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Mr Gregory Jay

 Sydney - Stanmore

Sydney tutor in Business Studies, Economics, Essay Writing, Finance, French, History, Legal Studies, Management, Physiology, Politics, Psychology, Society and Culture, Sociology, Spanish, Chinese Economic Development and Structural Change, Globalisation International Trade & Business, MBA and MEM, Thesis writing, Management & Finance, International Relations, Law, Trade Theory and Policy, Alternative Medicine Health & Nutrition Subjects, Social Sciences, and Industrial Relations.

Welcome/Bienvenue. I provide assistance for University students at both Post-Graduate and Undergraduate levels in a range of subjects including Chinese Economic Development and Structural Change, Economics, MBA and MEngM subjects, International Relations, Law, Finance and Social Sciences. Details are specified below. In addition, I cover selected areas for HSC candidates in Business & Legal Studies, Economics and History. I have extensive experience with foreign students at both Undergraduate and Post-Graduate levels including those on scholarships from Asia and The Middle East.

Please Note: Incalls are at my double story house located in Sydney's Inner West. However, for students located on the North Shore - both HSC and University students particularly those attending Macquarie University - tuition/consultation can be arranged at Chatswood Library located close to the train station.
The goal for all students, including online candidates, is to achieve Distinction grades and vastly improved understanding of the material, particularly students struggling with English and associated writing/typing skills. In this context, student references are provided upon request to verify the effectiveness of my input. I have one Post-Graduate student for the past three years completing a Master's Degree at UTS who has achieved a GPA average of 3.84 i.e Distinction in his coursework consisting of ten subjects which ranged from Management, Production & Business and Enterprise Finance. Similar results have been produced for Undergraduate students in such areas as Economics, Finance, International Relations, MBA, Psychology and Social Sciences. For all students particularly at Undergraduate Level, I provide input in terms of both direction & knowledge plus books & references for assignments and improved understanding of coursework. In short, I can significantly assist both University and HSC students in Essays, Exams, Reports, Assignments AND in Thesis writing, ranging from matriculation qualifying and On-Line Degrees to Undergraduate and Post-Graduate levels in a wide range of subjects. I have two Honours Degrees, including one at Post-Graduate Level for which I was awarded a $1000 Prize for Best Thesis in the MEc Course at Sydney University. See Details below. I have also taught extensively at all Universities in the Sydney area, teaching students in areas of Micro & Macro Economics, Applied MacroEconomics, International Trade Green Revolution & Development for Medical Students, Australian Economic History, Capital Markets, Outsourcing and Trade and International Relations. I have also extensive experience teaching MBA electives such as Economics and Business Law. I also have published numerous articles and book reviews in various peer reviewed Journals published both in Australia & Internationally. Copies are provided to students upon request. I can also assist students in areas such as medical science and physiology given that I did study Naturopath subjects e.g Anatomy & Physiology whilst doing an undergraduate degree. For Law students I have first hand experience in several litigation cases in which I wrote The Submission for The Court and as a consequence I am familiar with the various machinations involved in legal disputes or trials.
Rates are as follows:
1. HSC Students - $75/hr;

2. Tertiary Students - $85/hr;

3. Essays/Assignments/Editing - Negotiable.

Two additional points to note: [1] Concessions are available for group sessions involving 2 or More Students; [2] Particularly for Tertiary assignments at all levels consultation about direction of your work is gratuitous at all times.

Subject areas covered include -

Chinese Economic Development and Structural Change;
Micro and Macro Economics;
Capital Markets;
Economic Theory & Policy; Management, Business & Finance; MBA and MEngM Subjects; Social Sciences; Human Resources & Management; International Relations; Government & Politics; Legal Subjects particularly Fraud and Litigation; USADA & ASADA International & Domestic Sports Doping Cases; Role of Circumstantial Evidence v. Expert Witness Reports in Legal Cases; Sociology, Psychology; Health Sciences, Environmental Economics & Ecology; Human Resources/Industrial Relations; Management, Law & MBA subjects. International Scholarship students experiencing difficulty with English and written work are given significant assistance. I can also assist assignment work in Alternative Medicine & Health Studies, Nutrition & Sports Science areas as I have knowledge of the Human Body having both studied Naturopathy as well as taught some electives for Medical students at UNSW. For students requiring assistance in Essays, Assignments, Reports etc I offer set HOURLY rates for the work. DISCOUNTS available for group sessions.

