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Dr Eugene Cai

 Sydney - North Shore

Experienced Physics and Maths Tutor

Sydney tutor in Calculus, Maths, Physics

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North Shore

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Dr Cai obtained his PhD degree in physics from The University of Sydney. He has extensive tutoring experience on HSC and IB mathematics and physics. His students have achieved very high results in their HSC and IB exams. One of the students obtained full marks on both of her IB mathematics and physics exam. Last year, all his students made great progress under his professional coaching �C a score of 98 on extension 1 mathematics being the highest and 89 on mathematics (2U) being the lowest score attained. Dr Cai strongly believes in one-on-one tutoring, and the outcomes of his tutoring are impressive. However, he is not satisfied with only being able to help a small number of students. With a vision to help more students without compromising the quality of learning, he designed this online and offline combined program.

A message to students and their parents

Based on my past teaching/tutoring experience, I strongly believe that one-on-one tutoring is the most effective way to prepare for HSC exams. This is true because: when a teacher faces a class with more than 20 students, it is impossible for him to cater for each and everyone��s needs. Over time, students�� knowledge gaps will form. Unfortunately, it is impractical to facilitate a one-on-one teaching environment in schools where even in the most expensive private schools, the teacher to student ratio will be no better than 1 to 5. Although, the HSC outcomes from my past students have been impressive, I am not satisfied with just helping a very limited number of students. That is why I��ve come up with this review program and these materials promoting a vision to help more students without compromising their quality of learning. It is designed that by studying online and offline combined, students will achieve high marks in their HSC mathematics and physics exams.

In the age of knowledge/information explosion, you can find information very easily online. The key capability of a student is their self-learning ability -- the ability to organise and digest the information obtained themselves. In preparation for the HSC exam, the review of a subject is a process of self-learning. As high school students, most are still developing their self-learning ability. When writing and compiling this review material, I asked myself: if I were a year 12 student with an average academic level, how could I improve my maths and physics in only a few months�� time to achieve band 6 results? This is the aim of this program/material!



HSC mathematics 2U, ext1 and ext2
HSC and IB Physics

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My name is Eugene Cai. I obtained my PhD in physics from The University of Sydney,
and have teaching experiences both at university level and HSC level.

For details, please visit:

The outcomes of my students last year have been marvelous. Here is an example: A
year 12 student, Fiona, from MLC, has achieved full marks on both mathematics and
physics (IB program).

Small class (afternoon session less than 4 students) tutoring and one-on-one tutoring is
now available (evening sessions only). To book a trial session, please feel free to call
me on 0478558131 or 85181061.


$60/h for maths up to Extention 1 (small group at Chatswood)
$70/h for maths extention 2 ( small group at Chatswood)
$70/h HSC physics (Private tuition, small group, Skype)
$70/h for IB maths and physics (small group at Chatswood)
$80/h for one-on-one tutoring

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Special Offer - As a professional tutor, I would like to offer online tutoring through Skype.




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