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Mr Harry Grant

 Melbourne - East Melbourne


Melbourne tutor in Creative Writing, EAL, English, English Literature, ESL, Essay Writing, Reading

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Hi, I'm Harry! I graduated in 2017 with an ATAR of 99.10, currently studying Medicine at Monash University. I am offering private tutoring for VCE English and English Language. I offer a FREE TRIAL lesson for anyone interested, please don't hesitate to enquire about it!!

**Due to COVID-19, all lessons are delivered online.**

VCE Results
English: 47 raw
English language: 44 raw

I offer tutoring services for:
- Year 1-6: Primary School English
- Year 7-10: Middle School English
- VCE English
- VCE English Language


I have three years of experience as an English tutor across a broad range of students over the years. Each one of them was able to rapidly improve over the year and perform better than they had expected at the start of the year under my tutelage.

Being a tutor has made me realise what works and what does not work when teaching students. Everyone knows that good results are derived from a platform of strong knowledge. But, how do you build that platform both better and faster? Most tutors will NEVER realise that there is a crucial step before even teaching students, and that is to LOVE the subjects that they teach. I know exactly how a tutor's passion can easily influence their students. I absolutely HATED English for most of high school, but I was so lucky to have an English tutor in Year 12 who loved anything to do with literature and opened my eyes to the beauty of text and language. In Year 12, I truly enjoyed all the subjects that I took. I hope that I can be the one that helps all my students become passionate about their subjects as well.

Lessons are HIGHLY individualised - I structure all my lessons around what you want. I adjust the way I teach based on your preferences.
I will analyse your drafts based on the specific requirements and preferences of YOUR SCHOOL.

I will walk you through fully analysed essay examples, that show you exactly what to do and what NOT to do, which you then get to keep.

ENGLISH - Make Your Essays + Creatives STAND OUT
VCAA markers will read the same question of so many papers, over and over. It is just impossible to achieve high marks in your English essays if you do not do something differently from everyone else.

Whilst everyone else's sentences were getting longer and longer, cramming more and more quotes into each paragraph, I decided to take a calculated risk. I decided I should go against the crowd and make my essays more simplistic in nature. LET THE IDEA SHINE. Lay out paragraphs with quotes following smoothly, one after another, laying down a clear path of logic that the marker could follow without even thinking. Yet, that was only one of the many different strategies I employed to significantly increase my results in English, in a very short space of time. These "calculated risks" can be used by you, but with the backing of proven results and NO risk.

$55/h for VCE English / English Language
$50/h for Year 1-10 English

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.
I'm also happy to discuss arrangements for any location that would work best for both of us.



Over 20+ students mentored over their entire VCE journey
3 years of English tutoring experience


2017 VCE Results:
- 99.10 ATAR
- VCE English: raw 47/50 study score
- VCE English Language: raw 44/50 study score
Currently studying Doctor of Medicine at Monash University


$55 per hour




Joined Tutor Finder on 17-Nov-2020 (updated profile on 17-Apr-2021)
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Creative Writing (Primary, Secondary)
EAL (Primary, Secondary)
English (Primary, Secondary)
English Literature (Primary, Secondary)
ESL (Primary, Secondary)
Essay Writing (Primary, Secondary)
Reading (Primary, Secondary)

"Harry has been my tutor and mentor for the past 2 years. As an international student who moved to Melbourne with no friends or family, I found it very to hard to familiarise myself in a country that spoke a foreign language. Harry played an important role in helping me master English both conversationally and academically in my studies. I went from scoring poorly in my school assessments to obtaining the English as an Additional Language award for my year in 2020. I could not have done this without Harry's amazing help and support throughout the years. Thank you again Harry"

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