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Mrs Jane Darrou

Melbourne - Yarraville

Melbourne Tutor in French, History, English as a Second Language Years 7-10

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Mrs Jane Darrou � Central and Western Melbourne. Spoken French full day workshops can be arranged with groups. Most tuition is scheduled on weekends and during vacations ,however mid-week evening tutorials are negotiated on a case by case basis.

ACADEMIC Jane studied at the University of Melbourne, completing a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in French and History) and a Diploma in Education. Jane has completed the Cambridge Certificate in TEFLA (English as a Second Language), achieving Pass A level, the highest level of achievement for the course.

Jane is a very experienced teacher of VCE Year 11 and 12 French. Jane has taught IB Diploma French, Years 1 and 2 at Standard Level. Throughout her career, Jane has developed highly effective teaching methods and assists students to use strategies which can greatly enhance their marks and levels of fluency. Jane is very familiar with the VCE study design, the School Assessed Coursework completed throughout Units 3 and 4 and with the IB Diploma course requirements. Jane has had extensive experience teaching all secondary school levels of French, and Years 7-11 History.

Jane worked in France for nine months. She has since visited France twelve times for various durations.

Jane has inspired many students to continue their studies of French, in particular, through to VCE and beyond. A non-native speaker student Jane taught for four years won the Alliance Fran�aise prize for spoken French at Year 12 level in the Berthe Mouchette Competition in 2001.

STUDENT TESTIMONIAL � Annie, student of French in 2008

�Working with Madame Darrou gave me not only a sound understanding in the written, oral and aural exam components but also tips and tricks to give me an extra edge when it came to standing out and getting the highest mark possible. Coming into French two years later than other VCE students Madame Darrou helped me gain the confidence I needed with her fun, interactive classes and passion for the subject. Future VCE students would definitely benefit from this - French quickly became not only my favourite subject but also my best!�
Annie went on to study French at the University of Melbourne.


  • French - Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced
  • History - Primary, Secondary

  • English as a Second Language Years 7-10


Jane has worked as a tutor for VCE French students over the past twenty years.
**PLEASE NOTE: History tutoring for Years 7 and 11 only.
ENGLISH AS AN ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE : Jane can offer support to students who need
help with their English skills.


Bachelor of Arts, Diploma in Education, Cambridge Certificate in TEFLA, VIT registered.


  • Private Tuition
  • Group Tuition
  • Home Visits
  • Phone Help
  • Online Help


$60 per hour for VCE and IB Diploma French
$50 per hour Years 7-10




Profile last updated on 18-Nov-2017 (registered 02-May-2010)

0432706274 text first before calling please
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