All student needs to excel in courses are dealt with patiently and the goal is to increase each student's understanding of subjects covered in their particular degree. International students with difficulty in English perform well with my assistance and I have have successfully helped many Asian and Middle East students with assignments and understanding of their subject material. Scholarship students are most welcome.
The Following is a comprehensive list of Undergraduate & Postgraduate Courses I specialise in for University Students:

1. Undergraduate & Post-Graduate Level: Chinese Economic Development and Structural Change; Economics Subjects Micro & Macro Economics & Economic Theory - Keynes, Ricardo & Smith, Monetarism, Capital Markets, Oligopoly, Price & Growth Theory etc [see details below] and MBA - I have taught numerous MBA students regularly and I have many of the Teaching modules and course content plus supporting textbooks you will find most helpful in understanding the material. The following is a list of what I cover at both Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Levels;

Chinese Economic Development and Structural Change;

US-China Trade and structural problems;

Micro and Macro Economics and Critique of Marginalist Economic Theory;

Oligopoly Market Structures and Mark-Up Pricing;

Global Value Supply Chains and Outsourcing Impacts;

MBA and MEngM subjects;

Economic Theory & Policy;

International Relations;

Legal Subjects such as Torts, Fraud, Positive Law, Litigation etc.

Economic Development Agribusiness and Land Reform;

Contrasted Models of Economic Planning;

Capital Markets & Financial Sector;

Ricardian Comparative Advantage Theory & Heckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson Free Trade Theory;

US-China Trade & Structural Impacts of Outsourcing;

Economic Planning and Economic Underdevelopment;

Environmental Science & Environmental Economics;

Management & Business Studies; SE Asian Nics such as South Korea and Singapore;

Structural Change in Global Capitalist Economy;

Structural Change in Australian Export Trade & Manufacturing;

Role of Concentrated Oligopoly in Retail, Banking, Industry etc;

Globalization & International Trade;

Finance & Global Financial Crisis;

Euro Zone & US Debt Crisis & Its Implications; Contract, Commercial & Litigation Law - Preparing Legal Cases including Written Submissions & Collating Evidence in Law - Circumstantial Evidence v.Function of the Expert Witness Report;

Human Resources/Industrial Relations;

Alternative Medicine, Health & Nutritional Science Studies; Sports Science [VO2 max etc];

Medical Science & Public Health;

Sociology & Psychology;

Modern History;

Sports Administration;

Latin Languages such as French, Spanish etc.

2. Thesis Writing & Structuring From Honours & Masters to PH.D Levels: I can significantly assist in all the above fields PLUS any other area excluding mathematical or engineering concepts. For students doing Essays/Reports/Assignments I offer set rates for the work depending upon the Length Involved and the Amount of Referencing Required to complete the work.

3. On-Line degree Students, Diploma & University Entry ESSAY WRITING, assignments & tests.

4. Selected HSC subjects e.g Business & Legal Studies, Modern History & Globalization, Economics & Class Essays/Assignments

5. ESL for foreign tertiary students and those with student visas.

In sum, I cover a variety of subject needs. I guarantee to assist you in attaining both higher grades and a greater understanding from University & Diploma courses. I am demanding but also encouraging of students. Year 11- 12 HSC students can also be catered for in areas such as Economics, Foreign Trade/Globalization, Business & Legal Studies. I guarantee to significantly help University students in essay grades, assignments and exams, particularly in the areas of Economics and Social Sciences e.g Government, Human Resources, Business & Management, International Relations, Psychology & Sociology, as well as Law Subjects such as Litigation & Contract Law. I can also significantly assist with Thesis construction (Honours/Masters/Ph.D) writing for University students in a broad spectrum of courses. I have also dealt with students attempting University degrees by Correspondence and Pre matriculation candidates seeking mandatory high entrance grades for as degree admission. Students doing External and On-Line Degrees have benefited from my service particularly as I can spend more time assisting with their needs such as the writing of essays and the doing of exams.

Foreign University Students on Scholarships are most welcome and I have had large amounts of scholarship students from The Middle East & Asian countries so I understand your needs and requirements, particularly in dealing with English and preparation of written assignments & exams. HSC students can also be catered for in the areas of Legal/Business Studies & Economics. I can also teach students at both Secondary & Tertiary Levels Latin Languages such as Spanish & French. For those wishing to do both languages + Economics and Business areas a Package deal can be arranged. My knowledge & experience will also help University students in areas such as Economics, MBA, Globalisation and Foreign Trade, Global Financial Debt Crisis, US-China Trade and Trade Theory & Policy, Legal Studies and International Business/Trade, Social Sciences and Industrial Relations. MBA students especially will find my experience invaluable, particularly in the area of Micro & Macro Economics. I have taught many MBA students recently and I am familiar with your requirements in the area of MicroEconomics and assignment construction such as Principal-Agent Theory and Moral Hazard etc. Students of Globalisation, Foreign Trade, Business Studies and International Development subjects will also find me particularly useful, for essay construction, exam preparation and overall understanding of the subject matter. For Law Students I can assist with essay/report/submission preparations particularly in the areas of Litigation & Contracts given the fact that I have personal Court & Tribunal experience in both these areas and I have written submissions in litigation cases. More generally, I will assist students to more clearly comprehend basic coursework material. I have 10 years of teaching experience at leading Sydney Universities + Journal Publications and I can work well with either small groups or individuals. Further, I have acquired superior textbooks over the years from teaching subjects such as basic Micro and Macro Economics, Smith, Ricardo, Marx, Keynes, Capital Markets, Comparative Cost Advantage, The Green Revolution in Agricultural Development, Role of Agribusiness in Capitalism, Causes of Underdevelopment, Foreign Trade and Economic Development. For more advanced students, I have excellent texts plus my own publications in the areas of Classical Economics (Smith, Ricardo, Marx), Oligopoly and Price Theory, The Megacorp, Growth Theory and Technical Progress, Walrasian General Equilibrium, Monetarism [Mark I & II], Rational Expectations Theory, Finance & Monetary Economics, Globalisation and Economic Development, US-China Trade Relations, US Trade and Budget deficit problems and their implications for the international economy, Euro Zone Economic Problems, Singapore and South Korean industrialisation plus other SE Asian Nics and The Structure of Australian Trade and Industry. Asia-Pacific economic issues are particularly well catered for. The detailed textbooks I have will greatly increase your understanding of the topic material.

