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Mr Jethro Robinson


Adelaide tutor in Spanish

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I offer two types of tutoring. 1) Assisted learning: This is aimed at students currently taking courses in Spanish at any level. The tutorial will parallel said course with focus on comprehension of the relevant grammar and on increasing the students conversation abilities. 2) Classes: These tutorials will be classes designed by me (normally a mix of pedagogical methods from across the world plus my own) and adapted to the strengths and weaknesses of each student focusing on increasing their conversational capacity.

My main aim is to increase conversational ability as this is what i believe is the reason people want to learn a second language, whether it is minimal conversation for travel, or in order to reach fluency. My focus is on the comprehension and learning ability of each student. I take into account if they absorb the language better with more or less focus on grammar structure and adjust my method and classes accordingly. I have a nuerolinguistic approach to the learning process of (second) language acquisition in adults. As an English native speaker knowing exactly which parts of the Spanish language are difficult and why for other native English speakers.

my tutoring style is very personal as helping people progress and have those 'a-ha' moments is why i am choosing to do it full time now that i have finished university.



I have been tutoring for the past year while completing my final year of university. I currently have 5 students between the age of 22 and 60 from beginner to intermediate who are taking my classes. Also during the University semester i had 2 students in first year of Spanish i tutored in parallel to their courses.


I have a double degree from the University of Adelaide; Bachelor of Economics with Bachelor of Arts - major in Spanish language and minor in history. my other focuses were Linguistics and Latin.
1 year of private tutoring.
I have spent over a year traveling in South America part of which i did an exchange program for 1 semester in the University of Chile, Santiago, Chile.
I have been the organizer of the Adelaide Spanish Conversation Meetup (over 1200 members) since December 2016.
I finished high school in 1997 (pretty much irrelevant now ;)


assisted learning $25/hour
classes $30/hour




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Spanish (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)
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