge in short time. So, this, also, could be an excellent equivalent to a whole year tuition that is affordable to everyone (just $15/h).
• Exam preparation manual (110 pages in PDF format to download). This is reference textbook of all video lessons created by Video Maths Tutor and it is free to download for all subscribed students for video lessons. This book can be purchased separate for 40 dollars for self-exam preparation. Also, this book (to print it) could be an excellent bound reference material for Examination 2.

Important message to student and parents

There are plenty subject revision tutorials and lectures organised by individual tutors and tutorial companies. While many of them are helpful with revision, still, very few or not at all helping students to prepare for their final exam. Almost all of those programs don’t satisfy important students’ need for independent exam-preparation and revision in this final stage of tutorial when students should adopt on independent use of knowledge (they don’t have a tutor on exam). As those courses, usually, organised in larger groups, they can’t meet many students’ expectations such as: to revise with their own pace, to choose their preferred time, to have preparation at their homes, to ask questions or, to repeat some more complex concepts until they get full understanding, and many more.

To start

I would strongly recommend you to request my free consultation to help you in choosing the right option for you. We will create your personalised, at home, exam preparation and revision for not only achieving your VCE aim, but also to go above that aim.



My tutoring experience is based on a family tutoring business being in tutoring for about 40 years. My specialization is High school (and particular VCE) Mathematics and Chemistry.


Bachelor of Mathematics (major) and Chemistry.


$30 per hour




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