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Miss Emily Yoo


A tutor that can help you get 99+ ATAR | 8 years of experience!

Sydney tutor in Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, UCAT

I travel to these locations
Epping, Eastwood, Macquarie Park, Macquarie Uni

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A tutor that can help you get 99+ ATAR! (Check out my reviews!)
Do you want to receive 99+ for 2U, 3U, 4U Maths, UCAT and Science subjects?
Do you need to prepare for medicine, dentistry, university scholarship, co-op program interviews?
Looking for tutors who achieved marks of 100 & 99 in the UMAT and UCAT respectively?

By way of introduction, my name is Emily and I have been helping students achieve incredible success in the HSC for the greater part of a decade. What started out as a part-time job has grown into a career for me; the visible impact I have had on so many of my students’ lives has made it an easy decision

During this time, I’ve had the great opportunity to educate a large cohort of students, all whom I’ve guided onto a clear path of academic success.

I have been able to help different students improve their marks from 70% to 98%, 12% to 84%, and also their ranks with one of my students moving from Rank 50th to 1st , and numerous other examples like this.

I have helped countless of students achieve a mark of 99 for the subjects they studied with me for their HSC and this helped them achieve an overall ATAR of 99~99.95 (please check out my reviews to hear more about this!).

Majority of my students receive an ATAR of 97 and above each year and how have I helped students accomplish all this? Well, over the past decade, I have become extremely adept at tracking down common mistakes, and the cause-and-effect behind them. I have developed this skill from my experience in tutoring a wide range of different students and have observed recurring patterns in the mistakes that students make across different topics. Based on a student’s approach in solving a problem, I can accurately anticipate the type of questions they will most likely get wrong in an exam. This has allowed me to create my own original questions of varying difficulty in order to breakdown areas areas where mistakes are commonly made and ensure the students understand the depth of understanding required of them to become a high band 6/E4 student.

The resources that will be provided in the lessons are:


- Example Questions; and

- Past Paper Booklets (gathered from internal, trial examinations from the top selective schools as well as HSC papers all sorted by Topic)

The structure of the classes are:

- Revision/ Q&A: Run through any questions from past week's lesson/ homework.

- Learn: Thorough explanation of the topic of study. This includes comprehensive discussion of the theory, worked live examples and lively class participation, .

- Practise: Applying our learning to textbook questions and examples.

- Apply: Attempt my original challenge questions designed to test your deeper understanding and encourage an out-of-the-box style of thinking.

- Master: Apply our further knowledge to the challenge questions of textbooks.

Topic Tests: After the completion of 2-3 topics (contingent on length and depth of topic) there will be a 90-minute class test.

Term Tests: After the completion of a term, there will be a class test that covers all topics learnt throughout the term. Length to vary.

As the HSC examinations continue to evolve, I am here to guide you to make sure that you are informed with the information and knowledge most relevant to the syllabus

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what your current marks or ranks are, it’s more important that you are willing to set goals for yourself, believe in them and work hard with me to realise them. .

Whether your strength lies within Mathematics or Science and therefore you are wanting to aim for a state rank OR if you are considering of dropping your Science subjects or Mathematic down from 4U to 3U or 3U to 2U or even 2U to General Mathematic and so on, please contact me before you do this. We can discuss what will work best for you in order to maximise your ATAR!

I've also teamed up with other like minded tutors that have helped my students with interviews for university scholarships, university coop program, medicine, LAT test for law degree as well as significant UCAT result improvement to gain entrance into dentistry/medicine.

If any of the above is of interest to you, please do not hesitate to send through any inquiries you may have, small or large, to the contact details provided:

Emily: 0452071004

Where: Epping 5 minutes walk away from the station, Macquarie University Library

Please feel free to contact me for any consultations and enquiries including tutoring fees and times etc



- 95% of my students received band 6s in Advanced (2U) Maths
- 90% of my students received E4 in Extension 1 (3U) Maths
- 95% of my students received E4 in Extension 2 (4U) Maths
- Check out my reviews!


Currently studying Bachelor of Actuarial Studies with Bachelor of Mathematics in Macquarie University


Small group class available from $35/hr




Joined Tutor Finder on 10-Jan-2016 (updated profile on 15-May-2022)
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Maths (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)


Biology (Secondary, Tertiary)
Chemistry (Secondary, Tertiary)
Physics (Secondary, Tertiary)


UCAT (Tertiary)

"After trying many avenues in persuit of what I thought a tutor would offer, by luck I found Emily 5 years ago for my eldest son simply because she offered in her advertisement what read to be amazing! Passion, focus, drive, understanding and individual commitment! Emily was way more than that actually! She had Tom mathematically in prime fitness for his HSC and it reflected with great results thank you. Emily is professional and has a unique depth to understanding the individual needs. Blessed to have happened upon Emily again this year for another son! I would highly recommend Emily for tutoring 100%👍"

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