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Ms Emma F


VCE 3/4 Biology Tutor + Study Techniques + Unit 3/4 Head Start

Melbourne tutor in Biology, Study Techniques

Service areas
Melbourne, Online, Blackburn

(10 student reviews)

✔ Online, Blackburn or city, State Library
✔ 8 years with amazing feedback
✔ 38.4% students achieved +40 study score last year (top 9%)
✔ ATAR (99+), Biology(49), Eng (49) and Chemistry(48)
✔ Over 300 pgs, 40 powerpoint notes
✔ Written up dozens of questions sheets that are specifically designed for VCE Biology
✔ Unique tutoring method that time and time again has proven to bring tangible, better grades
✔ Tutored over 180 students of all levels and backgrounds with amazing results
✔ Up to date with recent course changes
✔ BSc (Neuroscience) from University of Melbourne
✔ Working With Children's Check


✔ VCE Biology Unit 3, 4
✔ VCE Biology head-start preparation (This is for students planning on learning VCE Biology 3, 4 next year and would like to be prepared ahead of time)
✔ Study techniques



✔ In biology-related subjects, even top students can often only get 1-2 marks out of a 3 mark question. Even if students know everything, that doesn't guarantee full marks. This is because they haven't learnt how to analyse exam questions or know what concepts link together and should always be answered together.
✔ It is one of the most content-heavy subjects you'll come across. You can't get away with learning the gist of each concept, but need to know every single detail of the subject because even the smallest piece of information can be tested on the exam. This means most students should learn specific time management techniques, studying techniques and memorising techniques to be able to keep up with the workload while juggling other subjects as well.



Every year, I am able to witness multiple amazing, hard-working students go from average grades (~40-60%) to being top of their class and winning academic awards. 2019 was no exception. It's really awesome how often I hear from my students say, 'This is so much easier than I thought".

In addition to having key examination knowledge and techniques, what's equally important for students is also learning and eventually knowing HOW to study VCE Biology. I use evidence-based learning techniques to teach my students. This is why in one session, I am able to cover a lot more topics and have the students walk away from the session not only understanding but often remembering everything as well.

Part of studying for any VCE subject is also understanding each person's unique learning method. When addressed properly, students will be able to obtain information more efficiently and be more productive in their studies. Within a shorter span of time, students often find they've practised and achieved more than their peers.

Overall, from my experience, the amount of information schools provide can be taught differently - it can be taught in a way that allows students to remember and digest huge amounts of information more efficiently and easily; emphasizing what's actually important to know, how those facts will be tested on the exam, and how to interpret questions correctly, write concise answers and apply relevant facts to get full marks.


WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT (as a starting point):
✔ Compiled notes: These concise notes cover the most important details, skills and exam techniques. They have had amazing reviews and would be given to my students for FREE.
1. Relevant notes for each session and all the theory that needs to be understood
2. Exam questions (that are relevant to changes in the new course)
3. Exam and study techniques

✔ Probably the most important thing for students who find Biology difficult is to provide content that breaks down large amounts of information and let them know exactly what students need to understand:
1. What facts they have to know
2. What types of SAC, exam questions there will be.
3. How to answer those questions and not just gain partial marks, but full marks.



✔ Online, ✔ State Library (Melbourne CBD), ✔ Blackburn (Tara Avenue),

(Please enquire for availabilities)


Mobile, text: 0451 831 577



Volunteer Biology tutor for University of Melbourne- Student Welfare Outreach Team
Volunteered tutoring for OzChild Australia
Tutored for Spark Education
Tutored for Tutoring for Excellence
Tutored over 230 students


VCE Year 12
BSc (Neuroscience) - University of Melbourne
Learning and Development Consultant for organisations.



Due to the number of students I take on each year, I am no longer able to do house visits.

GROUPS (State Library of Victoria, Prahran Library or Home Visits near Prahran/Windsor):
$30/hr/person for groups
(Note: Though many students like to come with their friends, I recommend a group not to exceed 3-4 people. Tutoring should be about focusing on the individual's needs.) or 0451 831 577 for more any inquiries

Working With Children Check

Yes, I'm cleared to work with children in Victoria until 16-Sep-2022 (details available on request)




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Biology (Secondary)

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"She was the perfect combination of knowing the subject, being able to communicate and making the subject so easy. Loved her. I basically bombarded her with a million questions through phone calls and emails as exams came close and she never gave up on me and was always so so so patient. She was my absolute favourite teacher this year. Even today, the day before the results come out she'd sent me a text, telling me not to freak out. Definitely recommend to anyone doing Biol next year. Thanks for an awesome year, Emma."

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