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Dr Garth Grenache

 Melbourne - Boronia

Enjoy getting smarter :)

Melbourne tutor in Biology, Chemistry, Drums, English, Essay Writing, GAMSAT, History, Legal Studies, Maths, Music Theory, Philosophy, Physics, Piano, Psychology, Reading, Saxophone, Singing, Society and Culture, Systems Engineering

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I can help you get smarter :)
Call me 'Garth of the Asian Five', ;) or a 'Renaissance Man' as did my Knox School Principal :)
I tutor in any of those subjects (Chem, Phys, Biol, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths), English and more.

But it's about your goals: What do you want to achieve? I can help you :)

I enjoy sharing knowledge and understanding and skills.

I am available on daytimes and nighttimes throughout the week, even Saturday night and Sunday.
Call, SMS or WhatsApp me on 0438 773 235 and we'll make a time that suits you!
I'm also on Facebook here:
and here:

I am able to help you with the books and worksheets you have, or design something specifically for you at your request.
I can help in VCE as well as all years secondary and primary.

If you have an unusual subject, please ask: I'll give almost anything a go! :)

A qualification on the 'Online Help'/'Phone Help' thing: I do online tutoring. For our first online sessions I ask that the payment be made in advance. But send me a message and let's have a chat about what kind of help you need and how we can best meet your need.



20 years recent tutoring, and a lifetime of helping people learn.

I have tutored in VCE Specialist Maths, Maths Methods, Further Maths, Chemistry,
Physics, Biology, Phys Ed., Psychology,
Legal Studies and English.

Also, I am willing to tutor other subjects and learn what you need to learn in order to
teach you.
I can also tutor in Music Theory.

I have helped 1st year Uni students in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths,
and one completing a Masters in Psychology,
as well as several Nursing Calculations students,
and people seeking to enter the police academy.

I also tutor all years primary and secondary, all subjects.


VCE ENTER score of 99.00 with high study scores in all subjects:
Maths Methods (45/50), Specialist Maths(45/50),
Physics(45/50), Chemistry(43/50),
English(38/50), Music Group Performance(40/50)

B.Chiropractic Sci., B.App Sci. (Clinical)

I qualified for membership in the Mensa the High IQ Society (27/2/13)
and have continued developing my mind since then,
but my joy is in helping others develop the
thinking patterns that characterize the intelligent.
I believe that intelligence is a trait that we all have;
something we can choose to grow in or to neglect.

I have a current Working With Children Check :)
I am a student of the great teacher from Nazareth :)


*Special deal: $60 for a 1.5 hour session at my home, 20 Beresford Drive, Boronia,
The '$40/hour' rate is an approximation based on my fee of $80 for a 2h session at
my home. If you make use of me for longer sessions (e.g. get me for a 3 or 4 hour
session to tutor everyone in your family who needs a bit of help :) the extra hours
are just $30/h. On the other hand, I charge a bit extra if the session is shorter.

The actual formula I use is $20 + $30/h within the session.
Shorter sessions are available, e.g. 1h for just $50, 30min for just $35.

I can also come to your home. I will set a special fee for you based on
appointment length + estimated return travel time. SMS me your address for a quote

SMS/call me and let me know your situation and location :)
Let's agree on a duration and fee which is right for you :)
0438 773 235

If I'm running late, we start when we are ready, within 60 seconds of my arrival.
If I'm on time, we start on time.
If your late, we started on time.

*Cancellations/Changes to appointments.*
Life is full of surprises: sudden sicknesses, unexpected visitors, unforeseen opportunities, miscommunications, forgetfulness, tragedies, accidents and mishaps. Sometimes life seems unfair. Sometimes things work out better than we expected :)

To protect myself -my business and my family- from the unexpected things occurring in the lives of others, I ask that for all our appointments, we have this agreement:

That if, for any reason whatsoever -within or outside of your control- you cannot (or choose not to) keep your appointment:

There is no personal offense taken by me, and no need for apologies :) because we will have this mutual understanding and expectation:

For weekday appointments (Monday-Friday):
-The appointment's fee will *not* be charged if *at least a full 24h notice* is given by *regular SMS* or call to 0438 773 235.
-The appointment's fee will be charged if *a full 24h notice* is *not* given by *regular SMS* or call to 0438 773 235.

For weekend appointments (Saturday-Sunday)
-The appointment's fee will *not* be charged if notice is given by *regular SMS* or call to 0438 773 235 before *Friday 12noon*.
-The appointment's fee will be charged if notice is *not* given by *regular SMS* or call to 0438 773 235 before *Friday 12noon*.

When notice is given before the above deadlines, it will be accepted by me -without complaint!- as ample time to arrange to serve another in the time with which I had planned to serve you. Thank you :)

In cases when the notice is late, an assuring message, like "I remember our agreement and I'll fix you up for this appointment soon," would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)

Dress code policy (including online): I ask that each of my students be clothed for their tutoring sessions in a way that is considered acceptable for general public appearance by both their father and their mother and globally, with this serving as a minimum standard:
Though not absolutely required, girls and women who are comfortable with wearing a veil, snood or hijab -or a hat or other modest head covering- are encouraged to do so. Inexpensive options can be found here:
(I’d be delighted to supply my students with one.)

Using my service confirms your acceptance of these terms.

[If your child is failing to take note of and inform you of his appointments or things that may affect his/her ability to attend appointments, I suggest that you might require from him the fee that I will charge. But that will be between you and him/her.]

Peace to you and yours, and thank you for making use of my services :)

Dr. Garth Grenache (Chiropractor) and tutor :)

Student Discount

Special Offer - A low rate of $30/hr for extra time! :)




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  • Tutor's Place in Boronia
  • Home Visits within 10 kms
  • Private & Group Tuition


English (Primary, Secondary)
Reading (Primary, Secondary)


Maths (Primary, Secondary)


Biology (Primary, Secondary)
Chemistry (Secondary)
Physics (Secondary)

Study Help

Essay Writing (Primary, Secondary)


GAMSAT (Tertiary)

Social Science

History (Primary)
Philosophy (Secondary)
Psychology (Secondary)
Society and Culture (Secondary)


Legal Studies (Secondary)


Drums (Introduction)
Music Theory (Introduction, Intermediate)
Piano (Introduction)
Saxophone (Introduction, Intermediate)
Singing (Introduction)

Other Subjects

Systems Engineering

"Garth helped me throughout high school, he is a great tutor and without him i wouldnt have reached my gaols in VCE. he helped me increase my grades from a D to an A in English and Biology. If it wasnt for Garth I wouldn't have gotten in to my desired course."

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