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Sydney tutor in Maths, HSC General, Maths Advanced, Extension 1 & 2, University Maths for Science, Engineering, Business and Economics

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Embrace the future and go online! Confidentiality and Security, in the Privacy and Comfort of your home- no one needs to know you're being expertly coached. With a shared whiteboard, online one-on-one is as good as face-to-face, and there is absolutely no pesky contract to commit to, either you tell me it's not working, or I tell you; as well, I am a full time tutor, and that means availability and flexibility to fit into your schedule, specially if you are a uni student.

More than a decade ago, I was active in the Extension 2 forum of The Bored of Studies Community: I was OLDMAN. Here's an example of a thread where OLDMAN mixed it up with the original legends of that forum, a couple of them had finished top in NSW for Extension 2 in their respective years. Together, we formed a tag team, helping out students prepare for trials and the HSC- indeed, the Ext2 Forum then, was our Facebook!

Posted by Grey Council on 13th March 2004 11:43 PM:
Prove that (|z| - iz)= -i(sec@ + tan@), where r(z) =/= 0 and arg z = @.
Anyway, if you can do this one, you are a genius. If you aren't a genius, don't even attempt it.
Posted by McLake on 13th March 2004 02:53 AM:
*Brain explosion* Let Keypad, turtle, OLDMAN or spice girl answer it ...
Posted by OLDMAN on 14th March 2004 04:56 AM:
Did someone call my name? Question 4 could also be approached geometrically : indeed, when looking at a hard Complex Numbers or Conic Sections problem, see if it can be resolved geometrically.
Treat |z| as a real complex number in the Argand plane. Now, |z| - iz and |z| + iz will be two points on the plane with midpoint |z|. Distances from |z| to O, |z| - iz, and |z| + iz are all equal to |z|. Thus these three points lie on a circle, radius |z|, and vectors |z| - iz and |z| + iz include a right angle. There will be a couple of isosceles base angles... and you will find that tan(45+@/2) will be the ratio |(|z| - iz)/(|z| + iz)|, which is equal to sec@ + tan@.
Posted by CM_Tutor on 14th March 2004 05:39 AM:
OLDMAN, that is a really elegant geometric approach. Have you see this before, or did you just see that that would work, and if you did, what tipped you off?
Posted by Grey Council on 14th March 2004 08:06 AM:
Thank you, to all those who replied. Whoa! OLDMAN, very elegant solution. If I sat there thinking for a thousand years, I doubt I would have thought of it. I hope Keypad is taking notes!
Oh, don't you worry about OLDMAN, that guy is a berloody genius. An absolute ocean of knowledge. Go and search for the questions he put up just before the hsc extension 2 maths exam last year.
Posted by abdooooo!!! On 26th March 2004 04:44PM:
OLDMAN is scary! so scary !

Above shows that a near perfect mathematical discussion is possible without voice nor even a blackboard: a really hard problem involving complex numbers, vectors, geometry and trigonometry. But now, it could be better: through skype, and a shared screen whiteboard.

If you want to master the course efficiently, so that you have more time for the other subjects; if a couple of extra ATAR points mean getting into your dream uni course; if you want a top university qualified 5 star tutor (Imperial College consistently ranks in world's top ten); if you hate wasting time and money commuting;if you want that secret edge over your classmates; if you want a contract free, flexible tutoring service- do get in touch and discover that the combination of an online delivery together with expert tutoring is as good as, if not, better than old-fashioned face-to-face.

Another definite advantage, online shared whiteboard has over face-to-face : all notes and discussions are downloadable, in fact I will be emailing them to you on the day.

I want to invite General Maths, 2 Unit Advanced, Extension 1, Extension 2 students to be expertly coached by me, on skype with a shared screen, doing the topic and questions of your choice. If you do Maths Advanced, do still get in touch.

Younger students? Parents of mathematically gifted yr 10 or 9's may want to consider accelerated coaching online as well.

University students too may want to get in touch if they need help with Linear Algebra (vectors and matrices) or Differential Equations, for example.

And of course, teachers, who are new to the syllabus of HSC Extension Maths, who may want to master what they teach in an efficient way, painlessly and discreetly.

For over 15 years I have dedicated myself to helping students achieve better and higher results as a full time mathematics tutor.

Working with Children Certificate : NSW WWC0655300E, Expiry 07/07/2022

Fee : $45 an hour

BSc Hons Mathematics, University of London
ARCS (Associate of the Royal College of Science), Imperial College London
International Research Fellow, SRI International (formerly Stanford
Research Institute)

Imperial College is the top Engineering, Science institution in the UK, and consistently in the top 10 world's best universities.

email :, tel 0437720851



Full-time maths tutor. Complete mastery of Mathematics at all levels -General Maths, Advanced, Extension 1 and 2, University level.


Bachelor of Science Mathematics, University of London; Associate of the Royal College of Science, Imperial College London; Operations Research Fellowship at the Stanford Research Institute.


$45 per hour




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HSC General, Maths Advanced, Extension 1 & 2, University Maths for Science, Engineering, Business and Economics

"Enrique was a truly exceptional tutor. He helped me push out of my comfort zone, and achieve results in Extension 1 and 2 maths that I never believed I would get! In the end I achieved Band 6 results for both subjects, a UAI of 99.5 which enabled me to gain acceptance into my chosen degree, and was selected to receive a $12,000 industry scholarship, which helped me move to Sydney and start my career. I would recommend Enrique as a maths tutor for anyone who wants to achieve at the highest levels of the HSC."

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