Because I have various Journal Publications plus a major award at Post Graduate level from Sydney University I can greatly assist students from Honours to Ph.D Level in constructing your thesis OR in doing any form of research. Students in areas such as Globalisation, Chinese Development and Structural Change; Oligopoly, Price Theory, Economic Growth and Structural Change, Legal Studies and International Business will find my knowledge and experience of great assistance. I can help students in ANY discipline construct your thesis, e.g Medical areas as I have also a knowledge of subjects such as Physiology and Anatomy and alternative medicine. University assignments and thesis assistance will be priced based upon the quantum of time I need to spend on assisting you to write and edit the work. Discounts are available for groups of students. These will be finalised prior to commencement of sessions. Lessons will be structured according to the material required to be covered and can be arranged EITHER at my newly renovated double story house near the CBD - where I have a small library, studio rooms & computing facilities, including printer - OR at a Library or Your Place. I am available most late afternoons, evenings and the majority of weekends. Free Light refreshments e.g fruit juices, tea, nuts & fruits are included for any lengthy sessions held at my house.



I have extensive experience at both University and private tuition
levels. I have taught at most Universities in Sydney including at both 2nd & 3rd year
level. Subjects taught include: Chinese Economic Development and Structural Change; Micro and MacroEconomics, Oligopoly & Price Theory, Monopoly & Price Discrimination, Post-Keynesian Economic Theory, International
Development, Economic UnderDevelopment and Land Reform, Green Revolution, Australian Trade and
External Accounts [CAD etc], Mundell-Fleming Model, Monetarism Mark I [Adaptive
Expectations] and Mark II [Rational Expectations], Capital Markets, History of Economic
Thought [Walras, Smith, Ricardo, Marx, Keynes etc] and Australian Economic History. I
also have experience teaching MBA students in several core subjects.


BA (Hons) Univ. of NSW ; MEc (Hons) Univ. of Sydney. Awarded $1000
prize for best Post-Graduate thesis in MEc degree at Univ. of Sydney. I have written a
thesis of 60,000 words and received a High Distinction for it. I also have various
International and Domestic Publications in Foreign Trade, Imperfect Competition &
Oligopoly, Economic Theory, US Investment Offshoring and its impacts, Structural
Change and Economic Development including Structural Change in Australian
Manufacturing Industry & Exports.


Tuition rates for all Universlty Students are as listed above. Sessions can either be arranged at my double story house in Stanmore or at local libraries eg Waverley or Chatswood Libraries. Concession rates are offered for groups or for students doing bloc lesson sessions for any subject i.e 4 or more consecutive lessons. All work including editing paragraph
construction etc is charged on an hourly rate basis. Multiple Choice/Take Home Exam
and Test Paper Questions normally involve a quotation prior to commencement,
depending upon exactly how much hourly work is involved. Students should note that I
can readily draw upon my own resources and references when assisting you to put your
work together at my House. Free Light refreshments are offered to Students doing
lengthy sessions at my House.




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Essay Writing (Secondary, Tertiary)


Physiology (Tertiary)


Business Studies (Secondary, Tertiary)
Economics (Secondary, Tertiary)
Finance (Secondary, Tertiary)
Management (Secondary, Tertiary)


French (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)
Spanish (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)

Social Science

History (Secondary, Tertiary)
Legal Studies (Secondary, Tertiary)
Politics (Secondary, Tertiary)
Psychology (Tertiary)
Society and Culture (Secondary, Tertiary)
Sociology (Tertiary)

Other Subjects

Chinese Economic Development and Structural Change, Globalisation International Trade & Business, MBA and MEM, Thesis writing, Management & Finance, International Relations, Law, Trade Theory and Policy, Alternative Medicine Health & Nutrition Subjects, Social Sciences, and Industrial Relations.
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